Sugreeva approaches Rama and falls prostrate on Rama's feet as though seeking pardon for the delay. Rama gets him up and mildly admonishes him. Then Sugreeva while giving the account of legions that are coming in, informs Rama that all the Vanara armies on earth are coming for confronting Ravana in battle. On asserting that Sugreeva is at his job, Rama is pleased heartily.
Chapter [Sarga] 38 in Detail
pratigrihya ca tat sarvam upaanayam upaahritam |
vaanaraan saantvayitvaa ca sarvaan eva vyasarjayat || 4-38-1
On receiving all those gifts brought in by the Vanara-s from Himalayas, Sugreeva dispersed them all with approbation. [4-38-1]
visarjayitvaa sa hariin sahasraan taan krita karmanah |
mene kritaartham aatmaanam raaghavam ca mahaabalam || 4-38-2
On dispersing thousands of monkeys who have effectuated their errand of summoning all monkeys on the earth, Sugreeva deemed that his own aspirations and as well as those of that great-mighty Rama are achieved. [4-38-2]
sa laksmano bhiima balam sarva vaanara sattamam |
abraviit prashritam vaakyam sugriivam sa.mpraharsayan || 4-38-3
kiski.ndhaayaa viniskraama yadi te saumya rocate |
Gladdening Sugreeva who is indomitably mighty and the indomitable one among all Vanara-s, Lakshmana spoke these courteous words to him, "oh, gentle one, if it please you, make an exit from Kishkindha." [4-38-3, 4a]
tasya tat vacanam shrutvaa laksmanasya subhaasitam || 4-38-4
sugriivah parama priito vaakyam etat uvaaca ha |
evam bhavatu gacchaamah stheyam tvat shaasane mayaa || 4-38-5
On hearing the courteous words of Lakshmana Sugreeva is extremely pleased and he indeed spoke this sentence to him, "So be it. Let us go. I remain biddable in your command." [4-38-4b, 5]
tam evam uktvaa sugriivo laksmanam shubha laksanam |
visarjayaamaasa tadaa taaraa adyaah ca eva yositah || 4-38-6
Sugreeva speaking thus to Lakshmana, whose person itself is auspicious, then bade adieu to Lady Tara and the other female Vanara-s. [4-38-6]
ehi iti ucchaih hari varaan sugriivah samudaaharat |
tasya tad vacanam shrutvaa harayah shiighram aayayuh || 4-38-7
baddha a.njali putaah sarve ye syuh strii darshana ksamaah |
Sugreeva shouted sharply saying, "come here," at the best monkey-adjutants and on hearing his call all of those monkeys that are spared to see the ladies of palace chambers have come there swiftly with their palms adjoined in supplication. [4-38-7]
taan uvaaca tatah praaptaan raajaa arka sadrisha prabhah || 4-38-8
upasthaapayata ksipram shibikaam mama vaanaraah |
Then the king Sugreeva whose refulgence is kindred to that of sun has said to those Vanara-s that have arrived there, "oh, Vanara-s, immediately position my palanquin before me." [4-38-8b, 9a]
shrutvaa tu vacanam tasya harayah shiighra vikramaah || 4-38-9
samupasthaapayaamaasuh shibikaam priya darshanaam |
On hearing his words those monkeys who are the adept ones in their agility right away brought an exquisite palanquin and readily started to position it at his nearby. [4-38-9b, 10a]
taam upasthaapitaam dristvaa shibikaam vaanaraadhipah || 4-38-10
laksmana aaruhyataam shiighram iti saumitrim abraviit |
And on seeing palanquin positioned at his nearby the king of monkeys Sugreeva said to Saumitri, "you mount it, Lakshmana, be quick." [4-38-10b, 11a]
iti uktvaa kaa.ncanam yaanam sugriivah suurya sannibham || 4-38-11
bahubhih haribhih yuktam aaruroha sa laksmanah |
Saying so Sugreeva got into that golden carriage which in shine is like the sun and which has many monkey-carriers along with Lakshmana. [4-38-11b, 12a]
paandurena aatapatrena dhriyamaanena muur.hdhani || 4-38-12
shuklaih ca vaala vyajanaih dhuuyamaanaih sama.ntatah |
sha.nkha bherii ninaadaih ca vandibhih ca abhivanditah || 4-38-13
niryayau praapya sugriivo raajya shriyam anuttamaam |
Sugreeva who achieved the kingdom of unexcelled magnificence has started out that magnificently to the high extolment of panegyrists, while a white royal-parasol spread overhead the palanquin, white fur-fans fanning him from all over, and while conch-shells are blowing loud and drums are drumming high. [4-38-12b, 13, 14a]
sa vaanara shataih tiisknaih bahubhih shastra paanibhih || 4-38-14
parikiirno yayau tatra yatra raamo vyavasthitah |
Sugreeva traveled thus surrounded with many hundreds of vanara-s, who look confrontational and who wielded weapons, to the place where Rama is staying. [4-38-14b, 15a]
sa tam desham anupraapya shrestham raama nisevitam || 4-38-15
avaatarat mahaatejaah shibikaayaah sa laksmanah |
On reaching the province where Rama is staying in all his adoration to that place, the great-resplendent Sugreeva descended the palanquin along with Lakshmana. [4-38-15b, 16a]
aasaadya ca tato raamam krita a.njali puto abhavat || 4-38-16
krita a.njalau sthite tasmin vaanaraah ca abhavan tathaa |
When Sugreeva reached Rama he stood still with adjoined-palms, and when he remained still with palm-fold all the other monkeys stood still with palm-fold. [4-38-16b, 17a]
tataakam iva tam dristvaa raamah kudmala pa.nkajam || 4-38-17
vaanaraanaam mahat sainyam sugriive priitimaan abhuut |
Rama became exultant of Sugreeva on seeing the massive army of Vanara-s which is just like a vast lake plethoric with buds of lotuses. [4-38-17b, 18a]
paadayoh patitam muurdhnaa tam utthaapya hariishvaram || 4-38-18
premnaa ca bahumaanaat ca raaghavah parisasvaje |
Raghava raised and tightly hugged the king of monkeys Sugreeva, who has prostrated himself with his head touching the feet of Rama, with care and credit. [4-38-18b, 19a]
parisvajya ca dharmaatmaa nisiida iti tato abraviit || 4-38-19
nisannam tam tato dristvaa ksitau raamo abraviit tatah |
After hugging Sugreeva that virtue-souled Rama then said to him, "be seated." Then on seeing Sugreeva who took seat on ground Rama spoke to him. [4-38-19b, 20a]
dharmam artham ca kaamam ca kaale yah tu nisevate || 4-38-20
vibhajya satatam viira sa raajaa harisattama |
"He alone is the king, oh, valiant Sugreeva, who always divides time for devoting himself to probity, prosperity and pleasure-seeking. [4-38-20b, 21a]
hitvaa dharmam tathaa artham ca kaamam yah tu nisevate || 4-38-21
sa vriksa agre yathaa suptah patitah pratibudhyate |
"If one devotes himself to pleasure-seeking alone, casting off the probity and like that the prosperity also, he is like the one who slept on a treetop who awakens only after falling down. [4-38-21b, 22a]
amitraanaam vadhe yukto mitraanaam sa.ngrahe ratah || 4-38-22
trivarga phala bhoktaa ca raajaa dharmena yujyate |
"And the king who is bound up in eliminating unfriendly ones and bound up with forgathering friends, he will be enjoined with righteousness, and he even becomes the real enjoyer of the fruit of threefold virtues, namely dharma, artha, kaama - probity, prosperity and pleasures. [4-38-22b, 23a]
udyoga samayah tu esa praaptah shatru nisuudana || 4-38-23
sa.nci.ntyataam hi pi.ngesha haribhih saha ma.ntribhih |
"Oh, enemy-eliminator, time for endeavor has come, oh, king of monkeys, let this be discussed along with your monkey-ministers." Thus Rama spoke to Sugreeva. [4-38-25b, 24a]
evam uktah tu sugriivo raamam vacanam abraviit || 4-38-24
pranastaa shriih ca kiirtih ca kapi raajyam ca shaashvatam |
tvat prasaadaat mahaabaaho punah praaptam idam mayaa || 4-38-25
When Rama addressed him in this way, Sugreeva said these words to Rama, "oh, dexterous Rama, by your beneficence I have repossessed prosperity, popularity and this everlasting kingdom of monkeys which are actually mislaid. [4-38-24b, 25]
tava deva prasadaat ca bhraatuh ca jayataam vara |
kritam na pratikuryaat yah purusaanaam sa duusakah || 4-38-26
"Oh, god, by your and your brother's benevolence alone I regained what I lost, oh, victorious one among victors, and he who does not requite the favor that has been done for him will become the vitiator [impair] of probity [adherence to the highest principles and ideals] among men. [4-38-26]
ete vaanara mukhyaah ca shatashah shatru suudana |
praaptaah ca aadaaya balinah prithivyaam sarva vaanaraan || 4-38-27
riksaah ca vaanaraah shuuraa golaa.nguulaah ca raaghava |
kaa.ntaara vana durgaanaam abhijnaa ghora darshanaah || 4-38-28
"These are the hundreds of Vanara chiefs, oh, enemy-subjugator, who have just returned on forgathering all of the forceful Vanara-s on earth. [4-38-27]
deva gandharva putraah ca vaanaraah kaama ruupinah |
svaih svaih parivritaah sainyaih vartante pathi raaghava || 4-38-29
"Oh, Raghava, the legatee of Raghu, those Vanara-s with dreadful appearance, and who are the experts in permeating the impenetrable forests, woodlands and impassable mountains are coming. And the bears, monkeys and brave baboons who are the children of gods and gandharva-s, and who change their guise just by their wish are halfway through on their path duly fenced round with one's own forces. [4-38-28, 29]
shataih shata sahasraih ca kotibhih ca plava.ngamaah |
ayutaih ca aavritaa viiraa sha.nkubhih ca para.ntapa || 4-38-30
ar.hbudaih ar.hbuda shataih madhyaih ca antaih ca vaanaraah |
samudraah ca paraar.hdhaah ca harayo hari yuuthapaah || 4-38-31
aagamisyanti te raajan mahendra sama vikramaah |
megha parvata sa.mkaashaa meru vindhya krita aalayaah || 4-38-32
"Oh, king, some of the fly-jumpers that are arriving are with a hundred-legion, some with a hundred-thousand legion, and even some with millions of legions, while the some are on the way with specific legions like aayuta-s, shanku-s. And oh, valiant one Rama, some with legions of arbuda-s, and some with hundreds of arbuda-s, some with madhya-s, and some with antah-s are coming. Some more are coming with samudra-s and some with paraardha-s legions of monkeys. Oh, enemy-flamer Rama, the legions of monkeys along with their monkey commanders who are viable to Mahendra in valor, and who compare with massive clouds and mountains, and who domiciled on Mt. Meru and Mt. Vindhya will be coming in your service. [4-38-30, 31, 32]
te tvaam abhigamisyanti raaksasam yoddhum aahave |
nihatya raavanam yuddhe hi aanayisyanti maithiliim || 4-38-33
"Those Vanara-s who are combative in wars, and those who can fetch Maithili on eliminating Ravana in war, will be approaching you soon." Thus Sugreeva informed Rama. [4-38-33]
tatah samudyogam aveksya viiryavaan
hari praviirasya nidesha vartinah |
babhuuva harsaat vasudhaa adhipa aatmajah
prabuddha niila utpala tulya darshanah || 4-38-34
Then on seeing the perfect effort made by the prominent one among all monkeys, Sugreeva, who is operating under his control, the eyes of valorous prince Rama are widened in jubilance, like the well-bloomed blue-lotuses. [4-38-34]
iti vaalmiiki raamaayane aadi kaavye kiskindha kaande astaa tri.mshah sargah
Thus, this is the 38th chapter in Kishkindha Kanda of Valmiki Ramayana, the First Epic poem of India.
Sriman Moola Rama Vijayate