Gowri, Dilip, Deepak, and Gouthem Chebbi

Welcome to YouSigma.com, where the confluence of expertise, passion, and wisdom shapes our mission. Founded by Deepak and Gowri, the website stands as a testament to their shared belief in the transformative power of knowledge.

Deepak, a distinguished professional, has made significant strides in product delivery, enterprise architecture, and cybersecurity. His impressive career spans roles at AmerisourceBergen Corporation, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Accenture, where he's known for leading impactful projects and simplifying complex tech concepts. Deepak's academic journey, including an MBA from the University of Phoenix and a B.Eng. from SDM College of Engineering, complements his array of certifications in CISSP, ITIL, AWS, Azure, SAFe, and TOGAF. His commitment to enhancing patient experiences and community service through partnerships with organizations like Samarthana Trust for the Disabled and the Association of Enterprise Architecture underscores his holistic approach to progress.

Gowri, the creative force and a stellar home maker, brings her passion for vegetarian cooking and her skills as an esthetician. Her spiritual grounding, inherited from her parents, allows her to master and impart Hindu prayers with ease. Her contributions to the Flower Mound Hindu Temple and ISKON reflect her deep commitment to community service. Notably, it was Gowri who introduced Deepak to Vishnusahasranama during challenging times, a practice that reinforced the power of perseverance and success.

Together, Deepak and Gowri embody the essence of "Vasu" from Vishnusahasranama. They believe that true wealth is the knowledge that uplifts and endures, a philosophy that is the cornerstone of YouSigma.com. This platform is their effort to share knowledge that is not only enlightening but also safe, free from malware, spyware, and misinterpretations. It's a space where learning meets security, ensuring a trustworthy and enriching experience for every reader.

Join us on this journey at YouSigma.com, where wisdom, technology, and the quest for a better world come together.