Rama and Company Depart for Ayodhya

Vibhishana stood not far away and spoke to Rama, after he had brought the flower-decked Pushpaka airship. With joined palms Vibhishana humbly and respectfully said to Lord Rama: “What should I do?” After thinking, the glorious Rama replied to him as Lakshmana listened, speaking the following words full of affection:

“Let all the forest-dwelling monkeys and bears who put up a tremendous effort be honored with different kinds of jewels and wealth, O Vibhishana! You have obtained Lanka with the help of these monkeys who never retreated from battle and who were glad to fight at the risk of their own lives. All of these forest-dwellers have accomplished their tasks. Reward their work with gifts of wealth and jewels. When honored and gratified by you in this way, the monkey troop leaders will be happy and grateful. Then everyone will consider you detached, prosperous, kind and self-controlled. An army becomes agitated and rejects on the battlefield a king who is devoid of all those qualities which invoke affection and who causes unnecessary slaughter.”

When instructed in this way by Rama, Vibhishana honored everyone by distributing jewels and wealth. Seeing the monkey troop leaders rewarded with jewels and wealth and hugging the bashful Sita to His chest, Rama then ascended the excellent airship along with His brother Lakshmana, a valiant archer. Offering respect to all the monkeys and in particular to the valorous Sugreeva while standing in the airship, Rama spoke the following words:

“O foremost of monkeys, you have done an act of friendship. With My permission, you may all go as you wish. O Sugreeva, out of fear of unrighteousness, you have done whatever an affectionate and helpful friend would do. Return to Kishkindha right away surrounded by your army. O Vibhishana, reside in the kingdom of Lanka which has been conferred on you by Me. Not even the residents of heaven headed by Indra will be able to attack you. I shall head for Ayodhya, the capital of My father. I wish to bid you all farewell and take leave of you.”

When the monkeys and Vibhishana heard this, they all replied with joined palms: “We wish to go to Ayodhya. Take us all with You! With delight we shall roam about the forest and gardens there. After seeing You anointed in the coronation ceremony and greeting Kausalya, we shall return to our own homes very soon.”

After Rama was addressed in this way by the monkeys and Vibhishana, Rama said to them: “I and My relatives shall experience the highest possible pleasure if I return to Ayodhya accompanied by all of you. O Sugreeva, immediate get in the airship along with the monkeys. O Vibhishana, get on board with your ministers.”

Sugreeva happily boarded the dazzling Pushpaka airship with the monkeys, as did Vibhishana and his ministers. Once they were all seated in Kuvera’s extraordinary conveyance, Rama gave permission and it took off into the sky. Traveling in that airship, which was adorned with the resplendent image of a swan, Rama felt pleased and honored like Kuvera himself. All those monkeys, bears and mighty rakshasas took there seats comfortable without obstructing anyone else.

Thus completes 122nd Chapter of Yuddha Kanda of the glorious Ramayana of Valmiki, the work of a sage and the oldest epic.

Sriman Moola Rama Vijayate