Rama eulogizes [to speak or write in high praise of] the rainy season for a heavenly elixir is showered for all the living beings. This is one among the other eulogies to seasons. On this narration about rainy season, there are extensive commentaries by the ancient commentators as rainy season occupies a prime ordeal status among other seasons, and some of them are included here.
Chapter [Sarga] 28 in Detail
sa tadaa vaalinam hatvaa sugriivam abhisicya ca |
vasan maalyavatah priste raamo laksmanam abraviit || 3-28-1
Rama spoke to Lakshmana while residing on the mountainside of Mt. Malayavata, also known as Mt. Prasavana, ensuing the elimination of Vali and enthronement of Sugreeva. [3-28-1]
ayam sa kaalah sa.mpraaptah samayo adya jala aagamah |
sa.mpashya tvam nabho meghaih sa.mvritam giri sa.mnibhaih || 3-28-2
"This is that time of which we thought and it has come to pass. Now it is rainy season. You see the sky fully covered with mountainous clouds. [3-28-2]
nava maasa dhritam garbham bhaaskaarasya gabhastibhih |
piitvaa rasam samudraanaam dyauh prasuute rasaayanam || 3-28-3
"Sustaining a nine-month pregnancy, impregnated through the Sun with his sunrays guzzling the essence of oceans, the heaven is giving birth to the elixir of life. [3-28-3]
shakyam a.mbaram aaruhya megha sopaana pa.nktibhih |
kutaja arjuna maalaabhih ala.nkartum divaakaram || 3-28-4
"It is very likely to climb up the flight of stairs of clouds to bedeck the sun with the garlands of white wild-jasmines, and red Arjuna flowers, in these days. [3-28-4]
sandhyaa raaga utthitaih taamraih a.ntesu adhika paanduraih |
snigdhaih abhra pata cchedaih baddha vranam iva a.mbaram || 3-28-5
"Those clouds with pure white edges, and with reddish hue of sunset extending on them, look like soft pieces of cloth bandaged on the gashes of sky. [3-28-5]
manda maaruta nihshvaasam sa.ndhyaa ca.ndana ra.njitam |
aapaandu jaladam bhaati kaama aaturam iva a.mbaram || 3-28-6
"Slothful breezes as her sighs, sunset tingeing her as sandal paste, the sky with blanched clouds on her face appears like the one sighing for love. [3-28-6]
esaa gharma pariklistaa nava vaari pariplutaa |
siitaa iva shoka sa.mtaptaa mahii baaspam vimuncati || 3-28-7
"Overly agonized with the searing-summer, but thoroughly wetted with new waters, this earth looks like Seetha, both implacably outpouring tears. [3-28-7]
megha udara vinirmuktaah karpuura dala shiitalaah |
shakyam a.njalibhih paatum vaataah ketaki gandhinah || 3-28-8
"Freed from the wombs of clouds, cool as the leaves of minty-camphor, perfumed with the fragrance of Mogra plants, such as these breezes are it is possible to have a draught of them with the bowl of palms. [3-28-8]
esa phulla arjunah shailah ketakaih adhivaasitah |
sugriiva iva shaanta arih dhaaraabhih abhisicyate || 3-28-9
"This mountain with fully bloomed Arjuna flowers, further fragranced by Ketaka flowers is being anointed with downpours on a par with Sugreeva, who is anointed when his enemy is silenced. [3-28-9]
megha krisna ajina dharaa dhaaraa yajna upaviitinah |
maaruta aapuurita guhaah praadhiitaa iva parvataah || 3-28-10
"Donning clouds as black deer skins, torrents as sacred-threads, and caves replete with breezes as vocals, the mountains look like young-scholars reciting Veda-s. [3-28-10]
kashaabhih iva haimiibhih vidyudbhih iva taaditam |
antah stanita nirghosam savedanam iva a.mbaram || 3-28-11
"While the flashes of lightning are whipping the sky as if they are the golden whips, it is letting out rattle of thunders holding out against its inly throes. [3-28-11]
niila megha aashritaa vidyut sphura.ntii pratibhaati me |
sphura.ntii raavanasya a.nke vaidehii iva tapasvinii || 3-28-12
"That lightning hinging [to attach by] on the blue cloud is squirmy [to twist about like a wor]; to me it appears like woeful Vaidehi squirming in the grasp of Ravana. [3-28-12]
imaah taa manmathavataam hitaah pratihataa dishah |
anuliptaa iva ghanaih nasta graha nishaa karaah || 3-28-13
"For those who are with their beloveds these precincts are advantageous, as their directions, as to which east and which is west, are unclear; and to lover-less ones like me they are disadvantageous, because the same precincts have their planets and even their moon lost, and they look as though begrimed with dark-clouds. [3-28-13]
kvacit baaspa abhisa.mruddhaan varsa aagama samutsukaan |
kutajaan pashya saumitre pustitaan giri saanusu |
mama shoka abhibhuutasya kaama samdiipanaan sthitaan || 3-28-14
"Feeling happy with the arrival of rain wild jasmine plants standing somewhere on the terraces of mountain are flowered, and they are thickly covered with droplets of vapor, as if they are the tears of happiness hovering round the flower like faces of ladyloves at the arrival of their lovers, and such plants are becoming inciters of passion in me, who am let down by my sorrow for my ladylove. [3-28-14]
rajah prashaa.ntam sa himo adya vaayuh
nidaagha dosa prasaraah prashaa.ntaah |
sthitaa hi yaatraa vasudhaa adhipaanaam
pravaasino yaa.nti naraah sva deshaan || 3-28-15
"In these days the dust is quietened, breeze is chilly, vile pervasions of summer are also quietened, conquests of kings indeed came to a halt, and the people in outstation are returning to their own countries. [3-28-15]
samprasthitaa maanasa vaasa lubdhaah
priya anvitaah sa.mprati cakravaakah |
abhiiksna varsa udaka viksatesu
yaanaani maargesu na sa.mpatanti || 3-28-16
"Presently swans have started journey to Lake Maanasa eager to live there, but the Chakrawaka birds, ruddy gees, that are together with their beloveds are not departing, and vehicles are not taking to road as the rainwater has battered the roadways oftentimes. [3-28-16]
kvacit prakaasham kvacid aprakaasham
nabhah prakiirnaa a.mbu dharam vibhaati |
kvacit kvacit parvata sa.mniruddham
ruupam yathaa shaanta mahaarnavasya || 3-28-17
"Widely bestrewn with clouds the sky is bright somewhere, and not so bright somewhere else, thus it is gleaming well with an aspect of vast but tide-less ocean that is by far dammed up with cloudlike mountains. [3-28-17]
vyaamishritam sarja puspaih
navam jalam parvata dhaatu taamram |
mayuura kekaabhih anuprayaatam
shaila apagaah shiighrataram vahanti || 3-28-18
"Coalesced with Sarja and Wild-jasmine flowers, and also with the coppery ores of the mountain, the new waters are swiftly transiting towards ocean, while screams of peacocks haunting them. [3-28-18]
rasa aakulam satpada sa.mnikaasham
prabhujyate ja.mbu phalam prakaamam |
aneka varnam pavana avadhuutam
bhuumau patati aamra phalam vipakvam || 3-28-19
"The fruits of rose-apple that resemble honeybees are delightedly devoured as they are highly luscious, but the mango fruits that are discolored and putrefied are falling to ground heaved down by wind. [3-28-19]
vidyut pataakaah sa balaaka maalaah
shailendra kuuta aakriti sa.mnikaashaah |
gar.hjanti meghaah samudiirna naadaa
matta gajendraa iva sa.myugasthaah || 3-28-20
"Electric-charges as their fluttering flags of war, flights of cranes as their garlands of gallantry, those clouds very similar in their build to the pinnacles of lordly mountains are thundering with very high pitched voices like invigorated lordly elephants standing up to a fight. [3-28-20]
varsa udaka aaapyaayita shaadvalaani
pravritta nritta utsava barhinaani |
vanaani nirvrista balaahakaani
pashya aparaahnesu adhikam vibhaanti || 3-28-21
"When clouds have completely rained on the greenery pasturelands are satiated with rainwater and peacocks are stimulated to dancing carnivals, thus it is extremely splendorous in afternoons, behold it. [3-28-21]
sam ud vahantah salila ati bhaaram
balaakino vaari dharaa nadantah |
mahatsu shri.ngesu mahii dharaanaam
vishramya vishramya punah prayaanti || 3-28-22
"Clouds adorned with cranes around them are rumbling to transport them, and the weighty water contained inside their wombs, and reposing on the loftiest mountain peaks they are moving, moving and again reposing, like pregnant women. [3-28-22]
megha abhikaamaa parisa.mpatantii
sammoditaa bhaati balaaka pa.nktih |
vaata avadhuutaa vara paundariikii iva maalaa rucira a.mbarasya || 3-28-23
"Highly delighted cranes are flying all over in rows highly desirous of the clouds, and they are shining forth like the best and lovely festoons of white lotus flowers as if wind has upheaved and dangled them on the sky. [3-28-23]
baala indragoptaa a.ntara citritena
vibhaati bhuumih nava shaadvalena |
gaatra anupriktena shuka prabhena
naarii iva laaksha ukshita ka.mbalena || 3-28-24
"The meadowland is with its new meadows which are medially dappled with young and small red-beetles, and it is shining forth as if she is a woman wearing a parrot-green wraparound on which lac-red [a resinous substance secreted by a scale insect] spots are embroidered. [3-28-24]
nidraa shanaih keshavam abhyupaiti
drutam nadii saagaram abhyupaiti |
hristaa balaakaa ghanam abhyupaiti
kaantaa sa kaamaa priyam abhyupaiti || 3-28-25
"These days sleep is slowly getting closer to Vishnu, rivers are rapidly getting closer to oceans, cranes are gleefully getting closer to clouds, and women are passionately getting closer to their beloveds. [3-28-25]
jaataa vanaantaah shikhi supranrittaa
jaataah kada.mbaah sa shaakhaah |
jaataa vrisaa gosu samaana kaamaa
jaataa mahii sasya vana abhiraamaa || 3-28-26
"Interiors of forests have become adaptive for the peacocks to dance very well, Kadamba trees have become adaptive to their branches and bouquets, bulls with matching sensualities became adaptive to cows, and adaptive is this earth with its enrapturing crops and orchards, and all are adaptive to the season's gaiety. [3-28-26]
vahanti var.hsanti nadanti bhaanti
dhyaayanti nrityanti samaashvasanti |
nadyo ghanaa matta gajaa vana antaah
priyaa vihiinaah shikhinah plava.mgaah || 3-28-27
"Rivers are surging, clouds are showering, rutty elephants are shrilling, forest interiors are shining, lover-less are speculating, and peacocks are rocking, monkeys are resolving to stay at one place, for this is the rainy season. [3-28-27]
praharsitaah ketaka puspa gandham
aaghraaya mattaa vana nir.hjharesu |
prapaata shabda aakulitaa gajendraah
saardham mayuuraih sa madaa nadanti || 3-28-28
"On whiffing the fragrance of new Ketaka flowers the lordly elephants are highly joyous and became excited, but they are baffled at the sounds made by the fall of water in the streamlets of forest, and those best ruttish elephants are blaring along with screaming peacocks. [3-28-28]
dhaaraa nipaataih abhihanyamaanaah shaakhaasu vila.mbamaanaah |
ksana arjitam puspa rasa avagaadham
shanair madam sat caranaah tyajanti || 3-28-29
"Honeybees languishing on the branches of Kadamba trees are knocked down by the downpour of rain, thereby they are slowly forfeiting the intemperance which they acquired in a trice by plunging themselves into the nectar of flowers. [3-28-29]
a.ngaara cuurna utkara sa.mnikaashaih
phalaih suparyaapta rasaih samriddhaih |
ja.mbuu drumaanaam pravibhaanti shaakhaa
nipiiyamaanaa iva satpada oghaih || 3-28-30
"Rose-apple trees contain abundant fruits with profuse juice which look like the globated coal powder, with them the branches of those trees shine forth as though swilled by hives of honeybees. [3-28-30]
tadit pataakaabhih ala.nkritaanaam
udiirna ga.mbhiira mahaa ravaanaam |
vibhaanti ruupaani balaahakaanaam
rana utsukaanaam iva vaaranaanaam || 3-28-31
"Ornamented with the flags of lightning, and that have whooping, profound and blaring booms, those clouds by their appearances are verily shining forth like the elephants enthusiastic for a war. [3-28-31]
maarga anugah shaila vana anusaarii
sa.mprasthito megha ravam nishamya |
yuddha abhikaamah pratinaada shankii
matto gajendrah pratisa.mnivrittah || 3-28-32
"That energetic and lordly elephant which readily started going towards the forest minding the track of that mountain, heard the thundering of the cloud, and doubting it a the war-whoop of another elephant took a right about turn wishing for a head-on collision with it. [3-28-32]
kvachit pragiitaa iva satpada oghaih
kvacit pravrittaa iva niila kanthaih |
kvacit pramattaa iva vaarana indraih
vibhaati aneka aashrayino vanaantaa || 3-28-33
"Somewhere the interiors of forests are finely singing, in affect, as they have swarms of singing honeybees; elsewhere, they are richly dancing, practically, as the purple-necked peacocks are bestirring; somewhere else, they are highly excited, virtually, as lordly elephants are highly excited, thus the interiors of forests are beaming forth as retreats to many bees, birds and animals. [3-28-33] sarjaa arjuna ka.ndala aadhyaa
vanaanta bhuumi madhu vaari puurnaa |
mayuura mattaa abhiruta pravrittaih
apaana bhuumi pratimaa vibhaati || 3-28-34
"Plentiful in Kadamba, Sarja, Arjuna, Kandala trees and with the heaps of their reddish flowers fallen on ground, and well-excited peacocks screaming and dancing like the tipplers of that liquor like nectar, thus the interiors of forest are aplenty with nectar of those fallen flowers flowing like water, thus they are impressively similar to the lands of liquor, say watering-holes. [3-28-34]
muktaa samaabham salilam patat vai
sunirmalam patra putesu lagnam |
hristaa vivarna cchadanaa viha.ngaah
surendra dattam trisitaah pibanti || 3-28-35
"Extremely clear, pure, pearl-similar rainwater given as a gift by Indra is falling down and clinching the hallows of leaves, such as it is, it is heartily guzzled down by the thirsty birds whose wings are discolored by the same water. [3-28-35]
satpada ta.ntrii madhura abhidhaanam
plava.ngam udiirita kantha taalam |
aaviskritam megha mrida.nga naadaih
vanesu sa.ngiitam iva pravrittam || 3-28-36
"Melodious string bass of honeybees as stringendo, frogs crocking as vocal rhythm, fortissimos of clouds as drumbeats, music has commenced in the forest as though programmed. [3-28-36]
kvacit pranrittaih kvachit un nadadbhih
kvacit ca vriksha agra nisanna kaayaih | barha aabharanaih mayuuraih
vanesu sa.ngitam iva pravrittam || 3-28-37
"Somewhere dancing well, elsewhere voicing in high pitch, and somewhere else seated high on the trees are the peacocks with plumaged tails as their dangling decorations, and it appears as the music and dance have commenced in the forests as programmed. [3-28-37]
svanaih ghanaanaam plavagaah prabuddhaa
vihaaya nidraam cira sa.mniruddhaam |
aneka ruupaa aakriti varna naadaa
nava a.mbu dhaaraa abhihataa nadanti || 3-28-38
"Thunders of clouds called up the frogs, and casting off their long-time captivity in sleep, frogs of various casts, carves, colors and crocks are crocking scourged heavily by the streams of new waters. [3-28-38]
nadyah samudvaahita cakravaakaa
tataani shiir.hnaani apavaahayitvaa |
driptaa nava praabhrita puurna bhogaa
drutam sva bhartaaram upopa yaanti || 3-28-39
"Prideful rivers are swiftly surging near and near of their lover-like ocean overflowing their own battered riverbanks, and in doing so they are swinging and seesawing flights of ruddy gees flying on their bosom, where the curvatures of bird-flight look like the new, full-fledged, seducible, nubile breasts of the river, and in doing so the river is also lugging other items of romance, namely flowers and fruits, steeped in their new waters. [3-28-39]
niilesu niilaa nava vaari puurnaa
meghesu meghaah pravibhaanti saktaah |
davaagni dagdhesu davaagni dagdhaah
shailesu shailaa iva baddha muulaah || 3-28-40
"When the swarthy clouds full with new waters are docking among swarthily clouds, they are shining forth like mountains burnt by wildfire docking among other mountains that are already burnt by wildfire, both moored at mountain-bases. [3-28-40]
pramatta sa.mnaadadita bar.hhinaani
sa shakragopa akula shaadvalaani |
caranti niipa arjuna vaasitaani
gajaah suramyaani vana antaraani || 3-28-41
"Elephants are moving about the very pleasant interiors of forests where peahens are voluptuously screaming, pasturelands are overspread with red-beetles, and where they are fragranced with the flowers of Niipa and Arjuna trees. [3-28-41]
nava ambu dhaara aahata kesaraani
drutam parityajya saroruhaani | puspaani sa kesaraani
navaani hristaa bhramaraah pibanti || 3-28-42
"Lashed are the fibrils of lotuses with the downpour of new waters, hence quickly leaving them off the joyful honeybees are quaffing the Kadamba flowers with new fibrils. [3-28-42]
mattaa gajendraa muditaa gavendraa
vanesu vikraa.ntataraa mrigendraah |
ramyaa nagendraa nibhritaa narendraah
prakriidito vaari dharaih surendrah || 3-28-43
"In forests lordly elephants are ruttish, ideal bulls that are delighted, peerless lions are triumphant to a better degree, lofty mountains are heart-pleasant, lords of people are withdrawing from their campaigns, and the lord of gods, Indra, is playing well with water giving clouds. [3-28-43]
meghaah samud bhuuta samudra naadaa
mahaajala oghaih gagana avala.mbaah |
nadiih tataakaani saraa.msi vaapih
mahiim ca kritsnaam apavaahayanti || 3-28-44
"The clouds having torrential water are soaring the sky, and spurning the booms of oceans with their rumbles they are inundating rivers, lakes, pools, tanks and even the earth. [3-28-44]
varsa pravegaa vipulaa patanti
pravaanti vaataah samudiirna vegaah |
pranasta kuulaah pravahanti shiighram
nadyo jalam vipratipanna maargaah || 3-28-45
"Rains are falling substantially and speedily, gales are blowing intensified in their speediness, while rivers are conducting water speedily over their eroded riverbanks and far afield of their course. [3-28-45]
naraih narendraa iva par.hvatendraah
surendra niitaih pavana upaniitaih |
ghana a.mbu kumbhaih abhisicyamaanaa
ruupam shriyam svaam iva darshayanti || 3-28-46
"Lords of people will be anointed by people with water carried in pots on their shoulders, and then those kings show their propitious aspect of a humanly king with applied divinity, whereas the lords of mountains are being anointed with the water sent directly by Indra and hitherto wafted straight by Air-god in the pots called black-clouds, thus these lordly mountains are standing alone as if showing their grandeur and divinity on earth. [3-28-46]
ghana upaguudham gaganam na taaraa
na bhaaskaro darshanam abhyupaiti |
navaih jala oghaih dharanii vitriptaa
tamo viliptaa na dishah prakaashaah || 3-28-47
"Sky is closely enshrouded with clouds, neither sun nor stars are getting around for a glimpse, earth is fully satiated with the torrents of new water, enswathed in obscurity the precincts are un-illuminated... [3-28-47]
mahaanti kuutaani mahii dharaanaam
dhaaraa vidhautaani adhikam vibhaanti |
mahaa pramaanaih vipulaih prapaataih
mukta kalaapaih iva la.mbamaanaih || 3-28-48
"The paramount pinnacles of the mountains are thoroughly washed by the torrential rains and are shining forth surpassingly, and the voluminous and widespread torrents that are pitching down are like the pearly necklaces pendulous on the chests of mountains. [3-28-48]
shailopala praskhalamaana vegaah
shailottamaanaam vipulaah prapaataah |
guhaasu samnaadita barhinaasu
haaraa vikiiryanta iva avabhaanti || 3-28-49
"Washing the mountain stones speedily the torrents on the lofty mountains are widespread and entering the caves, in which peacocks are highly screaming, and thus they are in the gleam of lavalieres strewn around. [3-28-49]
shiighra pravegaa vipulaah prapaataa
nirhdhauta shri.nga upatalaa giriinaam |
muktaa kalaapa pratimaah patanto
mahaa guha ustsa.nga talaih dhriyante || 3-28-50
"On neatly washing the crests of wide mountains and their nearby planes, the high-speeded waterfalls are falling like pearl-necklaces and the mountains are wearing them at the planes of their cavernous caves. [3-28-50]
surataam arda vicchinnaah svarga strii haara mauktikaah |
patanti ca atulaah dikshu toya dhaaraah samantatah || 3-28-51
"Like the strings of pearls of heavenly females plopping down when broken in the friction of lovemaking, excellent streams of water are falling all over and in all directions. [3-28-51]
viliiyamaanaih vihagaih nimiiladbhih ca pa.nkajaih |
vikasantyaa ca maalatyaa gato astam jnaayate ravih || 3-28-52
"With the return of birds to nests, doubling up of lotuses, and blooming up jasmines, the sun is know to have gone into dusk. [3-28-52]
vrittaa yaatraa narendraanaam senaa pathi eva var.htate |
vairaani caiva maargaah ca salilena samiikritaah || 3-28-53
"Reversed are the campaigns of kings as the armies are marooned and thus rainwater has neutralized conflicts and roadways. [3-28-53]
maasi prausthapade brahma braahmanaanaam vivaksataam |
ayam adhyaaya samayah saamagaanaam upasthitah || 3-28-54
"The month of Bhaadrapada, August-September is the time for learning the singing of Sama Veda, and this is the time that has come for those Brahmans who concern themselves for learning the singing of Sama Veda. [3-28-54]
nivritta karma aayatano nuunam sa.ncita sa.ncayah |
aasaadhiim abhyupagato bharatah kosala adhipah || 3-28-55
"On carrying out all the domestic affairs and completely garnering the goods for rainy season, Bharata, the king of Kosala, might have definitely undertaken the 'four-month-vow' on the full moon day of Asaadha month. [3-28-55]
nuunam aapuuryamaanaayaah sarayvaa vadhate rayah |
maam samiiksya samaayaantam ayodhyaayaa iva svanah || 3-28-56
"Definitely the River Sarayu must be overfilling and its swashing must be mounting as with the commotion of Ayodhya on beholding my returning to city. [3-28-56]
imaah sphiita gunaa varsaah sugriivah sukham ashnute |
vijita arih sa daarah ca raajye mahati ca sthitah || 3-28-57
"This rainy season as such has manifold inbuilt facilities for self-contained entertainment, so Sugreeva must be luxuriating in them, besides, reveling for conquering his enemy, regaining his wife, and instituting himself as a king of an admirable kingdom. [3-28-57]
aham tu hrita daarah ca raajyaat ca mahatah cyutah |
nadii kuulam iva klinnam avasiidaami laksmana || 3-28-58
"As for me, Lakshmana, I am the one who is toppled from a great kingdom, whose wife is stolen, such as I am, I am toppling down like a riverbank that is toppled over. [3-28-58]
shokah ca mama vistiirno varsaah ca bhrisha durgamaah |
raavanah ca mahaan shatruh apaaram pratibhaati me || 3-28-59
"Also my anguish is boundless, the rains have definitely made the pathways impassable, my enemy Ravana is a formidable one, thus these three appear to me as insurmountable obstacles. [3-28-59]
ayaatraam caiva dristvaa imaam maargaam ca bhrisha durgamaan |
pranate caiva sugriive na mayaa ki.mcit iiritam || 3-28-60
"Though Sugreeva is very humble to embark on a campaign, visualizing the rainy season as an impossible one for any campaign, and even the pathways are rendered highly impassable I have not said anything to him in the affirmative. [3-28-60]
api ca ati pariklistam ciraat daaraih samaagatam |
aatma kaarya gariiyastvaat vaktum na icchaami vaanaram || 3-28-61
"Even Sugreeva has undergone many difficulties in their entirety, after a long while he is united with his wife, and even owing to the magnitude involved in our task of tracking down Ravana I did not desire to insist on that monkey. [3-28-61]
svayam eva hi vishramya jnaatvaa kaalam upaagatam |
upakaaram ca sugriivo vetsyate na atra sa.mshayah || 3-28-62
"After a respite Sugreeva will realize on his own that the time has come, and he will also realize the he has something to requite, isn't it! So, there needn't be any doubt in that matter. [3-28-62]
tasmaat kaala pratiikso aham sthito asmi shubha laksana |
sugriivasya nadiinaam ca prasaadam abhikaa.nkshayan || 3-28-63
"I therefore stay abidingly looking forward for the time, oh, Lakshmana with felicitous aspects, expectant of the generosity of Sugreeva and of these rivers. [3-28-63]
upakaarena viiro hi pratikaarena yujyate |
akritajno apratikrito hanti sattvavataam manah || 3-28-64
"A valiant one who is succored [relieved] will be indebted with some requital on his part, but besides being unfaithful, if one who does not make requital for all the favors done in his interest, he will be wounding the hearts of soft-hearted people." Rama said so to Lakshmana, keeping Sugreeva in view. [3-28-64]
atha evam uktah pranidhaaya laksmanah
krita a.njalih tat pratipuujya bhaasitam |
uvaaca raamam svabhiraama darshanam
pradarshayan darshanam aatmanah shubham || 3-28-65
Visualizing what Rama said about their waiting for pre-winter season to be candid, and praise-fully making palm-fold at that determination of Rama, and even to clarify his own opportune viewpoint, Lakshmana spoke to Rama who by his own aspect is a delightful one for a ken. [3-28-65]
yat uktam etat tava sarvam iipsitam
nara indra kartaa naciraa hari iishvarah |
sharat pratiiksah ksamataam imam bhavaan
jala prapaatam ripu nigrahe dhritah || 3-28-66
"Oh, lord of people, Sugreeva will be effectuating everything you have desired and said, not later but soon, hence awaiting autumn you may please bear up these heavy rainfalls, besides bearing with the idea of disciplining the enemy." So said Lakshmana to Rama. [3-28-66]
iti vaalmiiki raamaayane aadi kaavye kiskindha kaande asta vi.mshah sargah
Thus, this is the 28th chapter in Kishkindha Kanda of Valmiki Ramayana, the First Epic poem of India.
Sriman Moola Rama Vijayate