Rama Congratulates Lakshmana

Lakshmana, whose limbs were stained with blood, was jubilant after slaying His enemy on the field of battle. Taking Jambavan, Hanuman and all the other monkeys, Lakshmana quickly went to where Rama and Sugreeva were, supporting Himself on the shoulders of Vibhishana and Hanuman. Circumambulating clockwise around Rama, He stood beside His brother, as Lord Vamana stood beside Lord Indra. Calling out as he arrived, Vibhishana informed the great soul Rama about the terrible death of Indrajit. Vibhishana with great satisfaction told Rama about how the great Lakshmana had severed the head of Indrajit.

As soon as Rama heard that Lakshmana had slain Indrajit, He experienced immeasurable joy and spoke the following words: “Well done, O Lakshmana! I am very pleased with the difficult task which you have accomplished. You have indeed gained victory by slaying Indrajit.” Smelling the head of Lakshmana, who had increased His glory, but was feeling shy, Rama forcefully placed Him in His lap out of affection. Rama embraced His wounded brother Lakshmana and gazed at Him tenderly again and again. Lakshmana was pained by His wounds and was having difficulty breathing. Rama smelled Lakshmana’s head again and rapidly petted Him. Then that best of men spoke the following words to Lakshmana:

“You have accomplished a highly beneficial feat difficult for any one else. I consider Ravana already dead now that his son has been killed. I am victorious today because that wicked adversary has been slain. Fortunately you have cut off the merciless Ravana’s right arm in combat. Indeed, Indrajit was his mainstay. Vibhishana and Hanuman have also both preformed great deeds on the battlefield. In three days and nights the enemy has somehow or other been killed. I am free from my enemy. Ravana will now surely sally forth. When he hears how his son was killed with a large phalanx of soldiers, he will surely come out with a huge array of soldiers. When, tormented by the death of his son, that lord of rakshasas sallies forth surrounded by a huge army, I shall kill him. Now that Indrajit has been killed in combat, with You as My protector, it will not be difficult to regain Sita or the earth.”

After consoling His brother and hugging Him, Rama joyfully spoke the following words to Sushena: “O most wise physician, treat Lakshmana in such a way that His wounds may be healed and health regained. Quickly heal the wounds of Lakshmana and Vibhishana. Make an effort to restore the health of all the other bear and monkey warriors who have sustained arrow wounds.”

When requested in this way by the great soul Rama, Sushena administered a potent herbal remedy to Lakshmana through the nostrils. As soon as Lakshmana smelled that medicine, the arrows dislodged from His flesh, the pain subsided and the wounds healed. By Rama’s command, Sushena also treated Rama’s friends, such as Vibhishana, and all the other stalwart monkeys. After regaining His normal condition, having the arrows and His exhaustion removed, and His suffering extinguished, Lakshmana rejoiced. At that time, Rama, Sugreeva, Vibhishana, the valiant Jambavan and their troops rejoiced for quite some time when they saw that Lakshmana was healthy, active and happy. Rama commended Lakshmana’s deed, which was so difficult to perform. The monkey leaders became happy when they heard that Lakshmana had slain Indrajit in combat.

Thus completes 91st Chapter of Yuddha Kanda of the glorious Ramayana of Valmiki, the work of a sage and the oldest epic.

Sriman Moola Rama Vijayate