After befriending Rama Sugreeva promises him to bring back Seetha from whatever place she is held captive. He informs that he has seen Seetha traveling overhead in the sky while being abducted. He also says that the lady while being abducted has dropped her ornaments wrapping in her upper cloth at their place atop the mountain. Then Sugreeva shows the ornaments to Rama asking him to identify them. Rama recognizes the ornaments and the upper cloth of Seetha, and angered at the scandalous act of abduction he avows to eradicate that demon along with his clansmen.
Chapter [Sarga] 6 in Detail
punareva abraviit priitah raaghavam raghunandanam |
ayam aakhyaati te raama sevakah mantri sattamah || 4-6-1
hanumaan yan nimittam tvam nirjanam vanam aagatah |
lakshmanena saha bhraatraa vasatah ca vane tava ||4-6-2
rakshasaa apahritaa bhaaryaa maithilii janaka aatmajaa |
tvayaa viyuktaa rudatii lakshmanena ca dhiimataa || 4-6-3
Then Sugreeva who is gladdened again spoke to Rama of Raghu's dynasty, "My best minister and this servant of yours Hanuma informed me of the reason for which you have come to uninhabited forests along with your brother Lakshmana, and that while living in the forest, and when you and this courageous Lakshmana are not her alongside a demon stole your wife Maithili, the daughter of Janaka, wailing as she was. [4-6-3]
antaram prepsunaa tena hatvaa gridhram jataayusam |
bhaaryaa viyogajam duhkham praapitah tena rakshsaa || 4-6-4
"And he also said about that arch demon's killing an eagle named Jataayu on waiting for an opportunity, and his causing an agony in you by way of separating your wife. [4-6-4]
bharyaa viyogajam duhkham na chiraat tvam vimokshyase |
aham taam aanayisyaami nastaam vedashrutiim iva || 4-6-5
"Before long you will get rid off your agony caused by the separation of wife, for I will fetch her very soon, like the retrieval Vedic Scriptures. [4-6-5]
rasaatale vaa vartantiim vartantiim vaa nabhah tale |
aham aaniiya daasyaami tava bhaaryaam arindama || 4-6-6
"Oh! Enemy destroyer, Rama, I will fetch your wife to give her to you whether she is in netherworlds or even in empyrean worlds. [4-6-6]
idam tathyam mama vacah tvam avehi ca raaghava |
na shakyaa saa jarayitum api sah indraih sura asuraih || 4-6-7
tava bhaaryaa mahaabaaho bhakshyam visa kritam yathaa |
"You may know that this word of mine is definite oh, Raghava. Your wife is as good as an indigestible foodstuff made with poison, indigestive even to Indra, put together with all gods and demons. [4-6-7, 8a]
tyaja shokam mahaabaaho taam kaantaam aanayaami te | 4-6-8
anumaanaat tu jaanaami maithilii saa na sa.mshayah |
hriyamaanaa mayaa dristaa rakshasaa rauudra karmanaa || 4-6-9
kroshantii raama raameti lakshmaneti ca visvaram |
sphurantii raavanasya anke pannagendra vadhuuh yathaa || 4-6-10
"Give-up your lamentation, oh, great-shouldered one, for I will bring back that lady for you. And by inference I know her... undoubtedly I have seen Maithili while that demon with cruel deeds was abducting her... then she was crying piteously calling 'Rama, Rama...' and also calling 'Lakshmana...' and she was writhing in the flanks of Ravana like the wife of serpent's lord... [4-6-8b, 9, 10]
aatmanaa pancamam maam hi dristvaa shaila tale sthitam |
uttariiyam tayaa tyak.htam shubhaani aabharanaani ca || 4-6-11
"Myself being the fifth one on the cliff of the mountain, on seeing me she dropped the upper cloth of her sari along with auspicious jewelry. [4-6-11]
taani asmaabhih grihiitaani nihitaani ca raaghava |
aanayisyaami aham taani pratyabhijnaatum arhasi || 4-6-12
"We took those jewelry items and stored them, Raghava... I will get them and it will be apt of you to identify them..." thus said Sugreeva to Rama. [4-6-12]
tam abraviit tatah raamah sugriivam priya vaadinam |
aanayasva sakhe shiighram kim artham pravilambase || 4-6-13
Then Rama said to that pleasant talker Sugreeva, "Get them quickly, my friend, what for you are delaying." [4-6-13]
evam uk.htah tu sugriivah shailasya gahanaam guhaam |
pravivesha tatah shiighram raaghava priya kaamyayaa || 4-6-14
Thus said Sugreeva then entered the cavernous cave of that mountain quickly, to fulfill the yearning of Raghava. [4-6-14]
uttariiyam grihiitvaa tu sa taani aabharanaani ca |
idam pashya iti raamaaya darshayaamaasa vaanarah || 4-6-15
On taking and bringing the parcel of that upper cloth with the auspicious jewelry, "This, you see..." saying thus that monkey started to show them to Rama. [4-6-15]
tato grihiitvaa vaasah tu shubhaani aabharanaani ca |
abhavat baaspa sam.hruddhah niihaarena iva candramaah || 4-6-16
Then on taking that cloth and also the auspicious jewelry, Rama became like mist filled moon with overfilling tears. [4-6-16]
siitaa sneha pravrittena sa tu baaspena duusitah |
haa priye iti rudan dhairyam ut.hsrijya nyapatat kshitau || 4-6-17
But he who is blemished by tears that outpoured in all his friendship with Seetha, leaving off his courage fell on the ground wailing, 'oh, dear... oh, dear...' [4-6-17]
hridi kritvaa sa bahushah tam ala.nkaaram uttamam |
nishashvaasa bhrisham sarpah bilastha iva rositah || 4-6-18
The more he hugged those best decorative ornaments close to his heart, the more he hissed like a wrathful serpent in a snake pit. [4-6-18]
avicchinna ashru vegah tu saumitrim prekshya paarshvatah |
paridevayitum diinam raamah sam upacakrame || 4-6-19
With the unending rush of tears he saw Lakshmana at his side and started to wail piteously. [4-6-19]
pashya lakshmana vaidehyaa sa.mtyak.htam hriyamaanayaa |
uttariiyam idam bhuumau shariiraad bhuusanaani ca || 4-6-20
"Lakshmana, see this upper cloth and these ornaments too of Vaidehi, shed from her body and dropped onto the ground while she is being abducted. [4-6-20]
shaadvalinyaam dhruvam bhuumyaam siitayaa hriyamaanayaa |
ut.hsristam bhuusanaam idam tathaa ruupam hi drishyate || 4-6-21
"Seetha must have definitely dropped these ornaments onto pastureland, for they appear to be in their original shape, indeed." So said Rama to Lakshmana. [4-6-21]
evam uktasah tu raamena lakshmano vaakyam idam abraviit |
na aham jaanaami keyuure na aham jaanaami kundale || 4-6-22
nuupure tu abhijanaami nityam paada abhivandanaat |
When Rama thus said Lakshmana said this, "I know not the bracelets and I know not the earrings But because I always salute her feet I know these anklets well...[4-6-22]
tatah tu raaghavo vaakyam sugriivam idam abraviit || 4-6-23
bruuhi sugriiva kam desham hriyantii lakshitaa tvayaa |
rakshasaa raudraruupena mama praanapriyaa priyaa || 4-6-24
“Then Rama sadly asked to Sugreeva, "tell me Sugreeva, towards which country that ferocious looking demon abducted my dear one dearest than my lives, as spotted by you... [4-6-23]
kva vaa vasati tat rakshajh mahat vyasanadam mama |
yan nimittam aham sarvaan naashayisyaami raakshasaan || 4-6-25
"For the sake of which demon I wish to eliminate whole of the demons, that troublemaker of mine, where does he live, either... [4-6-25]
harataa maithiliim yena maam ca rosayataa dhruvam |
aatmano jiivita antaaya mrityu dvaaram apaavritam || 4-6-26
"By whom Maithili is abducted and thus caused indignation in me, he has opened up the doors of his death suicidally [relating to or of the nature of suicide]. [4-6-26]
mama dayita tamaa hritaa vanaat rajanicarena vimathya yena saa |
kathaya mama ripum tam adya vai plavagapate yama sannidhim nayaami || 4-6-27
" Oh, king of the fly-jumpers, tell me which demon forcibly stole her, my dearest one than all, by molesting her in the forest, tell me about that enemy of mine, for sure I will lead him to the fore of Death today itself... [4-6-27]
iti vaalmiiki raamaayane aadi kaavye kiskindha kaande sastah sargah
Thus, this is the 6th chapter in Kishkindha Kanda of Valmiki Ramayana, the First Epic poem of India.
Sriman Moola Rama Vijayate