The Spirit of King Dasharatha Appears

When Lord Shiva heard the beautiful statement made by Rama, he then spoke words that were more beautiful: “O lotus-eyed one, Your arms are very great, and so is Your chest. You are the scorcher of Your enemies. Luckily You have performed this deed, O foremost of those who uphold righteousness. Fortunately, O Rama, You have eliminated in battle the fear occasioned by Ravana, which was covering the whole world with a dreaded gloom. When You have done the following things: comforted Your forlorn brother Bharata and Your glorious mother Kausalya, seen Kaikeyi and Lakshmana’s mother, Sumitra, ruled over Ayodhya, delighted Your well-wishers, established Your dynasty in the lineage of the Ikshvaku’s, achieved unparalleled fame by performing a horse sacrifice and given wealth to the Brahmanas, You can ascend to heaven. Here is Your father, King Dasharatha seated in an aerial vehicle, O descendent of Kakutstha. He was Your most glorious senior in this mortal world. Delivered by You, his son, he has gone to the world of Lord Indra. You and Your brother Lakshmana should greet him.”

When Rama heard this, He and Lakshmana bowed to Their father, who was on the upper deck of an airship. With His brother Lakshmana, Lord Rama gazed upon His father, who was shining with his own glory and wearing spotless garments. While seated in the airship, King Dasharatha was overwhelmed with joy to see his son, who was dearer to him than his own life. Placing Rama in his lap and embracing Him with his arms, the monarch, who was seated on a great throne, spoke the following words:

“O Rama, I swear to You that without You, I do not think much of heaven or the honor given me by all the excellent gods. I am now experiencing the topmost pleasure seeing that You have killed Your enemy, are satisfied in mind and have fulfilled the period of exile in the forest. The words Kaikeyi spoke to exile You are still in my heart. Seeing You well and embracing You with Lakshmana, I am now free from sorrow, as the sun is free from mist. I have been delivered by You, a great and noble son, as the Brahmana Kahola was by his son Ashtavakra. My dear son, now I know that You are the Lord of the gods, the Supreme Person, come here to annihilate Ravana.

“Kausalya has certainly accomplished her goal in that she will have the pleasure of seeing You returned home from the forest, O crusher of enemies. Those men who will see You returned to the city of Ayodhya and consecrated on the throne as king will certainly be accomplished in purpose. I would like to see You reunited with Bharata, who is devoted, strong, pure and practicing righteousness. My dear son, You have spent fourteen years in exile in the forest with Sita and Lakshmana for my pleasure. The term of exile has expired, My promise has been fulfilled, and Ravana has been slain in combat for the pleasure of the gods. You have performed a laudable feat and gained fame. Installed as king, may you attain a long life with Your brothers!”

After the king finished speaking, Rama replied with joined palms: “Be merciful to Kaikeyi and Bharata, O knower of what is right. Do not let that terrible curse befall Kaikeyi and Her son when you said that you were rejecting her and her son.” Agreeing to Rama’s request and embracing Lakshmana, who stood with joined palms, the great king again spoke as follows to Lakshmana: “By serving Rama with devotion along with Sita, Princess of Videha, You have pleased me greatly and earned for Yourself the fruit of virtue. By pleasing Rama, You will achieve piety and wide fame in this world, and also the highest glory and heaven. Serve Rama. Bless You, O delight of Sumitra! Rama is always engaged in the welfare of the whole world. Offering their respects to the great Rama, the three worlds with Indra, siddhas and great sages worship Him as the Supreme Person. My dear son, Rama is said to be the unmanifest imperishable Absolute esteemed by the Vedas and the heart and secret of all the gods. You have achieved the purpose of practicing virtue and also extensive fame by serving Rama as well as Sita with devotion.”

After speaking in this way to Lakshmana, the virtuous king then addressed the following eloquent words to the Princess of Videha: “You should not harbor any resentment because of this public rejection of You. Rama actually did this for Your own vindication, for He desires Your welfare. No doubt You do not need to be instructed about how to serve Your husband. Nevertheless, I must say that He is Your supreme worshipable deity.”

When King Dasharatha finished instructing the two princes and Sita, he departed for Indraloka in the airship.

Thus completes 119th Chapter of Yuddha Kanda of the glorious Ramayana of Valmiki, the work of a sage and the oldest epic.

Sriman Moola Rama Vijayate