Indrajit Kills an Illusory Form of Sita

Understanding the intention of that great soul Rama, Indrajit withdrew and entered the city. When Indrajit remembered the slaughter of those agile rakshasas, his eyes became as red as copper and he sallied forth again. Coming out of the western gate, Indrajit, a thorn in the side of the gods, was surrounded by rakshasas. Seeing that the two brothers Rama and Lakshmana were prepared for battle, Indrajit thereupon performed an act of deception. Placing and illusory form of Sita on his chariot and surrounding himself with a big army, Indrajit intended to slay it. Deciding to deceive everyone by killing Sita, the evil-minded Indrajit sallied forth to face the monkeys.

All the forest-dwelling monkeys became furious when the saw Indrajit coming out and they rushed toward him with rocks in their hands eager to fight. Grabbing a huge and inaccessible mountain peak, Hanuman went ahead of them. He saw in Indrajit’s chariot the cheerless Sita. She was wearing a single braid. She looked distressed and Her face was wane from fasting. She was wearing a worn out garment made from a single piece of cloth and had no ornaments. All the limbs of Rama’s beloved consort were smeared with dust. Gazing at Her for a while, he took Her to be Sita, whom he had seen not long ago. Seeing the distressed and miserable woman in Indrajit’s chariot and wondering what Indrajit’s intentions were, Hanuman spoke to the monkeys and then rushed toward him with those stalwart monkeys.

Indrajit became outraged when he saw the monkey army and unsheathing his sword, pulled Sita by the hair on Her head. Indrajit began hacking at the illusory form of Sita, who was crying out for Rama, as the monkeys watched. When Hanuman saw Her grabbed by the hair, he became distressed and tears flowed from his eyes. Seeing the dear and lovely consort of Rama, he angrily addressed the following harsh words to Indrajit: “O evil one, you have grabbed her by the hair for your own destruction! Although descended from a line of Brahmana sages, you took shelter of a Rakshasis womb. Cursed are you whose mind is capable of such sinful actions! O heartless, wicked, vile and sinful wretch, such an act is uncivilized. You have no compassion, O merciless one! Deprived of Her home, kingdom and husband Rama, what harm has she done to you that you are killing her? After killing Sita, you will not live very long under any circumstance. When you give up your life, you will reach those worlds which are the destination for those who murder women and who are condemned by those who deserve to be killed by the people.”

Speaking in this way and surrounded by monkeys bearing weapons, Hanuman angrily ran toward Indrajit. As the monkey army was approaching, Indrajit intercepted it with an army of rakshasas who were frightfully angry. Disturbing the monkey army with a volley of one thousand arrows, Indrajit said to Hanuman: “As you watch, I shall now kill Sita, for whose sake Rama, Sugreeva and you have come! After killing Her, I shall then kill Rama, Lakshmana, Sugreeva, the ignoble Vibhishana and you, O monkey. Your statement that women should not be killed is true, but one must do what is necessary to harass the enemy.”

After saying that, Indrajit personally killed the illusory Sita with his sharp sword as She was wailing. After being cut diagonally from shoulder to waist, that beautiful lady with broad hips fell on the ground. After slaying Her, Indrajit said to Hanuman: “Behold Rama’s beloved slain by me with a weapon! She is now slain. Your effort has been fruitless!” Mounting his chariot after killing Her, Indrajit was overjoyed and roared very loudly. The monkeys, who were stationed not far away, heard that roaring coming from Indrajit’s wide open mouth as he sat in his chariot. Indrajit felt very elated after slaying Sita. Seeing him so happy, the monkeys became despondent and fled.

Thus completes 81st Chapter of Yuddha Kanda of the glorious Ramayana of Valmiki, the work of a sage and the oldest epic.

Sriman Moola Rama Vijayate