The Monkeys Again Decide to Fast Until Death


Monkeys decide to fast unto death as they failed in executing Sugreeva command. Sugreeva already said that anyone returning after timeframe might deem himself as dead. Thus, Angada casting aspersions on Sugreeva and his ruthless commands takes this decision on many counts. All the other monkeys follow the suite.

Chapter [Sarga] 55 in Detail

On hearing the polite and righteous words of Hanuma, which are just yeomanly towards Hanuma's lord, namely Sugreeva, Angada said these sentences. [4-55-1]

"Un-deducible in Sugreeva are his steadiness, or harmlessness, or frankness, also thus salience, or even valiance, further more cleanliness of heart or soul. [4-55-2]

"Which Sugreeva has arrogated his elder brother's wife when that elder brother is still alive and well, where she is morally his mother-like, an empress and a lady love of that elder brother, thus he is despicable, and which Sugreeva closed the mouth of the cavity when his brother in all his belief assigned and stationed him alone at the mouth of the cavity to fight back the demon Dundubhi if he tries to escape, all the more when his own brother is still inside the cavity, thus he is nefarious, how then he can be said as one conversant with moral rectitude? [4-55-3, 4]

"Which Sugreeva has overlooked no less than the great glorious Raghava, whom he truthfully befriended and from whom his own task of arrogating my kingdom by eliminating my father is facilitated, how then can he remember the good services of others like us? [4-55-5]

"He has ordered and sent us for searching Seetha owing to the fear from Lakshmana, but not as a coward fearing his own unscrupulousness, how then can scrupulosity be manifest in him? [4-55-6]

"Who is that respectable one who can put belief in Sugreeva, while that Sugreeva is shameful by his shameless act of eliminating my father, and unmindful of tradition in usurping my mother and throne, and unthankful in requiting Rama by himself, instead of using us as pawns, and changeful in ignoring his promise to Rama, but in fearing for Lakshmana? Will it be possible especially for one like me belonging to his family? [4-55-7]

"Whether a son is honest or dishonest he alone is investable in the kingdom. How then can Sugreeva let me, the one from the family of his enemy, live on? [4-55-8]

"My slyness in planning to live in Black Hole has backfired, I am now culpable in not finding Seetha being the troop leader, and I am a powerless as you all are Sugreeva's side, how then can I live on indeed after reaching Kishkindha, like caitiff turned into a wretch. [4-55-9]

"Indeed he surceases [discontinued] me by some mysterious trammeling [confined] punishment, for that Sugreeva becomes disingenuous, ferocious, also barbarous just for the reason of his kingship. [4-55-10]

"Fast unto death behooves [profit] me than trammels [catch] and tramples [to crush], thus you all be acquiescent [acceptable] to my proposal and you may go back to your dwellings. [4-55-11]

"I am reiterating to you all that I do not wish to go to the city of Kishkindha, and here only I sit fasting unto death, as death alone is expedient to me. [4-55-12]

"On my behalf Raghava-s wellbeing may be enquired firstly paying deference to them, so also the wellbeing of my paternal uncle and king may be enquired, only after paying deference to that lord of Vanara-s. [4-55-13, 14a]

"My step-mother Ruma may be asked after regarding her healthiness. And it will be apt of you to solace my mother Lady Tara, who by her nature is a warm-hearted and austerely lady who cherishes her son more, and such as she is she will obviously leave off her life on hearing that I breathed my last." So said Angada to all monkeys. [4-55-14b, 16a]

On speaking to that point and after paying deference to older Vanara-s available there, Angada puling glum facedly reclined on the sacred grass spread on ground. [4-55-16b, 17a]

Apropos [at an opportune time] to Angada's recumbency [resting] on ground, the other outstanding Vanara-s snivellingly [to cry or whine with snuffling] sluiced [flushed] down seethingly [agitate] effusive [pouring freely] teardrops emotionally. [4-55-17b, 18a]

While disesteeming Sugreeva but esteeming Vali, all of the Vanara-s have gathered around Angada deciding to sit down for fasting unto death in step with Angada. [4-55-18b, 19a]

Those best ones among fly-jumpers on discerning the words of Angada, the son of Vali, and agreeing to what all said by Angada as appropriate, they positioned themselves on the sacred grass after touching waters sacramentally [sacredness]. The sacred-grass is spread as sacred beds to cast off their lives. The edges of grass blades are positioned southward. As they are on that northern shore of southern ocean, all those best monkeys who are bent on to self-immolation, they became recumbent facing eastward. [4-55-19b, 21a]

An unknown apprehensive dread came upon those monkeys when they discussed Rama's living in forests, Dasharatha's demise, calamity caused to Janasthaana, casualty to Jataayu, like that the stealing of Vaidehi and slaying of Vali. [4-55-21, 22]

While those many fly-jumpers who mirror up great mountaintops by their physique are recumbent discussing stridently, the entrails of caves of mountain are rendered strident, and that mountain itself appeared like sky-scape filled with strident clouds about to burst a good fortune. [4-55-23]

Thus, this is the 55th chapter in Kishkindha Kanda of Valmiki Ramayana, the First Epic poem of India.

Sriman Moola Rama Vijayate