Jambavan, seated along with the monkey-troops, requested Hanuma to narrate clearly whatever has occurred. Hanuma narrates in detail how he saw Mount Mainaka in the course of his journey to Lanka and how he escaped on the way from the clutches of Surasa, a great serpent living in the ocean. Hanuma also narrated about his killing of Simhika, a female demon on the way and also about defeating another female demon (Lanka-incarnate) who was guarding the City of Lanka. Hanuma explains to Jambavan, how he beholds Seetha in Ashoka garden after a thorough search in the City of Lanka and how he introduces himself as an envoy sent by Rama and Sugreeva. Hanuma informs Jambavan that he hands over a finger-ring of Rama as a token of remembrance to Seetha and that he further asks for a return-token of remembrance from her, to be handed over to Rama. Hanuma then narrates about Seetha having delivered to him an excellent jewel for her head, as a token of remembrance. He further narrates about the demolition of the garden attached to Ravana's gynaeceum and about killing of Aksha, Ravana's son. Hanuma further informs about his capture by Indrajit, Ravana's son and his tail being burnt by demons on receiving the orders of Ravana. He further informs about his setting fire of the City of Lanka. He finally narrates about his re-visit to Seetha and his return to Mount Mahendra.
Chapter [Sarga] 58 in Detail
tatah tasya gireh shringe mahaaindrasya mahaabalaah |
hanumat pramukhaah priitim harayo jagmuh uttamaam || 5-58-1
Thereafter, the mighty monkeys, headed by Hanuma and others, experienced a great joy on that summit of Mount Mahendra.
tam tatah pratisamhrishtah priitimantam mahaakapim |
jaambavaan kaarya vritta antam apricchat anila aatmajam || 5-58-2
Then, Jambavan, thrilling with rapture, asked the delighted Hanuma, the great monkey about the particulars of that actual occurrence (of seeing Seetha) as follows
katham drishtaa tvayaa devii katham vaa tatra vartate |
tasyaam vaa sa katham vrittah kruura karmaa dasha aananah || 5-58-3
“How did you see Seetha? How was she there? How was that Ravana of terrible deeds behaving towards her?”
tattvatah sarvam etan nah prabruuhi tvam mahaakape |
shruta arthaah cintayishyaamo bhuuyah kaarya vinishcayam || 5-58-4
“O Hanuma! Tell us entirely, in truth whatever has occurred. Ascertaining the truth, from you, we shall again think about what decision to be taken further.”
yah ca arthah tatra vaktavyo gataih asmaabhih aatmavaan |
rakshitavyam ca yat tatra tat bhavaan vyaakarotu nah || 5-58-5
“When we go there (to the presence of Rama), having prudence, tell us clearly which matter is to be disclosed and which matter is to be kept off from him.”
sa niyuktah tatah tena samprahrishta tanuu ruhah |
namasyan shirasaa devyai siitaayai pratyabhaashata || 5-58-6
Thus commanded by Jambavan, Hanuma, with his hair standing on end mentally offered his salutation to Seetha, the princess, by bowing his head and replied as follows:
pratyaksham eva bhavataam mahaaindra agraat kham aaplutah |
udadheh dakshinam paaram kaankshamaanah samaahitah || 5-58-7
“With an intention to reach the southern shore of the ocean, I leapt into the sky, indeed before your presence, from the summit of Mount Mahendra.”
gacchatah ca hi me ghoram vighna ruupam iva abhavat |
kaancanam shikharam divyam pashyaami sumano haram || 5-58-8
“While I was going, a terrific hindrance occurred in my way as it was. I saw a golden mountain-peak which was so charming and fascinating.”
sthitam panthaanam aavritya mene vighnam ca tam nagam |
upasamgamya tam divyam kaancanam naga sattamam || 5-58-9
kritaa me manasaa buddhih bhettavyo ayam mayaa iti ca |
“I accounted that mountain staying turned towards the path, as an impediment. Approaching that excellent charming and Golden Mountain, I made up my mind to shatter it.”
prahatam ca mayaa tasya laanguulena mahaagireh || 5-58-10
shikharam suurya samkaasham vyashiiryata sahasradhaa |
"As I struck it with my tail, the mountain-peak of that great hill, resembling the sun, was broken into a thousand pieces."
vyavasaayam ca me buddhvaa sa ha uvaaca mahaagirih || 5-58-11
putra iti madhuraam baaniim manah prahlaadayann iva |
"Understanding my purpose, that great mountain spoke the following sweet words saying, 'O my son!', As though it was refreshing my mind (once more to proceed further)."
pitrivyam ca api maam viddhi sakhaa ayam maatarishvanah || 5-58-12
mainaakam iti vikhyaatam nivasantam mahaaudadhau |
“‘Know me to be generally called as Mynaa dwelling in this great ocean, as a companion of the wind-god and even as your father's brother'."
pakshvavantah puraa putra babhuuvuh parvata uttamaah || 5-58-13
chandatah prithiviim ceruh baadhamaanaah samantatah |
“‘O my son! Long ago, the foremost among the mountains used to have wings. They used to wander the entire earth freely, hurting the people!"
shrutvaa nagaanaam caritam mahaaindrah paaka shaasanah || 5-58-14
ciccheda bhagavaan pakshaan vajrena eshaam sahasrashah |
“‘Hearing that behavior of those mountains, the venerable Indra the lord of celestials, the destroyer of a demon called Paaka, chopped their wings into a thousand pieces by using his thunderbolt.' "
aham tu mokshitah tasmaat tava pitraa mahaatmanaa || 5-58-15
maarutena tadaa vatsa prakshipto asmi mahaaarnave |
“‘O child! I, on my part, was hurled into the great ocean by the high-souled wind-god, your father and was liberated from the clutches of Indra.' "
raamasya ca mayaa saahye vartitavyam arim dama || 5-58-16
raamo dharmabhritaam shreshtho mahaaindra sama vikramah |
“‘O Hanuma the annihilator of enemies! I have to behave in such a way as to help Rama. For, Rama, having a prowess equal to that of Indra; is indeed excellent in supporting righteousness.'"
etat shrutvaa mayaa tasya mainaakasya mahaatmanah || 5-58-17
kaaryam aavedya tu gireh uddhatam ca mano mama |
tena ca aham anujnaato mainaakena mahaatmanaa || 5-58-18
"Hearing the words of that high-souled Mynaka and after informing my purpose, my mind was prepared for a further travel. The high-soled Mynaka also allowed me to depart."
sa chaapyantarhitah shailo maanusena vapusmataa |
shariirena mahaashailah shailena cha mahodadhau || 5-58-19
"That Mynaka Mountain vanished in the guise of a beautiful form of a human being. That large mountainous form also later drowned into the great ocean."
uttamam javam aasthaaya shesham adhvaanam aasthitah |
tato aham suciram kaalam vegena abhyagamam pathi || 5-58-20
"Thereafter, employing an excellent speed and continuing on my course, I proceeded in that path speedily for a long time."
tatah pashyaami aham deviim surasaam naaga maataram |
samudra madhye saa devii vacanam maam abhaashata || 5-58-21
"Thereafter, I saw Surasa, the mother of serpents in the midst of the sea. That goddess spoke the following words to me.
mama bhakshyah pradishtah tvam amaaraih hari sattamam |
tatah tvaam bhakshayishyaami vihitah tvam cirasya me || 5-58-22
"O excellent of monkeys! The celestials have shown you as my eatable. Therefore, I will eat you since you have been bestowed to me by gods after a long time."
evam uktah surasayaa praanjalih pranatah sthitah |
vivarna vadano bhuutvaa vaakyam ca idam udiirayam || 5-58-23
"Hearing Surasa's words, I stood there, offering salutation with my joined palms to her. Becoming pale-faced, I spoke the following words:
raamo daasharathih shriimaan pravishto dandakaa vanam |
lakshmanena saha bhraatraa siitayaa ca param tapah || 5-58-24
" 'Rama, the son of Dasaratha the splendid man and the tormentator of enemies, together with Lakshmana, his brother and Seetha entered the forest of Dandaka.'"
tasya siitaa hritaa bhaaryaa raavanena duraatmanaa |
tasyaah sakaasham duuto aham gamishye raama shaasanaat || 5-58-25
“‘The evil-minded Ravana took away Seetha, Rama's wife. By the orders of Rama, I am going to her as an envoy.’ "
kartum arhasi raamasya saahyam vishaya vaasini |
athavaa maithiliim drishtvaa raamam ca aklishta kaarinam || 5-58-26
aagamishyaami te vaktram satyam pratishrinoti me |
"'You, abiding in Rama's country, ought to do a help to Rama. Otherwise, after seeing Seetha and Rama, who is unwearied in action, I will come to your mouth. I am thus promising you in truth."
evam uktaa mayaa saa tu surasaa kaama ruupinii || 5-58-27
abraviin na ativarteta kashcit esha varo mama |
Hearing my words, that Surasa who can assume any form at her will said: "No one can violate me by unfaithfulness. I have this boon with me."
evam uktah surasayaa dasha yojanam aayatah || 5-58-28
tato ardha guna vistaaro babhuuva aham kshanena tu |
"Hearing the words of Surasa, I, as tall as ten Yojanas (eighty miles), within a moment, grew half as much in size (fifteen Yojanas or one hundred twenty miles)."
mat pramaana anuruupam ca vyaaditam tan mukham tayaa || 5-58-29
tat drishtvaa vyaaditam tu aasyam hrasvam hi akaravam vapuh |
tasmin muhuurte ca punah babhuuva angushtha sammitah || 5-58-30
"She opened her mouth so wide as to correspond to the size of my body. Seeing her expanded mouth, I assumed a dwarfish form. At that moment, I still became reduced to the size of a human thumb."
abhipatya aashu tat vaktram nirgato aham tatah kshanaat |
abraviit surasaa devii svena ruupena maam punah || 5-58-31
"After entering her mouth quickly, I then came out instantly. The divine Surasa, in her native form, spoke to me again, as follows:
artha siddhyai hari shreshtha gaccha saumya yathaa sukham |
samaanaya ca vaidehiim raaghavena mahaatmanaa || 5-58-32
sukhii bhava mahaabaaho priitaa asmi tava vaanara |
"'O gently monkey! O the foremost among monkeys! Go happily for the fulfillment of your purpose. Bring back Seetha to the magnanimous Rama. O mighty armed monkey! Be happy. I am pleased with you.'"
tato aham saadhu saadhvii iti sarva bhuutaih prashamsitah || 5-58-33
tato antariksham vipulam pluto aham garudo yathaa |
"Then, all living beings praised me! Saying Good! Well done! Bravo! Thereupon, I leapt into the extensive sky, like Garuda the eagle, the carrier of Lord Vishnu."
chaayaa me nigrihiitaa ca na ca pashyaami kimcana || 5-58-34
so aham vigata vegah tu disho dasha vilokayan |
na kimcit tatra pashyaami yena me apahritaa gatih || 5-58-35
"In the meanwhile, my shadow was held fast. Yet, I did not perceive anything. My speed having been blocked, I surveyed all the ten directions. But I could not discover there, any object by which my movement was blocked."
tato me buddhih utpannaa kim naama gamane mama |
iidrisho vighna utpanno ruupam yatra na drishyate || 5-58-36
"Then, the thought arose in me: "How I wonder has such a hindrance arose in my journey, although no concrete configuration is being seen here?"
adho bhaagena me drishtih shocataa paatitaa mayaa |
tato adraaksham aham bhiimaam raakshasiim salile shayaam || 5-58-37
"While I was thinking thus, my sight has fallen downward. There, I saw a terrible female-demon lying in water."
prahasya ca mahaanaadam ukto aham bhiimayaa tayaa |
avasthitam asambhraantam idam vaakyam ashobhanam || 5-58-38
"Heartily laughing with a great noise, that terrific woman, spoke to me the following inauspicious words, firmly and without any bewilderment (as follows):
kva asi gantaa mahaakaaya kshudhitaayaa mama iipsitah |
bhakshah priinaya me deham ciram aahaara varjitam || 5-58-39
"O gigantic monkey! Where are you going? You are my requisite food, hungry as I am. Gratify my person, who has remained without sustenance for long."
baadham iti eva taam vaaniim pratyagrihnaam aham tatah |
aasya pramaanaat adhikam tasyaah kaayam apuurayam || 5-58-40
"Saying 'Amen', I actually accepted those words. Thereupon, I expanded my body to a size larger than the capacity of her mouth."
tasyaah ca aasyam mahat bhiimam vardhate mama bhakshane |
na ca maam saa tu bubudhe mama vaa vikritam kritam || 5-58-41
"Her terrific large mouth too began to grow to devour me. She could not understand well about me or about the change subsequently gone through by me (in the shape of a minute form)"
tato aham vipulam ruupam samkshipya nimisha antaraat |
tasyaa hridayam aadaaya prapataami nabhah talam || 5-58-42
"Then, having contracted my large body within another moment, I extracted her heart and leapt back into the sky."
saa visrishta bhujaa bhiimaa papaata lavana ambhasi |
mayaa parvata samkaashaa nikritta hridayaa satii || 5-58-43
"When her heart has been cut off by me, that terrific Simhika looking like a mountain, fell into the ocean with her arms emanating from it."
shrinomi kha gataanaam ca siddhaanaam caaranaih saha |
raakshasii simhikaa bhiimaa kshipram hanumataa hritaa || 5-58-44
"I heard great sages along with wandering celestial singers, moving in the sky, saying that Simhika the dreadful demon was instantly killed by Hanuma."
taam hatvaa punah eva aham krityam aatyayikam smaran |
gatvaa ca mahat adhvaanam pashyaami naga manditam || 5-58-45
dakshinam tiiram udadheh lankaa yatra ca saa purii |
"After killing her and again recollecting the task to be performed quickly, I travelled for a long distance and saw the southern shore of the ocean, where that City of Lanka, adorned with its trees, was situated."
astam dina kare yaate rakshasaam nilayam puriim || 5-58-46
pravishto aham avijnaato rakshobhih bhiima vikramaih |
"While the sun was setting, I, without being noticed by the demons of dreadful prowess, entered the city of Lanka, the abode of demons."
tatra pravishatashchaapi kalpaantaghanasannibhaa || 5-58-47
attahaasam vimujnchantii naarii kaapyutthitaa purah |
"While I was entering the City, a woman, resembling a cloud at the time of dissolution of the world, stood up in front of me, emitting a loud laughter."
jighaamsantiim tatastaam tu jvaladagnishiroruhaam || 5-58-48
savyamustiprahaarena paraajitya subhairavaam |
pradosakaale pravisham bhiitayaaham tayoditah || 5-58-49
"Then defeating that woman, having her hair looking terrific like a blazing fire and who was trying to kill me, by striking her with a blow of the fist of my left hand and entered the land of Lanka at the dusk of early night. She, being frightened, spoke to me as follows:
aham lankaapurii viira nirjitaa vikramena te |
yasmaattasmaadvijetaasi sarvaraksaamsyashesatah || 5-58-50
"O hero! I am (the personified) City of Lanka. Therefore, by the same prowess you conquered me; you can defeat all the demons here completely."
tatra aham sarva raatram tu vicinvan janaka aatmajaam |
raavana antah pura gato na ca apashyam sumadhyamaam || 5-58-51
"Searching there for Seetha that whole night in Ravana's gynaeceum, I could not find that Seetha, the slender-waist lady."
tatah siitaam apashyan tu raavanasya niveshane |
shoka saagaram aasaadya na paaram upalakshaye || 5-58-52
"Unable to find Seetha in Ravana's dwelling and facing a sea of sorrow, I could not then perceive its other shore."
shocataa ca mayaa drishtam praakaarena samaavritam |
kaancanena vikrishtena griha upavanam uttamam || 5-58-53
"While bemoaning, I saw an excellent grove near that gynaeceum, concealed by a prolonged fence painted with golden color."
sa praakaaram avaplutya pashyaami bahu paadapam |
ashoka vanikaa madhye shimshapaa paadapo mahaan || 5-58-54
tam aaruhya ca pashyaami kaancanam kadalii vanam |
Crossing the fence, I saw that grove having copious trees. Amidst that Ashoka garden, I saw a large Simshupa garden. After ascending it, I beheld a yellow-pigmented thicket of banana plants."
aduuraat shimshapaa vrikshaat pashyaami vana varniniim || 5-58-55
shyaamaam kamala patra akshiim upavaasa krisha aananaam |
tadekavaasahsamviitaam rajodhvastashiroruhaam || 5-58-56
shokasantaapadiinaangiim siitaam bhartrihite sthitaam |
raakshasiibhih viruupaabhih kruuraabhih abhisamvritaam || 5-58-57
maamsa shonita bhakshyaabhih vyaaghriibhih hariniim yathaa |
"Not far from that Simshupa tree. I saw Seetha, of youthful complexion, with eyes looking like lotus-petals, with her face emaciated by fasting, clad in a single piece of cloth, her hair soiled with dust, her limbs afflicted with grief and agony, devoted as she was to the good of her lord and surrounded on all sides by ugly and cruel female-demons living on flesh and blood, as a doe encircled by tigresses."
saa mayaa raaksasiimadhye tarjyamaanaa muhurmahuh || 5-58-58
ekaveniidharaa diinaa bhartrichintaaparaayanaa |
bhuumishayyaa vivarnaangii padminiiva himaagame || 5-58-59
raavanaadvinivrittaarthaa martavyakritanishchayaa |
kathamchinmrigashaabaaksii tuurnamaasaaditaa mayaa || 5-58-60
"Seetha, who had eyes like those of a deer, was somehow quickly found by me looking depressed in the amidst of female-demons, frightened (as she was by them) again and again, putting on a single braid of hair (as a mark of desolation), wholly devoted to the thought of her lord, having floor as her bedstead, pale-limbed like a lotus-stalk in a cool season, turning away the request of Ravana, and determined to die."
taam drishtvaa taadrishiim naariim raama patniim aninditaam |
tatra eva shimshapaa vrikshe pashyann aham avasthitah || 5-58-61
"Seeing that illustrious woman, the consort of Rama in such a state, I stayed perched on the same Simshupa tree, looking at her."
tato halahalaa shabdam kaancii nuupura mishritam |
shrinomi adhika gambhiiram raavanasya niveshane || 5-58-62
"Meanwhile, I heard an exceedingly roaring and hallooing sound, mixed with sounds of girdles and anklets in the abode of Ravana."
tato aham parama udvignah svaruupam pratyasamharam |
aham ca shimshapaa vrikshe pakshii iva gahane sthitah || 5-58-63
"Then, I was very much frightened and contracted my physique. I, on my part, remained hidden like a bird in that Simshupa tree dense with foliage.'"
tato raavana daaraah ca raavanah ca mahaabalah |
tam desham samanupraaptaa yatra siitaa abhavat sthitaa || 5-58-64
"Then, the mighty Ravana and his wives reached that place where Seetha was staying."
tam drishtvaa atha varaaarohaa siitaa raksho gana iishvaram |
samkucya uuruu stanau piinau baahubhyaam parirabhya ca || 5-58-65
"Thereupon, seeing that Ravana the chief of a troop of demons, Seetha with her lovely waist, sat compressing her thighs enclosing her swollen breasts with her arms."
vitrastaam paramodvignaam viiksamaanaamitastatah |
traanam kimchidapashyantiim vepamaanaam tapasviniim || 5-58-66
taam uvaaca dashagriivah siitaam parama duhkhitaam |
avaak shiraah prapatito bahu manyasva maam iti || 5-58-67
"Ravana, bowing his head and coming down, spoke (as follows) to that Seetha who was frightened, very much grieving for her lord, glancing hither and thither, not finding any protection for her, trembling, distressed and extremely sorrowful saying, 'Treat me with respect.'"
yadi cet tvam tu maam darpaan na abhinandasi garvite |
dvau maasa anantaram siite paasyaami rudhiram tava || 5-58-68
" 'O arrogant lady! O Seetha! If you refuse me by your arrogance, I will be drinking your blood after a period of two months.'"
etat shrutvaa vacah tasya raavanasya duraatmanah |
uvaaca parama kruddhaa siitaa vacanam uttamam || 5-58-69
"Hearing those words of the evil-minded Ravana, Seetha was very much irritated and spoke the following excellent words:
raakshasa adhama raamasya bhaaryaam amita tejasah |
ikshvaaku kula naathasya snushaam dasharathasya ca || 5-58-70
avaacyam vadato jihvaa katham na patitaa tava |
"How did your tongue not fall of, O the worst demon, by speaking such words not to be uttered, to the consort of Rama, of boundless glory, and the daughter-in-law of Dasaratha the lord of Ikshvaku dynasty?"
kimsvit viiryam tava anaarya yo maam bhartuh asamnidhau || 5-58-71
apahritya aagatah paapa tena adrishto mahaatmanaa |
"O ignoble soul! Of what account is your prowess, when you came unnoticed during the absence of my lord, that great soul and abducted me, O sinful one?"
na tvam raamasya sadrisho daasye api asyaa na yujyase || 5-58-72
yajniiyah satya vaak caiva rana shlaaghii ca raaghavah |
“‘You have no similarity with Rama. You are unfit even to do service to Rama. Rama performs sacrifices. He speaks only truth. He is a lover of battle'."
jaanakyaa parusham vaakyam evam ukto dasha aananah || 5-58-73
jajvaala sahasaa kopaac citaastha iva paavakah |
"Hearing these harsh words from Seetha, Ravana was at once ablaze with anger, as a fire blazes in a pile of wood."
vivritya nayane kruure mushtim udyamya dakshinam || 5-58-74
maithiliim hantum aarabdhah striibhih haahaa kritam tadaa |
“‘Rolling his cruel eyes and lifting his right fist, Ravana was about to kill Seetha. Then, an alarm was raised by a women there'."
striinaam madhyaat samutpatya tasya bhaaryaa duraatmanah || 5-58-75
varaa manda udarii naama tayaa sa pratishedhitah |
"Springing up from the midst of those women, a royal woman named Mandodari, the wife of that evil-minded Ravana, ran to him. He was restrained by her."
uktah ca madhuraam vaaniim tayaa sa madana arditah || 5-58-76
siitayaa tava kim kaaryam mahaaindra sama vikrama |
"She spoke to Ravana, smitten with love, the following sweet words: 'O Ravana having a prowess similar to that of Indra! Of what need is with Seetha to you?"
deva gandharva kanyaabhih yaksha kanyaabhih eva ca || 5-58-77
saardham prabho ramasva iha siitayaa kim karishyasi |
“‘O lord! Enjoy yourself with the daughters of gods, Gandharvas the celestial musicians and Yakshas the semi-divine beings. What will you do with Seetha?'"
tatah taabhih sametaabhih naariibhih sa mahaabalah || 5-58-78
utthaapya sahasaa niito bhavanam svam nishaa carah |
"Thereupon, those women together propitiated that mighty Ravana and quickly took him to his palace."
yaate tasmin dashagriive raakshasyo vikrita aananaah || 5-58-79
siitaam nirbhartsayaam aasuh vaakyaih kruuraih sudaarunaih |
"When that Ravana left, the ugly-faced female-demons frightened. Seetha with their cruel and very dreadful words."
trinavat bhaashitam taasaam ganayaamaasa jaanakii || 5-58-80
tarjitam ca tadaa taasaam siitaam praapya nirarthakam |
"Seetha reckoned the utterance of those women as a blade of grass. At that time, the roaring of those female-demons reached Seetha in vain."
vrithaa garjita nishceshtaa raakshasyah pishita ashanaah || 5-58-81
raavanaaya shashamsuh taah siitaa avyavasitam mahat |
"As their roaring frittered away, those flesh-eating female-demons became helpless and reported that great resolve of Seetha to Ravana."
tatah taah sahitaah sarvaa vihata aashaa nirudyamaah || 5-58-82
parikshipya samantaat taam nidraa vasham upaagataah |
"Thereafter, all those women joined together, warded off their hopes and held back their effort. In the end, they encircled Seetha and were overpowered with sleep."
taasu caiva prasuptaasu siitaa bhartri hite rataa || 5-58-83
vilapya karunam diinaa prashushoca suduhkhitaa |
"When those women went to sleep, Seetha, intent upon the welfare of her husband, was deeply aggrieved, miserable and sore depressed as she was, lamenting pitifully."
taasaam madhyaatsamutthaaya trijataa vaakyamabraviit || 5-58-84
aatmaanam khaadata kshipram na siitaa vinashisyati |
janakasyaatmajaa saadhvii snusa dasharathasya cha || 5-58-85
"Trijata, rising from the midst of those female-demons, spoke the following words; 'Feed on yourself quickly rather than on Seetha, the daughter of Janaka, a virtuous woman and the daughter-in-law of Dasartha who des not get destroyed'."
svapno hyadya mayaa dristo daaruno romaharsanah |
raksasaam cha vinaashaaya bharturasyaa jayaaya cha || 5-58-86
"'Now, I have seen a dreadful dream, causing my hair to stand erect. It is pointing towards the ruin of our demons and the victory of her husband."
alamasmaatparitraatum raaghavaadraksasiiganam |
abhiyaachaama vaidehiimetaddhi mama rochate || 5-58-87
“‘We will pray Seetha, who is capable of protecting all our female-demons from Rama. I feel that it is batter for us'."
yasyaa hyevamvidhah svapno duhkhitaayaah pradrishyate |
saa duhkhairvividhairmuktaa sukhamaapnotyanuttamam || 5-58-88
pranipaataprasannaa hi maithilii janakaatmajaa |
“‘When such a dream is seen while a woman is weeping, that woman gets relieved of many kinds of sorrows and will obtain happiness. Seetha, the daughter of Janaka, indeed will be pleased on receiving a salutation'."
tatah saa hriimatii baalaa bharturvijayaharsitaa || 5-58-89
avochadyadi tattathyam bhaveyam sharanam hi vah |
"Delighted at hearing the victory of her lord, that girl Seetha then bashfully spoke: 'If it is true, I will be protecting you all'."
taam ca aham taadrishiim drishtvaa siitaayaa daarunaam dashaam |
cintayaamaasa vishraanto na ca me nirvritam manah || 5-58-90
"Taking rest for some time and seeing such a dreadful state of Seetha, I reflected upon it. My mind could not satisfy itself."
sambhaashana arthe ca mayaa jaanakyaah cintito vidhih || 5-58-91
ikshvaaku kula vamshah tu tato mama purah kritah |
"Thinking about a means for starting a conversation with Seetha, I started to describe the history of Ikshvaku's dynasty."
shrutvaa tu gaditaam vaacam raaja rishi gana puujitaam || 5-58-92
pratyabhaashata maam devii baashpaih pihita locanaa |
"Hearing the words spoken by me, which are adored by the assemblies of royal sages, Seetha the princess, with her eyes filled with tears, spoke to me, as follows:"
kah tvam kena katham ca iha praapto vaanara pumgava || 5-58-93
kaa ca raamena te priitih tan me shamsitum arhasi |
“‘O the foremost among the monkeys! Who are you? Why did you come here? How did you come? What type of friendship do you have with Rama? You ought to tell me all this?"
tasyaah tat vacanam shrutvaa aham api abruvam vacah || 5-58-94
devi raamasya bhartuh te sahaayo bhiima vikramah |
sugriivo naama vikraanto vaanara indo mahaabalah || 5-58-95
"Hearing those words of Seetha, I spoke the following words: 'O princess! There is a courageous king of monkeys, by name Sugreeva, who is a mighty companion to your husband, possessing a terrific prowess."
tasya maam viddhi bhrityam tvam hanuumantam iha aagatam |
bhartraa aham prahitah tubhyam raamena aklishta karmanaa || 5-58-96
"Know me, who came here, as Hanuma, a servant of that Sugreeva, Rama, you husband, who is unwearied in his actions, sent me here for your sake."
idam ca purusha vyaaghrah shriimaan daasharathih svayam |
anguliiyam abhijnaanam adaat tubhyam yashasvini || 5-58-97
"O illustrious lady! Rama, the foremost among men and the glorious man, gave this finger-ring personally to you as a token of remembrance."
tat icchaami tvayaa aajnaptam devi kim karavaani aham |
raama lakshmanayoh paarshvam nayaami tvaam kim uttaram || 5-58-98
"O princess! For that reason, I wish to have a command from you. What am I to do? I shall take you to the proximity of Rama and Lakshmana. What do you say?"
etat shrutvaa viditvaa ca siitaa janaka nandinii |
aaha raavanam utsaadya raaghavo maam nayatu iti || 5-58-99
"Hearing my words and understanding them, Seetha the daughter of Janaka said as follows: 'Let Rama take me back, after killing Ravana'."
pranamya shirasaa deviim aham aaryaam aninditaam |
raaghavasya mano hlaadam abhijnaanam ayaacisham || 5-58-100
"Bowing my head in salutation to the noble and irreproachable Seetha, I asked for a token of remembrance which would gladden the heart of Rama."
atha maamabraviitsiitaa grihyataamayamttamah |
maniryena mahaabaahuu raamastvaam bahumanyate || 5-58-101
"Then, Seetha spoke to me as follows: 'Let this foremost jewel, be taken, by which the long-armed Rama will be having a high opinion of you'."
evam uktaa varaaarohaa mani pravaram uttamam |
praayacchat parama udvignaa vaacaa maam samdidesha ha || 5-58-102
"Speaking thus, Seetha having fine hips, gave that wonderful and the foremost jewel. Highly distressed, she gave a message also in words to me."
tatah tasyai pranamya aham raaja putryai samaahitah |
pradakshinam parikraamam iha abhyudgata maanasah || 5-58-103
"Then, offering salutation to Seetha the princess in utmost devotion, I circumambulated her from left to right, of course with my mind setting out to come here."
uttaram punah eva aaha nishcitya manasaa tadaa |
hanuuman mama vritta antam vaktum arhasi raaghave || 5-58-104
"Determining something in mind, she spoke to me again as follows: 'O Hanuma! You ought to tell Rama about my tale of woes occurring here'."
yathaa shrutvaa eva naciraat taav ubhau raama lakshmanau |
sugriiva sahitau viiraav upeyaataam tathaa kuru || 5-58-105
“‘Act so that both those heroes Rama and Lakshmana together with Sugreeva quickly arrive here, soon after hearing my tale'."
yadi anyathaa bhavet etat dvau maasau jiivitam mama |
na maam drakshyati kaakutstho mriye saa aham anaathavat || 5-58-106
"'If proves to be otherwise, my survival will be only for two months. Rama cannot see me thereafter. As such, I will be dying like a helpless woman'."
tat shrutvaa karunam vaakyam krodho maam abhyavartata |
uttaram ca mayaa drishtam kaarya shesham anantaram || 5-58-107
"Hearing those miserable words, I became angry. Thereafter, I thought of my remaining successive action to be done."
tato avardhata me kaayah tadaa parvata samnibhah |
yuddha kaankshii vanam tac ca vinaashayitum aarabhe || 5-58-108
"Thereafter, my body grew up to a size equal to that of a mountain. Then, I started destroying that garden, thereby longing for a combat."
tat bhagnam vana shandam tu bhraanta trasta mriga dvijam |
pratibuddhaa niriikshante raakshasyo vikrita aananaah || 5-58-109
"The female-demons; with their ugly faces woke up and saw that thicket of garden being broken and with its frightened animals and birds moving about unsteadily."
maam ca drishtvaa vane tasmin samaagamya tatah tatah |
taah samabhyaagataah kshipram raavanaaya aacacakshire || 5-58-110
"Coming from their respective places and seeing me in that garden, those female-demons quickly went and reported the matter to Ravana (as follows):"
raajan vanam idam durgam tava bhagnam duraatmanaa |
vaanarena hi avijnaaya tava viiryam mahaabala || 5-58-111
"O mighty king! Indeed not knowing your prowess, an evil-minded monkey ahs demolished your inaccessible garden."
durbuddheh tasya raaja indra tava vipriya kaarinah |
vadham aajnaapaya kshipram yathaa asau vilayam vrajet || 5-58-112
"O emperor! Give orders quickly for killing him, so that the evil-minded monkey, who caused offence to you, will get destroyed."
tat shrutvaa raakshasa indrena visrishtaa bhrisha durjayaah |
raakshasaah kimkaraa naama raavanasya mano anugaah || 5-58-113
"Hearing those words, Ravana sent invincible demons called Kinkaras, who were adapted to the mind of Ravana."
teshaam ashiiti saahasram shuula mudgara paaninaam |
mayaa tasmin vana uddeshe parighena nishuuditam || 5-58-114
"In that portion of the garden, I destroyed with an iron rod, eight thousand kinkaras, having darts and hammers in their hands."
teshaam tu hata sheshaa ye te gataa laghu vikramaah |
nihatam ca mayaa sainyam raavanaaya aacacakshire || 5-58-115
"Taking quick steps, those few who have survived, went and reported the news to Ravana, of their large army having been killed by me."
tato me buddhih utpannaa caitya praasaadam aakramam |
tatrasthaan raakshasaan hatvaa shatam stambhena vai punah || 5-58-116
lalaama bhuuto lankaayaa mayaa vidhvamsito rushaa |
"Then, an idea came to me. Occupying a lofty palatial mansion of a sanctuary which was an eminent ornament of Lanka. I killed again a hundred demons stationed there with a pillar."
tatah prahastasya sutam jambu maalinam aadishat || 5-58-117
raaksasairbahubhih saartham ghoraruupairbhayaanakaih |
"Then, Ravana dispatched Jambumali, the son of Prahasta together with numerous dreadful demons having terrific forms."
tam aham bala sampannam raakshasam rana kovidam || 5-58-118
parighena atighorena suudayaami saha anugam |
"I destroyed that demon, though endowed with a great strength and skilled in warfare, along with his followers, with my terrific iron bar itself."
tat shrutvaa raakshasa indrah tu mantri putraan mahaabalaan || 5-58-119
padaati bala sampannaan preshayaamaasa raavanah |
"Hearing of it, Ravana, the king of demons, dispatched the son of his minister, endowed with great strength and strengthened with a regiment of infantry."
parighena eva taan sarvaan nayaami yama saadanam || 5-58-120
mantri putraan hataan shrutvaa samare laghu vikramaan |
panca senaa agragaan shuuraan preshayaamaasa raavanah || 5-58-121
"I killed all of them also by that iron bar itself. Hearing of the minster's sons, who were quick in exhibiting their valor in battle, having been killed, Ravana dispatched five valiant generals."
taan aham saha sainyaan vai sarvaan eva abhyasuudayam |
tatah punah dashagriivah putram aksham mahaabalam || 5-58-122
bahubhii raakasaih saardham preshayaamaasa raavanah |
"I got all the minister’s sons together with their army destroyed. Then, Ravana, the ten-headed monster, sent his mighty son, Aksha together with a multitude of army for the combat."
tam tu manda udarii putram kumaaram rana panditam || 5-58-123
sahasaa kham samutkraantam paadayoh ca grihiitavaan |
carma asinam shata gunam bhraamayitvaa vyapeshayam || 5-58-124
"I suddenly caught by the feet, that prince, son of Mandodari, who was skilled in warfare and who was jumping into the sky with his sword and shield. I whirled him round a hundred times and crushed him."
tam aksham aagatam bhagnam nishamya sa dasha aananah |
tata indrajitam naama dvitiiyam raavanah sutam || 5-58-125
vyaadidesha susamkruddho balinam yuddha durmadam |
"Hearing of the death of Aksha in combat, that ten-headed Ravana was very much enraged and thereupon dispatched his second son, by name Indrajit, who was strong but foolishly arrogant in battle."
tasya api aham balam sarvam tam ca raakshasa pumgavam || 5-58-126
nashta ojasam rane kritvaa param harsham upaagamam |
"By conquering all that army in battle and making that Indrajit the foremost among demons; lusterless, I experienced a great joy."
mahataa hi mahaabaahuh pratyayena mahaabalah || 5-58-127
preshito raavanena esha saha viiraih mada utkataih |
"Ravana himself dispatched, with a great confidence, that long-armed and mighty Indrajit along with valiant demons excited with their arrogance."
so.avisahyam hi maam buddhvaa svam balam chaavamarditam |
braahmena astrena sa tu maam prabadhnaac ca ativegatah || 5-58-128
"Knowing me to be irresistible and his own army being perishable, that Indrajit with a great haste, captured me with a Brahma-missile."
rajjuubhih abhibadhnanti tato maam tatra raakshasaah || 5-58-129
raavanasya samiipam ca grihiitvaa maam upaanayan |
"Then, the demons, after capturing me, tied me there with ropes and carried me away to Ravana's presence."
drishtvaa sambhaashitah ca aham raavanena duraatmanaa || 5-58-130
prishtah ca lankaa gamanam raakshasaanaam ca tat vadham |
"Seeing me, the evil-minded Ravana spoke to me. He asked, why did you come to Lanka? 'Why did you kill the demons?'"
tat sarvam ca mayaa tatra siitaa artham iti jalpitam || 5-58-131
asya aham darshana aakaankshii praaptah tvat bhavanam vibho |
maarutasya aurasah putro vaanaro hanumaan aham || 5-58-132
"I answered 'I have done all these acts for the sake of Seetha. O king of demons! I came to your abode with a desire to see Seetha. I am the offspring of wind-god and a monkey by name Hanuma'."
raama duutam ca maam viddhi sugriiva sacivam kapim |
so aham dautyena raamasya tvat samiipam iha aagatah || 5-58-133
“‘Know me to be a monkey, an envoy of Rama and a minister of Sugreeva. As Rama's messenger, I sought your presence here!"
sugriivashcha mahaatejaah sa tvaam kushalamabraviit |
dharmaarthakaamasahitam hitam pathyamuvaacha cha || 5-58-134
“‘That Sugreeva of great splendor enquired about your welfare. He told you (the following) beneficiary words, endowed with righteousness wealth and pleasure, appropriate for you'."
vasato rishyamuuke me parvate vipula drume |
raaghavo rana vikraanto mitratvam samupaagatah || 5-58-135
“‘While I was dwelling in Mount Rishyamuka, abounding with numerous trees, Rama having a great prowess in battle became a friend to me'."
tena me kathitam raajan bhaaryaa me rakshasaa hritaa |
tatra saahaayya hetoh me samayam kartum arhasi || 5-58-136
“‘The king Rama told me that his wife had been taken away by a demon and that I had to help him in that matter by all means'."
mayaa cha kathitam tasmai vaalinashcha vadham prati |
tatra saahayyahetorme samayam kartumarhasi || 5-58-137
“‘I also told him about the killing of Vali and requested him to come to a mutual agreement for helping me in that matters'."
vaalinaa hrita raajyena sugriivena saha prabhuh |
cakre agni saakshikam sakyam raaghavah saha lakshmanah || 5-58-138
“‘Rama, the great lord along with Lakshmana made friendship with Sugreeva, (whose kingdom was taken away by Vali) taking Agni the fire-god for a witness.'
tena vaalinam utsaadya sharena ekena samyuge |
vaanaraanaam mahaaraajah kritah samplavataam prabhuh || 5-58-139
“‘Killing Vali by a single arrow in combat, Rama made Sugreeva (lord of monkeys) an emperor of monkeys'."
tasya saahaayyam asmaabhih kaaryam sarva aatmanaa tu iha |
tena prasthaapitah tubhyam samiipam iha dharmatah || 5-58-140
“‘Now we have to extend help to that Rama in all ways. Therefore, I am sending Hanuma rightly to your presence'."
kshipram aaniiyataam siitaa diiyataam raaghavasya ca |
yaavan na harayo viiraa vidhamanti balam tava || 5-58-141
“‘Even before the heroic monkeys destroy your army, bring Seetha quickly and give her back to Rama'."
vaanaraanaam prabhavo hi na kena viditah puraa |
devataanaam sakaasham ca ye gacchanti nimantritaah || 5-58-142
“‘To whom is this strength of the monkeys not already known, who go even to the presence of gods, when invited by them for help?'"
iti vanara raajah tvaam aaha iti abhihito mayaa |
maam aikshata tato rushtah cakshushaa pradahann iva || 5-58-143
“‘Sugreeva the king of monkeys has sent the foregoing message to you. 'When spoken by me in these words, Ravana was enraged and looked on me, as though he was going to reduce me to ashes with his very looks."
tena vadhyo aham aajnapto rakshasaa raudra karmanaa |
matrpabhaavamavijjnaaya raavanena duraatmanaa || 5-58-144
"Without knowing my glory (in the form of my immunity to death), the evil-minded Ravana, the demon doing terrific acts, ordered for my killing."
tato vibhiishano naama tasya bhraataa mahaamatih |
tena raakshasa raajo asau yaacito mama kaaranaat || 5-58-145
"Then, there is the brother of that Ravana, called Vibhishana having a great intelligence. He entreated Ravana, the king of demons, on my behalf (as follows)"
naivam raaksasashaarduula tyajyataamesa nishchayah |
raajashaastravyapeto hi maargah samsevyate tvayaa || 5-58-146
"O Ravana the foremost among the demons! No such attempt should be made in this way. Let this design be abandoned forthwith. Your are indeed following a path which is contrary to the statesmanship."
duuta vadhyaa na drishtaa hi raaja shaastreshu raakshasa |
duutena veditavyam ca yathaa artham hita vaadinaa || 5-58-147
"O Ravana! It is not indeed found in states' policies of killing an envoy. The real truth is to be known from an envoy speaking a good counsel."
sumahati aparaadhe api duutasya atula vikramah |
viruupa karanam drishtam na vadho asti iha shaastratah || 5-58-148
"O Ravana of great prowess! Even if a very high offence is committed by an envoy, an act of disfiguring the person is mentioned in a treatise of state-policy and not of killing."
vibhiishanena evam ukto raavanah samdidesha taan |
raakshasaan etat eva adya laanguulam dahyataam iti || 5-58-149
"Hearing the words of Vibhishana, Ravana ordered those demons to burn my tail by fire."
tatah stasya vacah shrutvaa mama puccham samantatah |
veshtitam shana vaklaih ca pataih kaarpaasakaih tathaa || 5-58-150
"Thereupon, hearing Ravana's words; the demons wrapped up my entire tail with bark of hemp and torn cotton-clothes."
raakshasaah siddha samnaahaah tatah te canda vikramaah |
tat aadiipyanta me puccham hanantah kaashtha mushtibhih || 5-58-151
baddhasya bahubhih paashaih yantritasya ca raakshasaih |
"Thereafter, the demons of terrible prowess, who completed their arrangements, striking me with their wooden staffs and fists, burnt my tail. Even though I was bound with many ropes, I maintained restraint."
tatah te raakshasaah shuuraa baddham maam agni samvritam || 5-58-152
aghoshayan raaja maarge nagara dvaaram aagataah |
"Then, having reached the city-gate, those strong demons made a loud proclamation of my presence in the principal streets, bound and enveloped in flames as I was."
tato aham sumahat ruupam samkshipya punah aatmanah || 5-58-153
vimocayitvaa tam bandham prakritisthah sthitah punah |
aayasam parigham grihya taani rakshaamsi asuudayam || 5-58-154
"Then, after contracting my gigantic form once more and releasing my bondage, I stood in my native form again. Seizing an iron bar, I killed those demons."
tatah tan nagara dvaaram vegena aaplutavaan aham |
pucchena ca pradiiptena taam puriim saatta gopuraam || 5-58-155
dahaami aham asambhraanto yuga anta agnih iva prajaah |
"Then, I quickly jumped on to that city-gate and without any bewilderment, I set fire that city with its attics, ramparts and gates with my tail inflamed, even as a fire at the end of the world, burns all living creatures."
vinastaa jaanakii vyaktam na hyadagdhah pradrishyate || 5-58-156
lankaayaam kashchiduddeshah sarvaa bhasmiikritaa purii |
dahataa ca mayaa lankaam daghdaa siitaa na samshayah || 5-58-157
raamasya hi mahatkaaryam mayedam vitathiikritam |
"The entire Lanka has been reduced to ashes. No place is seen un-burnt in this City. Therefore Seetha also must have been surely burnt."
iti shokasamaavistashchantaamahamupaagatah || 5-58-158
atha aham vaacam ashrausham caaranaanaam shubha aksharaam |
jaanakii na ca dagdhaa iti vismaya udanta bhaashinaam || 5-58-159
"Thus filled with grief, I came about to reflect as above. Meanwhile, I heard the auspiciously worded utterance of Charanas the celestial signers who were narrating a tale of astonishment saying that Seetha has not been burnt."
tato me buddhih utpannaa shrutvaa taam adbhutaam giram |
adagdhaa jaanakiityevam nimittaishchopalaksitaa || 5-58-160
"After hearing those surprising words, a thought arose in me that Seetha escaped being burnt. This indicated by the following good omens:
diipyamaane tu laanguule na maam dahati paavakah |
hridayam cha prahristam me vaataah surabhigandhinah 5-58-161
"In the first place, even though me tail is burning, the fire is not burning my body. My heart too is delighted. The winds are sweet-smelling."
tairnimittaishcha dristaarthaih kaaranaishcha mahaagunaih |
risivaakyaishcha siddhaarthairabhavam hristamaanasah || 5-58-162
"My heart was delighted by seeing those good omens having their fruits apparent, by looking into the fruits apparent, by looking into the reasons of high characteristics and by hearing the words of accomplished sages."
punah drishtaa ca vaidehii visrishtah ca tayaa punah |
tatah parvatamaasaadya tatraristamaham punah || 5-58-163
pratiplavanamaarebhe yusmaddarshanakaamksayaa |
"Seeing Seetha once more, relieved by her again and then reaching the Mount Arishta there again, I started leaping back (over the sea) with a longing to see you (all)."
tatah pavanachandrarka siddhagandharva sevitam || 5-58-164
panthaanamahamaakramya bhavato dristavaaniha |
"Then, treading upon the path of the sky, frequented by the wind, the moon, the sun, Siddhas the semi-divine beings and Gandharvas the celestial musicians, I saw you all here."
raaghavasya prabhaavena bhavataam caiva tejasaa || 5-58-165
sugriivasya ca kaarya artham mayaa sarvam anushthitam |
"I performed all tasks for accomplishing the purpose of Sugreeva, by the grace of Rama and also through your energy."
etat sarvam mayaa tatra yathaavat upapaaditam || 5-58-166
atra yan na kritam shesham tat sarvam kriyataam iti |
"I have done all this properly there. Do accomplish that which remains undone in this task by me and complete it."
ityaarse shriimadraamaayane aadikaavye sundarakaande astapamchaashah sargah
Thus completes 58th Chapter of Sundara Kanda of the glorious Ramayana of Valmiki, the work of a sage and the oldest epic.
Sriman Moola Rama Vijayate