For a delightful Pouran poli (Holige), you'll need the following ingredients:
For the stuffing:
- 1 cup Toor dhal
- ½ cup Channa dhal
- 1 1/2 cup jaggery
- 1 tsp nutmeg powder
- 1 tsp cardamom powder
For the dough:
- 1 1/4 cup Maida flour
- A pinch of turmeric powder
- Water as required
- ¼ cup of oil
Start by preparing the dough. To the Maida flour, add water, turmeric powder, 2 tsp of oil, and a pinch of salt. Knead until you achieve a soft dough consistency. Once done, drizzle the remaining oil over the dough and let it rest for 2 hours.
For the stuffing, cook the dhal with minimal water. Once cooked, drain any excess water. Add the jaggery, cardamom powder, and nutmeg powder to the dhal. Place this mixture on low heat, stirring continuously for about 5 minutes. Allow it to cool slightly before grinding into a smooth paste without adding water.
When ready to assemble, take a portion of the dough, about the size of a large marble, and flatten it on greased plastic paper. Place a lime-sized portion of the filling in the center, then fold and seal the edges. Gently roll it out like you would for a parata.
Heat a flat iron pan, smear it with oil, and place the rolled out Pouran poli (Holige) on it. Drizzle a bit of oil around the edges. Cook until golden brown, gently flipping to cook the other side. Serve hot and enjoy your Pouran poli (Holige)!