Sage Nishaakara asks Sampaati to wait for monkeys who arrive at the behest of Rama in search of Seetha. This sage also accords small wings and vigor to the eagle for survival until the arrival of harbinger monkeys of Rama, as this eagle has to guide the monkeys towards the location where Seetha is incarcerated.
Chapter [Sarga] 62 in Detail
evam uktvaa munishrestham arudam bhrisha duhkhitah |
atha dhyaatvaa muhuurtam tu bhagavaan idam abraviit || 4-62-1
"On informing the sage in this way I wept as I was highly despaired. Then on meditating for a while that sage said this..." Thus Sampaati continued his narration, and now he reports to Angada and others what that is said by Sage Nishaakara to him. [4-62-1]
paksau ca te prapaksau ca punah anyau bhavisyatah |
caksusii caiva praanaah ca vikramah ca balam ca te || 4-62-2
“‘Again both of your wings will emerge as small wings anew, also thus your valor, power, and life-force will comeback...' Thus Sage Nishaakara started to console Sampaati. [4-62-2]
puraane sumahat kaaryam bhavisyam hi mayaa shrutam |
dristam me tapasaa caiva shrutvaa ca viditam mama || 4-62-3
“‘In olden days I have heard that a very great happening is going to happen indeed, and it is known to me as I perceived it ascetically... [4-62-3]
raajaa dasharatho naama kashcit iksvaaku vardhanah |
tasya putro mahaatejaa raamo naama bhavisyati || 4-62-4
"There is some king known as Dasharatha, an enhancer of Ikshvaku dynasty, and to him there will be a great-resplendent a son who will be known as Rama... [4-62-4]
aranyam ca saha bhraatraa laksmanena gamisyati |
tasmin arthe niyuktah san pitraa satya paraakramah || 4-62-5
" 'When his father assigns him for that objective of his going to forests, that truth-valiant Rama goes to forests along with his brother Lakshmana... [4-62-5]
nairhrito raavano naama tasya bhaaryaam harisyati |
raaksasendro janasthaanaat avadhyah sura daanavaih || 4-62-6
“‘A demon named Ravana, the chief of demons, and an unkillable one even for gods or demons abducts Rama's wife from Janasthaana... [4-62-6]
saa ca kaamaih pralobhyantii bhaksyaih bhojyaih ca maithilii |
na bhoksyati mahaabhaagaa duhkha magnaa yashasvinii || 4-62-7
" 'She that Maithili, a highly privileged and prestigious lady does not touch any food, though she is highly lured by banquets and feasts by that Ravana, for she will be sunken in sorrow... [4-62-7]
paramaannam ca vaidehyaa jnaatvaa daasyati vaasavah |
yat annam amrita prakhyam suraanaam api dur.hlabham || 4-62-8
“‘On knowing Seetha's plight Indra gives a nectarine [fruit] food for Vaidehi, which food is renowned to be Nectarous and unattainable even by gods... [4-62-8]
tat annam maithilii praapya vijnaaya indraat idam tu iti |
agram uddhritya raamaaya bhuu tale nirhvapisyati || 4-62-9
" 'But on getting that food, and on knowing that it is from Indra, Maithili takes up the first morsel and dispenses it on the surface of earth for Rama, saying... [4-62-9]
yadi jiivati me bhartaa laksmano vaa api devarah |
devatvam gatayoh vaa api tayoh annam idam tu iti || 4-62-10
“‘If my husband is living, or even my younger brother-in-law Lakshmana is living, or even if they have attained godhood, this food belongs to both of them...' Saying so Seetha offers oblation to them... [4-62-10
esyanti presitaah tatra raama duutaah plava.ngamaah |
aakhyeyaa raama mahisii tvayaa tebhyo viha.ngama || 4-62-11
" 'Ushered by Rama, oh, sky-flyer Sampaati, fly-jumpers will be going over to the place where Seetha is captivated as harbingers of Rama, and you ought to tell those monkeys about the queen of Rama... [4-62-11]
sarvathaa tu na ga.ntavyam iidrishah kva gamisyasi |
desha kaalau pratiiksasva paksau tvam pratipatsyase || 4-62-12
“‘In any case you ought not to go-as-you-please... a wingless eagle of your kind where you wish to go... await the times and scenes, you will regain both of your wings... [4-62-12]
utsaheyam aham kartum adya eva tvaam sa paksakam |
iha sthah tvam tu lokaanaam hitam kaaryam karisyasi || 4-62-13
“‘I am capable of making you a winged eagle now itself, but how can you stay here and do an agreeable deed to the worlds! So you have to wait. [4-62-13]
tvayaa api khalu tat kaaryam tayoh ca nripa putrayoh |
braahmanaanaam guruunaam ca muniinaam vaasavasya ca || 4-62-14
“‘That deed aimed at the wellbeing of both those princes, Rama and Lakshmana, and of Brahmans, teaches, sages and also of Indra is to be done by you alone, isn't it! [4-62-14]
icchaami aham api drastum bhraatarau raama laksmanau |
na icche ciram dhaarayitum praanaan tyaksye kalevaram |
maharsi tu tat abraviit idam drista tattva artha darshinah || 4-62-15
“‘Even I wish to see those brothers, Rama and Lakshmana, but I do not wish to bear lives prolonged, hence I castaway my mortal body...' and thus that is what the great sage Nishaakara said to me. Saying so that sage, who is a discerner who discerned the sum and substance of Supreme Person castaway his mortal body in his ascent to heaven." Sampaati continued his narration in this way. [4-62-15]
iti vaalmiiki raamaayane aadi kaavye kiskindha kaande dvi sastitamah sargah
Thus, this is the 62nd chapter in Kishkindha Kanda of Valmiki Ramayana, the First Epic poem of India.
Sriman Moola Rama Vijayate