Lord Brahma Reveals Rama’s Divinity

When the virtuous Rama heard these cries of the people, He reflected for some time, His mind being agitated and His eyes filled with tears. Gathering together and reaching the city of Lanka in their aerial vehicles that sone like the sun, Kuvera, Yamaraja, the forefathers, Indra, the lord of the gods, Varuna, the lord of the waters, the three-eyed Shiva whose emblem is a bull and Lord Brahma, the creator of everything and best of those who know the Vedas, approached Rama. Raising up their long arms adorned with ornaments, the best of the residents of heaven said to Rama, who was standing with joined palms:

“Since You are the creator of the whole world and the best of those who are learned, O Lord, why do You ignore Sita while She is fallen in a blazing fire? Why do You not recognize Yourself to be the foremost of the many gods? Among the eight Vasus, You were formerly the Prajapati Ritadhama, who was the creator of the three worlds and their undisputed lord. Among the Rudras, You are the eighth called Mahadeva and among saadhyas You are the fifth called Viryavan. The two Ashvini-kumaras are Your ears and the sun and moon are Your eyes. You are seen as the beginning, middle and end, O scorcher of enemies. Yet You ignore Sita as an ordinary man would do.”

After being spoken to in this way by the protectors of the world, Rama, the Lord of the world and foremost of those who uphold righteous, replied to the gods: “I consider Myself a human being named Rama, the son of King Dasharatha. Let Lord Brahma say who I am and where I came from.”

Then Lord Brahma said to Rama, the descendent of Kakutstha: “Listen to my true words, O He whose prowess never fails. You are Lord Narayana, all-mighty God Himself who wields a discus. You are Lord Varaaha with a single tusk, the conqueror of Your past and future enemies. You are the imperishable Absolute, the truth which resides in the middle and end, O descendent of the Raghu Dynasty. You are the supreme righteousness of the worlds, the four-armed Vishvaksena. You are the wielder of the bow Sarnga, the Lord of the senses, the purusha and the supreme person. You are the invincible Lord Vishnu wielding a sword, as well as the mighty Lord Krishna. You are Skandha, commander-in-chief of the gods, and also the village leader. You are intelligence, strength, forbearance and self-control. You are the origin and destination. You are Upendra, the younger brother of Lord Indra, and Madhusuudana, the slayer of the Madhu demon.

“You are the creator of Lord Indra, the great Lord. You are Lord Vishnu, known as Padmanabha because His navel is shaped like a lotus flower. You put an end to Your enemies in battle. The great and holy sages say that You are a refuge worth taking shelter of. In the form of the Vedas, You are a bull with one hundred heads and one thousand horns. You are the original creator of the three worlds and the independent Lord. You are the support and progenitor of the siddhas and saadhyas. You are sacrifice and the syllable vashat for offering sacrifice. You are the mystic syllable OM and the highest of the high. People do not know who You are or that You are the origin and reservoir. You are found in all living beings, within the cows and Brahmanas too. You are in all directions, in the sky, in the mountains and in the rivers. You are the glorious one who has thousands of feet, heads and eyes.

“You maintain all living beings, the earth and all mountains. At the end of the world You are seen on a great serpent in the water. You are maintaining the three worlds, along with the gods, gandharvas and danavas. I am Your heart, O Rama, and the goddess Saraswati is Your tongue. The gods created by Lord Brahma are the hairs on Your limbs, O Lord. When You close Your eyes, it is considered night, and when You open them, it is daytime. Your thoughts become the Vedas. This world could not exist without You. The whole world is Your body, and the earth is Your steadiness. Fire is Your anger, the moon—Your grace. You bear the mark of Shrivatsa on Your chest. Previously You crossed the three worlds with three steps. After binding the dreadful Bali, You made Lord Indra king. Sita is Lakshmi and You are Vishnu. You are God, Lord Krishna, the Lord of all created beings.

“For the destruction of Ravana, You entered a human form in this world. You have accomplished our purpose, O best upholder of righteousness. You have slain Ravana. Return to Your heavenly abode happily. Your valor is unfailing and Your heroic exploits are never useless. Audience with You is unfailing, and so also is Your praise. Those who are devoted to You will be successful in this world. Those who are devoted to You, the primeval Supreme Person, achieve their desires in this world and the next.”

Those who chant this divine hymn composed by Lord Brahma and recite this ancient story will never have any difficulty.

Thus completes 117th Chapter of Yuddha Kanda of the glorious Ramayana of Valmiki, the work of a sage and the oldest epic.

Sriman Moola Rama Vijayate