Hanuma proposes that the coronation of Sugreeva is to be performed under the aegis of Rama. But Rama says that he cannot enter villages or cities during exile, and asks the chiefs of monkeys to perform the same. Rama also suggests that Angada may also be crowned as crown prince. Accordingly, Sugreeva is anointed as king and Angada as crown prince of Kishkindha. The regal splendor of the coronation is narrated in here.
Chapter [Sarga] 26 in Detail
tatah shoka abhisa.mtaptam sugriivam klinna vaasanam |
shaakhaa mriga mahaamaatraah parivaarya upatasthire || 4-26-1
The eminent ministers of tree-branch animals then surrounded Sugreeva, who is very much seared in grief and who is still wearing damp cloths, as he just a while ago offered watery oblations to his deceased brother, stood accessible to him. [4-26-1]
abhigamya mahaabaahum raamam aklista kaarinam |
sthitaah praa.njalayah sarve pitaamaham iva risayah || 4-26-2
On going towards the dexterous Rama, whose exploits are effortless, all of those monkeys tarried with their palms adjoined as with the sages tarrying in the presence of Brahma, the Forefather. [4-26-2]
tatah kaa.ncana shaila aabhah taruna arka nibha aananah |
abraviit praa.njalir vaakyam hanumaan maaruta aatmajah || 4-26-3
Hanuma, the son of Air-god, whose sheen is like that of the golden mountain Meru, and whose visage is like that of the tender sun in its glint, then spoke this sentence reverently adjoining his palms. [4-26-3]
bhavat prasaadaat kaakutstha pitri paitaamaham mahat |
vaanaraanaam suda.mstraanaam sa.mpanna balashaalinaam || 4-26-4
mahaatmaanaam sudus.hpraapam praaptam raajyam idam prabho |
"Oh, lord Rama, this magnificent kingdom of deferential monkeys who are armed with the teeth, and whose might is a privileged one - since our might is not dependent on any weapons or other tactical warfare, except our own bodily strength - and oh, Kakutstha, that which belongs to his father and forefathers, and that which is otherwise impossible for him to regain, Sugreeva regained such a kingdom with your grace. [4-26-4, 5a]
bhavataa samanujnaatah pravishya nagaram shubham || 4-26-5
sa.mvidhaasyati kaaryaani sarvaani sasuhrit ganah|
snaato ayam vividhair gandhair ausadhaih ca yathaa vidhi || 4-26-6
"And if you empower, this Sugreeva will enter the propitious city Kishkindha along with a group good-hearted friends, and he will get anointed procedurally with various essences and herbal-extracts as its king, and thus he can revamp all the administration. [4-26-5b, 6]
arcayisyati maalyaih ca ratnaih ca tvaam vishesatah |
imaam giri guhaam ramyaam abhigantum tvam arhasi || 4-26-7
kurusva svaami sambandham vaanaraan sa.mpraharsayan |
"He would like to honor you in a remarkable way with garlands and precious gems, hence it will be apt of you to enter this delightful mountain cave, namely Kishkindha, and you may kindly consolidate the congenial affinity between the governor and the governed for the very high exhilaration of Vanara-s." Hanuma appealed Rama in this way. [4-26-7, 8a]
evam ukto hanumataa raaghavah para viirahaa || 4-26-8
pratyuvaaca hanuumantam buddhimaan vaakya kovidah |
When Hanuma said so, Rama the destroyer of valiant foes, an intellectual and an enunciator replied Hanuma in this way. [4-26-8b, 9a]
caturdasha samaah saumya graamam vaa yadi vaa puram || 4-26-9
na praveksyaami hanuman pitur nirdesha paalakah |
"As a conformist to the directives of my father, oh, gentle Hanuma, I am not supposed to enter either a village or a city. [4-26-9b, 10a]
susamriddhaam guhaam divyaam sugriivo vaanararsabhah || 4-26-10
pravisto vidhivat viirah ksipram raajye abhisicyataam |
"As and when the best one among Vanara-s valorous Sugreeva enters the highly flourishing and statuesquely Kishkindha, he shall be enthroned in the kingdom, immediately and procedurally. [4-26-10b, 11a]
evam uktvaa hanuumantam raamah sugriivam abraviit || 4-26-11
vrittajno vritta sa.mpannam udaara bala vikramam |
Replying Hanuma thus, that knower of the etiquette Rama, also spoke to Sugreeva, who is rich in politesse and an imposing one by his might and valor. [4-26-11b, 12a]
imam api angadam viiram yauvaraajye abhisecaya || 4-26-12
jyesthasya hi suto jyesthah sadrisho vikramena ca |
angado ayam adiinaatmaa yauvaraajyasya bhaajanam || 4-26-13
"You may even crown this brave Angada as crown prince, he is the eldest son of your elder brother, his bravery is kindred to that of his father, and thus this enthusiastic Angada will be a well-chosen designee for the crown-prince-ship. [4-26-12b, 13]
puurvo ayam vaarsiko maasah shraavanah salila aagamah |
pravrittaah saumya catvaaro maasaa vaarsika sa.mjnitaah || 4-26-14
"The four month period specified for rainy season has commenced, oh gentle Sugreeva, and this is Shravana, the first month of rainy season that brings many showers. [4-26-14]
na ayam udyoga samayah pravisha tvam puriim shubhaam |
asmin vatsyaami aham saumya parvate saha laksmanah || 4-26-15
"This is not a time for any striving, hence you enter the propitious city Kishkindha, oh, gentle Sugreeva, and I for my part will stay on this mountain along with Lakshmana. [4-26-15]
iyam giri guhaa ramyaa vishaalaa yukta maarutaa |
prabhuuta salilaa saumya prabhuuta kamala utpalaa || 4-26-16
"This mountain cave is heart-pleasing by being spacious with worthwhile breeze, oh, gentle one, water is copious and red and blue lotuses are aplenty about this place. [4-26-16]
kaartike samanupraapte tvam raavana vadhe yata |
esa nah samayah saumya pravisha tvam svam aalayam || 4-26-17
abhisi.ncasva raajye ca suhridah sa.mpraharsaya |
"On the advent of Kaartika month, October, say post-rainy season, you shall do your best in the cause of Ravana's elimination, and this is our covenant, and hence oh, gentle Sugreeva, for now enter your mansion, be enthroned in kingdom as well, and exhilarate your friends." [4-26-17, 18a]
iti raama abhyanujnaatah sugriivo vaanararsabhah || 4-26-18
pravivesha puriim ramyaam kiski.ndhaam vaali paalitaam |
Thus when Rama countenanced that best Vanara Sugreeva entered the charming city Kishkindha which is so far ruled by Vali. [4-26-18b, 19a]
tam vaanara sahasraani pravistam vaanara iishvaram || 4-26-19
abhivaarya prahristaani sarvatah plavageshvaram |
When the sovereign of Vanara-s Sugreeva has entered the city, very gladly thousands of Vanara-s have also entered and fenced off that lord of fly-jumpers from all over. [4-26-19b, 20a]
tatah prakritayah sarvaa dristvaa hari gana iishvaram || 4-26-20
pranamya muurdhnaa patitaa vasudhaayaam samaahitaah |
All the inmates and ministers in Kishkindha then revered the lord of monkey throngs Sugreeva with their head-bent, and they have also prostrated before him with an assiduously polite attitude. [4-26-20b, 21a]
sugriivah prakritiih sarvaah sa.mbhaasya utthaapya viiryavaan || 4-26-21
bhraatur a.ntah puram saumyam pravivesha mahaabalah |
Raising the rank-and-file members from their prostration, and on exchanging a word or two with them, that valiant and highly mighty Sugreeva entered the beautiful palace-chambers of his brother. [4-26-21b, 22a]
pravistam bhiima vikraa.ntam sugriivam vaanararsabham || 4-26-22
abhyasi.nca.nta suhridah sahasraaksam iva amaraah |
When that prodigiously venturesome arch-Vanara Sugreeva has entered the palace his cohorts anointed him as gods would anoint the Thousand-eyed Indra. [4-26-22b, 23a]
tasya paanduram aajahruh chatram hema paris.hkritam || 4-26-23
shukle ca vaala vyajane hema dande yashaskare |
tathaa sarvaani ratnaani sarva biija ausadhaani ca || 4-26-24
sa ksiiraanaam ca vriksaanaam prarohaan kusumaani ca |
shuklaani caiva vastraani shvetam caiva anulepanam || 4-26-25
suga.ndhiini ca maalyaani sthalajaani a.mbujaani ca |
candanaani ca divyaani gandhaam ca vividhaan bahuun || 4-26-26
aksatam jaata ruupam ca priya.ngu madhu sarpisii |
dadhi carma ca vaiyaaghram paraardhye ca api upaanahau || 4-26-27
samaala.mbhanam aadaaya gorocanam manah shilaam |
aajagmuh tatra muditaa varaah kanyaah ca sodasha || 4-26-28
A white parasol highly ornate in gold, long-furred royal-fans with golden handles that are the enhancers of celebrity are brought for Sugreeva's anointment. Likewise, on taking all kinds of jewels, seeds, herbs, sprouts of trees that are still exuding milky latex, also flowers, and white royal-robes and white body-cream, lotuses bloomed on dry-land, best sandal paste, also various and numerous perfumes, Holy-yellow-rice, gold, seeds that are small and fragrant called priyangu, honey, ghee, curds, skin of tiger, tassels of fragrant flowers, and invaluable sandal shoes, unguents before oil bath, orpiment preparations one in yellow called gorochana, and the other in red called Manshila, there arrived sixteen best and cheerful damsels. [4-26-25b, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28]
tatah te vaanara shrestham abhisektum yathaa vidhi |
ratnair vastraih ca bhaksyaih ca tosayitvaa dvijarsabhaan || 4-26-29
They the Vanara-s have then started to anoint that best Vanara Sugreeva according to the tradition, having appeased the eminent Brahmans with jewels, garments and delicacies. [4-26-29]
tatah kusha paristiirnam samiddham jaata vedasam |
ma.ntra puutena havisaa hutvaa ma.ntravido janaah || 4-26-30
Authoritative scholars in Vedic-hymns then spreading the ritual grass around the Fire-altar which is with enkindled Ritual-fire oblated fire oblations into it duly sanctifying them with hymns. [4-26-30]
tato hema pratisthaane vara aastarana sa.mvrite |
praasaada shikhare ramye citra maalya upashobhite || 4-26-31
praanmukham vidhivat ma.ntraih sthaapayitvaa vara aasane |
nadii nadebhyah sa.mhritya tiirthebhyah ca sama.ntatah || 4-26-32
aahritya ca samudrebhyah sarvebhyo vaanararsabhaah |
apah kanaka ku.mbhesu nidhaaya vimalam jalam || 4-26-33
shubhaih vrisabha shringaih ca kalashaih ca eva kaa.ncanaih |
shaastra dristena vidhinaa maharsi vihitena ca || 4-26-34
gajo gavaakso gavayah sharabho ga.ndhamaadanah |
maindah ca dvividah caiva hanuumaan jaa.mbavaan tathaa || 4-26-35
abhyasi.nca.nta sugriivam prasannena suga.ndhinaa |
salilena sahasraaksam vasavo vaasavam yathaa || 4-26-36
On a splendid, choicest and finely upholstered throne with golden legs that is kept atop a rostrum that is shining forth with various flower tassels, Sugreeva is procedurally inducted to sit facing east to the chanting of Vedic hymns. Then, Vanara-s like Gaja, Gavaaksha, Gavaya, Sharabha, Gandhamaadana, Mainda, Dvivida, also thus Hanuma, Jambavanta have started pouring pure water on Sugreeva, which the best Vanara-s have collected from the rivers flowing to east, as well as to west, from each of the sacred-declivity of rivers, from every ocean, and stored in golden flasks. Thus those have anointed Sugreeva with those pellucid and well-perfumed waters poured from golden vessels through the auspicious horns of bulls as revealed in scriptures and as great sages have defined, which anointment is like eight of Vasu-gods anointing the Thousand-eyed Indra. [4-26-31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36]
abhisikte tu sugriive sarve vaanara pu.ngavaah |
pracukrushur mahaatmaano hristaah shata sahasrashah || 4-26-37
Hundreds and thousands of the great-souled and prominent Vanara-s that are there, all of them have cheerily raised high hullabaloos while Sugreeva is anointed. [4-26-37]
raamasya tu vacah kurvan sugriivo hari pu.mgavah |
a.ngadam sa.mparisvajya yauvaraajye abhisecayat || 4-26-38
The best one among monkeys Sugreeva graciously embraced Angada and anointed his as crown prince in order to effectuate Rama's word. [4-26-38]
angade ca abhisikte tu saanukroshaah plava.mgamaah |
saadhu saadhu iti sugriivam mahaatmaano hi apuujayan || 4-26-39
On the anointment of Angada those fly-jumpers that have sympathy for him have acclaimed Sugreeva saying, 'well done, well done.' [4-26-39]
raamam ca eva mahaatmaanam lakshmanam ca punah punah |
priitaah ca tustuvuh sarve taadrishe tatra vartini || 4-26-40
While that kind of pompous anointment is taking place all are gladdened and that way they repeatedly extolled the great-souled Rama, and even Lakshmana too. [4-26-40]
hrista pusta jana aakiirnaa pataakaa dhvaja shobhitaa |
babhuuva nagarii ramyaa ksiki.ndhaa giri gahvare || 4-26-41
That magnificent city Kishkindha situated in the cave of mountain which is already splendorous with flags of triumph and banners is further splendorous with blithe and burly monkeys overspreading it. [4-26-41]
nivedya raamaaya tadaa mahaatmane
mahaa abhisekam kapi vaahanii patih |
rumaam ca bhaaryaam upalabhya viiryavaan
avaapa raajyam tridasha adhipo yathaa || 4-26-42
The valiant Sugreeva who is by now the king of monkeys army, then apprised the great-souled Rama about his grand anointment, and thus he not only regained his wife Ruma but also secured the kingdom, like the chief of divinities Indra. [4-26-42]
iti vaalmiiki raamaayane aadi kaavye kiskindha kaande sad vi.mshah sargah
Thus, this is the 26th chapter in Kishkindha Kanda of Valmiki Ramayana, the First Epic poem of India.
Sriman Moola Rama Vijayate