Fried Gram Dhal Chutney Powder by Gowri Chebbi
Experience the delightful blend of fried gram dhal and aromatic spices in this chutney powder. A versatile accompaniment, it's perfect for adding a flavorful twist to your dishes.
- 2 cups dry coconut powder
- 2 cups fried gram dhal
- 15 to 20 red chilies
- 2 tbsp cumin seeds
- 1 full pod of garlic
- Salt, to taste
1. In a dry skillet, roast the dry coconut powder, red chilies, and cumin seeds until they release their aroma and are lightly toasted.
2. Let the roasted mix cool down for a bit. Once cooled, add them to a grinder along with the fried gram dhal, garlic, and salt.
3. Grind the mixture to a fine powder.
4. Store in an airtight container and use as needed to elevate the taste of your meals. Enjoy the rich flavors this chutney powder brings to your table!