Lakshmana enters the interior of Sugreeva's chamber. Sugreeva finding him there is alarmed and approaches him in all his humbleness. Then Lakshmana chastens Sugreeva with harsh words and cautions him to face the wrath of the arrows of Rama.
Chapter [Sarga] 34 in Detail
tam apratihatam kruddham pravistam purusarsabham |
sugriivo laksmanam dristvaa babhuuva vyathita indriyah || 4-34-1
On seeing the illustrious Lakshmana who entered unimpeded and infuriately, Sugreeva became one with agitated senses. [4-34-1]
kruddham nihshvasamaanam tam pradiiptam iva tejasaa |
bhraatur vyasana sa.ntaptam dristvaa dasharatha aatmajam || 4-34-2
ut.hpapaata harishrestho hitvaa sauvarnam aasanam |
mahaan mahendrasya yathaa svala.nkrita iva dhvajah || 4-34-3
On seeing Lakshmana, the son of Dasharatha, who is exasperated and exhaling heavily, and who searing in the anguish of his brother is flaring up like a firestorm, Sugreeva hopped up from his golden seat and tottered like the highly decorated flagstaff of Indra, which will be wobbly before it is thrown to ground after the ritual. [4-34-2, 3]
utpata.ntam anuutpetuu rumaa prabhritayah striyah |
sugriivam gagane puurnam ca.ndram taaraa ganaa iva || 4-34-4
While Sugreeva is jumping up stumblingly, stumbled with him are Ruma and the other females in tow, who are so far clinging to him, like the clusters of stars that spring up on the emergence of full moon in sky. [4-34-4]
sa.nrakta nayanah shriimaan sa.mcacaara kritaa.njalih |
babhuuva avasthitah tatra kalpa vrikso mahaan iva || 4-34-5
That fortunate Sugreeva whose eyes are bloodshot with drinking flurried towards Lakshmana adjoining palms in supplication, and became standstill at his nearby, like a lofty Kalpa Vriksha wish-fulfilling tree. [4-34-5]
rumaa dvitiiyam sugriivam naarii madhya gatam sthitam |
abraviit laksmanah kruddhah sa taaram shashinam yathaa || 4-34-6
Infuriate Lakshmana spoke to Sugreeva who like the star clustered moon is standing with his wife Ruma at his side amid other Vanara females. [4-34-6]
sattva abhijana sa.mpannah sa anukrosho jitendriyah |
kritajnah satya vaadii ca raajaa loke mahiiyate || 4-34-7
"One who is dynamic, abounding with best troopers, sympathetic, senses conquered, a faithful one and an advocate of truth, he alone thrives as a king in the world. [4-34-7]
yastu raajaa sthito adharme mitraanaam upakaarinaam |
mithyaa pratijnaam kurute ko nrisha.msa tarah tatah || 4-34-8
"He who is enthroned as a king but anchored himself to dishonesty and makes fake assurances to helpful friends, who can be more ruthless than him? [4-34-8]
shatam ashva anrite hanti sahasram tu gava anrite |
aatmaanam sva janam hanti purusah purusa anrite || 4-34-9
"A person gets attached to the sin of killing of a hundred of his manes, deified souls of his own ancestors, if he promises to gift one horse but fails to do so, and in promising to gift one cow but failing in it he gets the sin of killing a thousand manes, and if he promises to a person to do the needful help and fails in rendering that help, then he gets the sin of suicide along with the sin of killing his own kith and kin. [4-34-9]
puurvam kritaartho mitraanaam na tat prati karoti yah |
kritaghnah sarva bhuutaanaam sa vadhyah plavageshvara || 4-34-10
"He who gets his means fulfilled earlier through his friends but does not requite them, oh, king of monkeys, such a treacherous one is eliminable for all beings. [4-34-10]
giito ayam brahmanaa shlokah sarva loka namaskritah |
dristvaa kritaghnam kruddhena tam nibodha plavamgama || 4-34-11
"On seeing such perfidious soul, oh, fly-jumper, Brahma irefully declared this verse which is reverenced by all the worlds, you too may know it. [4-34-11]
go ghne ca eva suraape ca caure bhagna vrate tathaa |
niskritir vihitaa sadbhih kritaghne na asti niskritih || 4-34-12
“‘The savants have ordained atonement for slayers of cows, for drinkers of liquors, thus for thieves and infringers of solemnity, but no atonement is available to a treacherous person. [4-34-12]
anaarya tvam kritaghnah ca mithyaa vaadii ca vaanara |
puurvam kritaartho raamasya na tat pratikarosi yat || 4-34-13
"Oh, Vanara, firstly you have got your purpose fulfilled and by that reason you are not reciprocating help to Rama, thereby you are an uncultured and unfriendly one, and illusive is your word of honor. [4-34-13]
nanu naama kritaarthena tvayaa raamasya vaanara |
siitaayaa maargane yatnah kartavyah kritam icchataa || 4-34-14
"Oh, Vanara, you achieved your means through Rama, and Rama is wishing for his endeavor through you, and I wonder whether the search for Seetha is not your duty? [4-34-14]
sa tvam graamyesu bhogesu sakto mithyaa pratishravah |
na tvaam raamo vijaaniite sarpam manduuka raavinam || 4-34-15
"An illusive promiser basking in churlish pleasures, such as you are, Rama has not realized that you are a serpent with the croaking of a frog. [4-34-15]
mahaabhaagena raamena paapah karuna vedinaa |
hariinaam praapito raajyam tvam duraatmaa mahaatmanaa || 4-34-16
"By the highly prudent and compassionate Rama, you the sinner got the kingdom of monkeys, and it is a gain of an evil-soul from a noble-soul. [4-34-16]
kritam cet na abhijaaniise raaghavasya mahaatmanah |
sadyah tvam nishitair baanair hato draksyasi vaalinam || 4-34-17
"If you do not recognize what the noble-souled Raghava has done to you, you will be instantly killed with incisive arrows enabling you to see Vali. [4-34-17]
na ca sa.nkucitah panthaa yena vaalii hato gatah |
samaye tistha sugriiva maa vaali patham anvagaah || 4-34-18
"Oh, Sugreeva, abide by your commitment. The path by which slain Vali has gone that path is not tapered off, as such do not tread Vali's path. [4-34-18]
na nuunam iksvaaku varasya kaarmukaat
sharaan ca taan pashyasi vajra sa.nnibhaan |
tatah sukham naama visevase sukhii
na raama kaaryam manasaa api aveksase || 4-34-19
"Definitely you are not envisaging the Thunderbolt similar arrows from the bow of the best one from Ikshvaku dynasty, Rama, thereby you are enjoying luxuries joyously without giving a thought to Rama's mission even at your heart. [4-34-19]
iti vaalmiiki raamaayane aadi kaavye kiskindha kaande catur trimshah sargah
Thus, this is the 34th chapter in Kishkindha Kanda of Valmiki Ramayana, the First Epic poem of India.
Sriman Moola Rama Vijayate