Vali recovers from his swoon and gives his parting messages to Sugreeva and Angada. He also gives his miraculous pendant, given by his father Indra, to Sugreeva and asks him to assume authority of Kishkindha kingdom, for he won it in this fight. Angada is advised to conduct appropriately for he is becoming a father-less son now. Then Vali breathes his last to pave the way for Seetha's search.
Chapter [Sarga] 22 in Detail
viiksamaanah tu ma.ndaasuh sarvato ma.ndam ucchvasan |
aadau eva tu sugriivam dadarsha anujam agratah || 4-22-1
With his life-force slowing down Vali respired slowly glancing everywhere, and he firstly saw his brother Sugreeva afore him. [4-22-1]
tam praapta vijayam vaalii sugriivam plavaga iishvaram |
aabhaasya vyaktayaa vaacaa sasneham idam abraviit || 4-22-2
Vali nodding at Sugreeva, who achieved triumph and became the lord of fly-jumpers, amicably spoke this to him in an unambiguous tone. [4-22-2]
sugriiva dosena na maam gantum arhasi kilbisaat |
krisyamaanam bhavisyena buddhi mohena maam balaat || 4-22-3
"Sugreeva, reckon [consider] me not by my iniquities [wickedness], but reckon [consider] as one who is all the while forcibly hauled into this futurity [future] owing to my impropriety and obduracy [inflexible]. [4-22-3]
yugapad vihitam taata na manye sukham avayoh |
sauhaardam bhraatri yuktam hi tad idam jaatam anyathaa || 4-22-4
"I do not think that we two are fated to share blissfulness simultaneously, oh, boy, therefore the amity seemly to brothers has cropped up otherwise. [4-22-4]
pratipadya tvam adya eva raajyam esaam vana okasaam |
maam api adya eva gaccha.ntam viddhi vaivasvata ksayam || 4-22-5
"You realize that I am going to the abode of Time-god now itself, and hence propose yourself as king of this forest-dweller's kingdom, now itself. [4-22-5]
jiivitam ca hi raajyam ca shriyam ca vipulaam imaam |
prajahaami esa vai tuurnam aham ca agarhitam yashah || 4-22-4-22-6
"Such as I am, I am indeed forgoing my life, kingdom, and this immense prosperity and even the unenviable glory which adduces that 'Vali is un-killable,' right away. [4-22-6]
asyaam tvam aham avasthaayaam viira vaksyaami yad vacah |
yadi api asukaram raajan kartum eva tad arhasi || 4-22-7
"Oh, valiant Sugreeva, it will be apt of you to make happen the word I am going to say even in such a situation in which now I am, and oh, king, even if that word of mine is infeasible. [4-22-7]
sukhaarham sukha sa.mvriddham baalam enam abaalisham |
baaspa puurna mukham pashya bhuumau patitam angadam || 4-22-8
"Have a look at this Angada, who is privileged for all happiness, brought up in all comforts, though a boy he is mannerly, and who with his tear-filled face fallen onto ground. [4-22-8]
mama praanaih priyataram putram putram iva aurasam |
mayaa hiinam ahiinaartham sarvatah paripaalaya || 4-22-9
"More dear than my own lives is my son, and when he is deprived of me you have to foster him as if he is your own son, with no resources becoming sparse in every way. [4-22-9]
tvam api asya pitaa daataa ca paritraataa ca sarvatah |
bhayesu abhayadah caiva yathaa aham plavageshvara || 4-22-10
"Oh, king of fly-jumpers, as with me you too are his father, patron, an overall protector from all sides, and also thus an assurer in fear. [4-22-10]
esa taaraatmajah shriimaan tvayaa tulya paraakramah |
raksasaam ca vadhe tesaam agratah te bhavisyati || 4-22-11
"This admirable son of Tara is a coequal of yours in triumphs, and in eliminating those demons he will be in your advance guard. [4-22-11]
anuruupaani karmaani vikramya balavaan rane |
karisyati esa taareyah tarasvii taruno a.ngadah || 4-22-12
"This mighty and sinewy son of Tara is youthful, and on overtaking in war this Angada will undertake actions seemly for a son of mine. [4-22-12]
susena duhitaa ca iyam artha suuksma vinishcaye |
autpaatike ca vividhe sarvatah parinisthitaa || 4-22-13
"In deciding meanings in all their subtleties and also in presages of diverse nature this daughter of Sushena, Tara, is an insightful one in every way. [4-22-13]
yad esa saadhu iti bruuyaat kaaryam tan mukta sa.mshayam |
na hi taaraa matam ki.mcit anyathaa parivartate || 4-22-14
"Whatever is said by her as proper that is doable indubitably, indeed nothing contrary happens to her opinions, in the least. [4-22-14]
raaghavasya ca te kaaryam kartavyam avisha.nkayaa |
syaat adharmo hi akarane tvaam ca hi.msyaat amaanitah || 4-22-15
"You have to accomplish Raghava's mission undoubtedly, and if it is unaccomplished there will be infraction on your part because you befriended him before an altar of fire, and you may even be punished for dishonoring him and your given word to him. [4-22-15]
imaam ca maalaam aadhatsva divyaam sugriiva kaa.ncaniim |
udaaraa shriih sthitaa hi asyaam sa.mprajahyaat mrite mayi || 4-22-16
"The bounteous goddess of triumph ensconced in this golden pendant will completely leave it off on my death, avoiding the flaw of touching a corpse, isn't it... hence oh, Sugreeva, you wear it." Thus Vali spoke to Sugreeva. [4-22-16]
iti evam uktah sugriivo vaalinaa bhraatri sauhridaat |
harsam tyaktvaa punar diino graha grasta iva udu raat || 4-22-17
Thus, that way when Vali spoke to Sugreeva with brotherly kind-heartedness, Sugreeva again waned away forgoing his spiritedness, like the lord of stars, namely the Moon, when eaten away by the planet, namely Rahu, during lunar eclipse. [4-22-17]
tat vaali vacanaat shaantah kurvan yuktam ata.ndritah |
jagraaha so abhyanujnaato maalaam taam caiva kaa.ncaniim || 4-22-18
Quietened by Vali's words and conducting himself befittingly and attentively in the given situation, Sugreeva has then taken that golden chain only when Vali authorized him. [4-22-18]
taam maalaam kaa.ncaniim dattvaa vaalii dristvaa aatmajam sthitam |
sa.msiddhah pretya bhaavaaya snehaat a.ngadam abraviit || 4-22-19
On giving away that golden pendant, and on seeing his son who is available nearby, readying himself towards his end that is setting in, Vali affectionately spoke to Angada. [4-22-19]
desha kaalau bhajasva adya ksamamaanah priya apriye |
sukha duhkha sahah kaale sugriiva vashago bhava || 4-22-20
"From now on, observing time and place you have to tolerate pain or pleasure, endure mirth or misery on your going under the control of Sugreeva. [4-22-20]
yathaa hi tvam mahaabaaho laalitah satatam mayaa |
na tathaa vartamaanam tvaam sugriivo bahu manyate || 4-22-21
"Oh dexterous Angada, as to how I have entertained you in whichever way you conducted yourself with me, Sugreeva may not approve of such a puerile behavior of yours, if you resort to it. [4-22-21]
naa asya amitraih gatam gaccheh maa shatrubhih ari.ndama |
bhartuh artha paro daantah sugriiva vashago bhava || 4-22-22
"Do not reach at his unfriendly ones, nor come near his enemies, oh, enemy-destroyer Angada, you shall be in the control of Sugreeva attending to the purposes of your lord with self-control. [4-22-22]
na ca atipranayah kaaryah kartavyo apranayah ca te |
ubhayam hi mahaadosam tasmaat a.ntara drik bhava || 4-22-23
"Do not conduct yourself with excessive friendliness or unfriendliness, as this pair of opposites itself has a flaw, therefore you cultivate an intermediary outlook." Vali thus spoke to Angada. [4-22-23]
iti uktvaa atha vivritta aksah shara sa.mpiidito bhrisham |
vivritaih dashanaih bhiimaih babhuuva ut.hkraanta jiivitah || 4-22-24
He who is highly tortured by the arrow of Rama spoke to Angada in that way, and afterwards his eyeballs rolled-up, mouth hung open baring his horrid teeth, and his life too took to flight from his body. [4-22-24]
om santih santih santih
tato vicukrushur tatra vaanaraa hata yuuthapaah |
paridevayamaanaah te sarve plavaga sattamaah || 4-22-25
Then, all those best monkeys available there have started to weep when their monkey chief is dead, and for that matter they have loudly squawked at his death in this way. [4-22-25]
kiskindhaa hi atha shuunyaa ca svar gate vaanareshvare |
udyaanaani ca shuunyaani parvataah kaanaani ca || 4-22-26
hate plavaga shaarduule nis prabhaa vaanaraah kritaah |
"When the lord of monkeys departed to heaven Kishkindha is indeed rendered derelict, dreary are the gardens, deserted are the mountains and forests as well, and when the tiger among fly-jumpers is dead all the Vanara-s are rendered up into a lackluster life. [4-22-26, 27a]
yasya vegena mahataa kaananaani vanaani ca || 4-22-27
puspa oghena anubaddhante karisyati tat adya kahah |
"And by the impetus of whose great rapidity flowers available in forests and woodlands used to shower on him in torrents and enwreathe him from behind, that Vali is no more, and now who has got such an impetus? [4-22-27b, 28a]
yena dattam mahat yuddham gandharvasya mahaatmanah || 4-22-28
golabhasya mahaabaahuh dasha varsaani pa.nca ca |
na eva raatrau na divase tat yuddham upashaamyati || 4-22-29
"By which great-souled Vali a ferocious duel was given to the celestial, namely the great armed Golabha, which did not cease either in the daytime or night till Vali felled Golabha, that Vali is no more. [4-22-28b, 29]
tatah sodashame varse golabho vinipaatitah |
tam hatvaa durviniitim tu vaalii da.nstra karaalavaan |
sarvaa abhayam karah asmaakam katham esa nipaatitah || 4-22-30
"Thereafter, in the sixteenth year Vali unquestionably felled Golabha, and on killing that evil-minded Golabha with his zigzag teeth Vali accorded fearlessness to all of us, how such a Vali is felled now?" Thus the monkeys raised hue and cry. [4-22-30]
hate tu viire plavagaadhipe tadaa
plava.mgamaah tatra na sharma lebhire |
vane caraah si.mha yute mahaavane
yathaa hi gaavo nihate gavaam patau || 4-22-31
But when that fly-jumper's brave lord Vali is killed, those fly-jumpers have gone into a franticness in that matter of Vali's killing, as with the cows becoming frenetic when their husbanding bull is killed while moving in a great forest that is riddled with a lion. [4-22-31]
tatah tu taaraa vyasana arnava plutaa
mritasyaa bhartur vadanam samiiksya saa |
jagaama bhuumim parirabhya vaalinam
mahaa drumam chinnam iva aashritaa lataa || 4-22-32
But then Tara, whelmed under an ocean called affliction closely observed her dead husband's face, embraced him and collapsed onto ground as with any creeper plant when the giant tree on which it is hinging is hacked down. [4-22-32]
iti vaalmiiki raamaayane aadi kaavye kiskindha kaande dvaa vi.mshah sargah
Thus, this is the 22nd chapter in Kishkindha Kanda of Valmiki Ramayana, the First Epic poem of India.
Sriman Moola Rama Vijayate