Lord Indra Revives all the Dead Monkeys

Lord Indra, the tamer of the demon Paaka, was very happy after King Dasharatha departed and spoke to Rama, who was standing with joined palms: “To see You is never futile for us, O best of men. We are delighted. Therefore say whatever pleases Your mind.” After being addressed in this way Rama replied as follows with joined palms, accompanied by His brother Lakshmana and His wife Sita:

“If You indeed find pleasure in Me, O lord of the gods, then I shall speak. Make Me a promise, O best of speakers. May all those monkeys who went to the abode of death while performing acts of valor on My behalf regain their lives and rise up! All those monkeys who were separated from their children and wives for My sake, let them be reunited with them and not consigned to death. By your grace I chose that they be reunited. I wish to see all those bears and long-tailed monkeys healthy, healed of their wounds and endowed with strength and energy. Let there be flowers, roots and fruits even out of season and let the rivers be clear wherever the monkeys live.”

When Lord Indra heard Rama’s request, he gave the following pleasant reply: “My dear Rama, the boon which You have requested is very difficult to fulfill. No previous promise of mine has ever been false, therefore this will come to pass. Those monkeys who were killed in combat by the rakshasas will rise up, including the many bears and long-tailed monkeys who had their heads cut off. The monkeys will rise up, healthy, healed of their wounds and restored with strength and energy, just as when sleeping persons wake up. Overjoyed, they will all be reunited with the their friends, relatives, kinfolk and associates. The trees will be dotted with flowers and laden with fruit, and the rivers will have sufficient water, O wielder of a mighty bow.”

With all their limbs healed of their former wounds, all the eminent monkeys got up as if from sleep. All the monkeys were amazed, asking: “What is this?” All those monkeys thanked Rama. Seeing that Rama had accomplished His purpose, those best of gods all spoke to Him and Lakshmana with delight as they offered praise: “Leave this place for Ayodhya and send away the monkeys! Console this austere and devoted Princess of Mithila. See Your brother Bharata who is practicing vows out of grief for You, as well as the great Shatrughna and all Your mothers. Go get Yourself consecrated king and please the citizens.”

After speaking to Rama in this way and giving Him and Lakshmana advice, Lord Indra departed with the gods in their airship as brilliant as the sun. Offering respects with Lakshmana to all those preeminent gods, Rama then ordered the army to set up camp. Then the illustrious and elated soldiers of that great army protected by Rama and Lakshmana shone brightly with splendor on all sides, like a night illuminated by the cooling rays of the moon.

Thus completes 120th Chapter of Yuddha Kanda of the glorious Ramayana of Valmiki, the work of a sage and the oldest epic.

Sriman Moola Rama Vijayate