Hanuman Sees Ravana Approach Sita


In this chapter Hanuma sees Ravana entering Ashoka garden with a retinue (a group of) of his wives following him.

Chapter [Sarga] 18 in Detail

A little of the night was left while Hanuma was searching like that for Seetha in the garden with flowers in blossom.

That Hanuma heard Vedic sounds early in the morning of Brahma Rakshasas well versed in six parts of Vedas and those who performed excellent sacrifices.

Thereafter Ravana with great arms and great prowess was woken by the sounds of various auspicious musical instruments pleasing to the ear.

The king of rakshasas with great might woke up at the appropriate hour wearing slippery flower garlands remembered about Seetha.

In that Seetha's matter, directed a lot by the god of love and excited by passion, that Rakshasa was not capable to suppress in self that desire

Together with all ornaments wearing great glory that Ravana entered that Ashoka garden having a lot of trees with all fruits and flowers.

Ravana entered that great wonderful Ashoka garden together with lakes, shone by various flowers, brilliant with birds always in rut.

Ravana entered Ashoka garden seeing archways of gold and gems crowded by artificial deer of various kinds ravishing eyes and mind, filled with animals of various kinds, together with fallen fruits and full of trees.

While He was going only a hundred of women followed that Ravana like Deva and Gandharva women following Indra.

There some women bore lamps of gold; some others carried chowries; some others had fans of Palmyra leaves in their hands.

Some women carried water in small vessels of gold; some others followed in the back taking pillows with circular ends.

One woman to the right of Ravana held with her right hand a vessel with gem stones filled with liquor.

Another woman went at back taking an umbrella equalling a royal swan with the radiance of full moon with a golden handle.

With sleepy eyes best women of Ravana followed mighty husband like lightning following a cloud.

With displaced necklaces and armlets, with effaced cover of sandal-paste, with disheveled (marked by disorder or disarray) hair, and also with sweaty faces, staggering due to surviving trace of liquor and due to sleepiness, with shrivelled flowers on perspiring bodies, with disheveled hair along with good garlands, with intoxicating eyes, women who were dear wives followed that king of Rakshasas who was going due to respect and due to love.

Husband of those women, of great might, who was surrendered to lust, that Ravana also who was dull witted, with his mind interested in Seetha shone with a slow and beautiful gait.

Thereafter that Hanuma, the son of wind-god heard the sound of waist-bands and the sound of anklets of those excellent women.

Hanuma the monkey saw that Ravana also, performer of deeds without an equal, with unfathomable might and virility, reaching the entrance region.

Wet by fragrant oil, being carried in front of Ravana, Hanuma saw Ravana being shone in all directions by many lamps.

Hanuma saw Ravana together with lust, vanity and intoxication, with wide red eyes which were slanted, like the god of love in person with bow kept at a distance.

Hanuma saw Ravana playfully readjusting his excellent upper garment with the luster of churned nectar froth, without stain, slipping being entangled in armlet.

Hanuma blended in a branch full of leaves covered by groups of leaves and flowers started to see that Ravana as though coming near Him.

Thereafter Hanuma, the best among Vanaras looking in all directions saw best women of Ravana full of beauty and youth.

King of great fame, Ravana, together with those women with good appearance entered that garden resounded by animals and birds.

That king of Rakshasas who was intoxicated with wonderful ornaments, with pointed ears, son of Visravasa was like the moon together with stars, together with best women was seen by Hanuma. That great Vanara with great brilliance saw that Ravana with glory.

The son of god of wind Vanara Hanuma of great brilliance thinking thus "This long armed one is Ravana", jumped down.

Thus Hanuma although of terrible energy was overshadowed by Ravana's brilliance and became rooted behind a group of leaves and was concealed.

That Ravana neared Seetha with black hair, with charming limbs with well knit breasts, with black corners of eyes, wishing to see her.

Thus completes 18th Chapter of Sundara Kanda of the glorious Ramayana of Valmiki, the work of a sage and the oldest epic.

Sriman Moola Rama Vijayate