Hanuman Kills Nikumbha

Seeing his brother killed by Sugreeva, Nikumbha glared at the latter as if he would burn him to ashes with his anger. He grasped with his five fingers his dazzling steel club, which was decorated with a flower garland and resembled one of the peaks of Mount Mahendra. It was plated with gold and inlaid with diamonds and coral. It was dreadful, just like Yamaraja’s rod of chastisement, and could dispelled the fear of the rakshasas. Brandishing that weapon, which was as splendorous as Lord Indra’s banner, Nikumbha opened his mouth wide and roared. With a golden necklace on his chest, golden bands on his arms, lovely earrings, flower garland and club, Nikumbha looked like a thundering cloud with lightning and a rainbow.

The conjunction of the seven winds burst when touched by the tip of Nikumbha’s club, which glowed like a smokeless fire. The vault of heaven with the city of Alaka, the superb dwellings of the Gandharvas, the hosts of stars and constellations and the planets including the moon seemed to be spinning around by the motion of Nikumbha’s club. Nikumbha was very difficult to assail because he became like the flaring conflagration at the end of the age, with his ornaments and club as flames and his wrath as fuel. Neither the monkeys nor the rakshasas were able to move due to fear. Expanding his chest, though, the mighty Hanuman stepped in front. The powerful Rakshasa, whose arms were like iron bars, crashed the club down on Hanuman’s chest. As soon as the club hit Hanuman’s chest, it forthwith shattered into hundreds of pieces, shining like hundreds of shooting stars in the sky.

Although struck by that club, Hanuman did not waver any more than does a mountain during an earthquake. When struck in that way, Hanuman clenched his fist with tremendous strength. Raising it, the spirited and spry monkey brutally slammed it into Nikumbha’s chest. Under the impact of that fist, Nikumbha’s armor burst and blood spurted out, like lightning leaping from clouds. Nikumbha thereafter staggered from the blow. But when he regained full consciousness, he grabbed hold of the mighty Hanuman. When the inhabitants of Lanka saw that Nikumbha had seized Hanuman, they roared on the battlefield.

As the Rakshasa was carrying him away, Hanuman struck him with his solid fist. Freeing himself from the Rakshasa’s grip, Hanuman jumped on the ground and quickly punched Nikumbha, knocking him down on the ground. After throwing him down, the dynamic Hanuman crushed him. Then he jumped up and fell down with full force on the Rakshasa’s chest. Grabbing his head and twisting it, he tore it off as the Rakshasa was howling frightfully. After Hanuman killed the howling Rakshasa, there ensued a gruesome battle between Rama, the son of King Dasharatha, and Makaraksha, who were both extremely angry. When Nikumbha’s life had expired, the monkeys shouted for joy, which echoed in all directions. The earth seemed to shake, the sky seemed to fall and the Rakshasa army became overwhelmed with fear.

Thus completes 77th Chapter of Yuddha Kanda of the glorious Ramayana of Valmiki, the work of a sage and the oldest epic.

Sriman Moola Rama Vijayate