Vayudeva in Bird Form Addresses the Demon King

Hearing Prahlada’s steadfast decision, the assembly was struck with astonishment. Hiranyakashipu, driven to fury and ready to unsheathe his sword to kill Prahlada, was restrained by his ministers.

At that moment, a strange radiance filled the space, and Vayudeva, in the form of a bird, perched on a pillar in front of Hiranyakashipu. Everyone looked on in wonder as Vayudeva in bird form spoke to Hiranyakashipu.

Vayudeva in Bird Form: "Oh foolish demon! Hiranyakashipu, you are a fool! Your death is near! Abandon your demonic nature and seek refuge in your son Prahlada, a devotee of Hari. Worship the lotus feet of Sri Hari, oh demon! Your life is nearing its end; in three more watches, you will die!

Seeing a bird sitting before him and preaching, Hiranyakashipu was astonished. The courtiers were filled with dread, wondering what calamity would befall the demon king.

Enraged by the bird’s words, Hiranyakashipu, emboldened by the boon of invincibility from Brahma, mockingly said, "Oh bird! What are you babbling about? My death? Haha! Foolish bird, listen - not just Indra, Surya, Yama, Gandharvas, Rudras, or even your mentioned consort of Lakshmi, Hari, can instill fear in me!"

Vayudeva in Bird Form: "Why do you speak such nonsense? Fool, you utter impossible things, engaging in an impossible task. Follow Prahlada's advice and worship Sri Hari now. Become worthy of His grace! Otherwise..."

Hiranyakashipu: (With pride) "And if not?"

Vayudeva in Bird Form: "If not, Sri Narayana will, in a mere fraction of a moment, place you on his thigh and tear open your heart with his sharp claws. All the deities, including Rudra, are devotees of that Sri Narayana. Don’t waste your worship in 'Shivoham'! Vayudeva is superior to Rudradeva, that is, me! And even more exalted than me is Lakshmi Devi, and the Lord of Lakshmi, Sri Narayana, is the supreme! If you, in your arrogance, think you are capable of killing Prahlada Kumar by your own efforts, contrary to the divine will of that great Lord, then show us. Let the world see who will die! Listen, you will soon be destroyed by Sri Narayana himself. There's no doubt about it. Wake up now, stop being obstinate!"

With these harsh words from Vayudeva in bird form, Hiranyakashipu became extremely angry, armed his bow and arrow to kill the bird, but the attack had no effect on the bird!

Then, Vayudeva in bird form taunted, "Alas, fool! Do you see now the worth of your power? Where has your sovereignty gone?" He mocked. Hiranyakashipu, in response, enchanted a missile with the fire mantra and launched it at the bird! The bird, catching the fiery weapon mid-flight, simply swallowed it. Again, they advised, "Oh, deluded one, why exert yourself in vain? I am the lord of the universe, the supreme ruler over all, as you boasted in your pride, where has your lordship vanished to now? Abandon your arrogance and worship Sri Hari, the revered one, adored by Brahma, Rudra, Indra, and other gods, the abode of Goddess Lakshmi's heart. Seek refuge at the feet of that Lord."

Enraged further by this, the demon king Hiranyakashipu, maddened with anger, enchanted the Pashupatastra and hurled it at the bird! Sri Vayudeva, in bird form, simply swallowed the Pashupatastra in full view of everyone. Looking at the demon king, he taunted, "Fool! Have you now realized the extent of your power? Ah, abandon your hatred for the devout King Prahlada, appease him and worship the supreme Sri Vishnu with singular devotion! Otherwise, your destruction is imminent. Beware!" With that, Sri Vayudeva in bird form disappeared.

The demon king, treating the supreme and life-giving Sri Vayudeva, who came in bird form and advised him for his welfare, as a mere bird, attempted to kill him! Could this ordinary demon possibly destroy Vayudeva, who is esteemed even above Garuda, Sesha, and Rudra, being the most exalted and the sustainer of life in the world? Failing in his attempt to kill what he thought was just a bird brought shame and fear to the demon king. His hatred took the form of loathing towards Sri Hari and his devotee, his own son Prahlada. Humiliated in front of all the demon heroes, Hiranyakashipu was infuriated and found himself at a loss. His anger and frustration, initially directed at the bird, now intensely focused on his son Prahlada.