Vashishta offers hospitality to Vishvamitra and his armies. Even though the King Vishvamitra is disinclined to pressurize a hermit with such a burdensome affair of hospitality to hosts, Vashishta entreats [to make an earnest request] the king to accept. Vishvamitra had to oblige the same. Vashishta summons his do-all Divine Sacred Cow, Shabala, also known as Kaamadhenu, requests her to generate heaps of tasteful foodstuffs for a royal banquet as well as for military rations.
Chapter [Sarga] 52 – in Detail
tam dristvaa parama priito vishvaamitro mahaabalah |
pranato vinayaat viiro vasistham japataam varam || 1-52-1
On seeing at that best sage among best mediators Sage Vashishta, the great-mighty and valorous Vishvamitra is highly rejoiced and obediently made an obeisance [homage] to the sage. [1-52-1]
svaagatam tava ca iti ukto vasisthena mahaatmanaa |
aasanam ca asya bhagavaan vasistho vyaadidesha ha || 1-52-2
The great-souled Vashishta spoke, you are welcome, and that Godly sage has indeed shown a high seat to Vishvamitra. [1-52-2]
upavistaaya ca tadaa vishvaamitraaya dhiimate |
yathaa nyaayam muni varah phala muulam upaaharat || 1-52-3
The eminent saint Vashishta then customarily offered fruits and tuber to the courageous Vishvamitra who by now has assumed a seat. [1-52-3]
pratigrihya tu taam puujaam vasisthaat raaja sattamah |
tapo agni hotra shisyesu kushalam paryapricchata || 1-52-4
vishvaamitro mahaatejaa vanaspati gane tathaa |
sarvatra kushalam ca aaha vasistho raaja sattamam || 1-52-5
On receiving that deference [honor] from Vashishta, then that unsurpassed king Vishvamitra asked after the well-being of the asceticism [practicing strict self-denial], Fire-rituals and disciples and their progress in that hermitage, and that great-resplendent Vishvamitra has also asked after the well being of flora and fauna of the hermitage, and Vashishta reported to the matchless king about the all round well-being of every activity. [1-52-4, 5]
sukha upavistam raajaanam vishvaamitram mahaatapaah |
papraccha japataam shrestho vasistho brahmanah sutah || 1-52-6
Vashishta the supreme one among mediators, a great-ascetic, and the brainchild of Brahma has then asked Vishvamitra who is sitting at ease. [1-52-6]
kaccit te kushalam raajan kaccit dharmena ranjayan |
prajaah paalayase raajan raaja vrittena dhaarmika || 1-52-7
I hope that you are fine! And oh, righteous king, hope that you are ruling people righteously with kingly righteousness to their contentment. [1-52-7]
kaccit te subhritaa bhrityaah kaccit tisthanti shaasane |
kaccit te vijitaah sarve ripavo ripu suudana || 1-52-8
I hope your servants are looked after well, hope all of them are abiding by the ruler-ship, oh, vanquisher [conqueror] of adversaries [enemies], I hope that you have surely vanquished all of your adversaries [enemies]. [1-52-8]
kaccit bale ca koshe ca mitresu ca para.ntapa |
kushalam te nara vyaaghra putra pautre tathaa anagha || 1-52-9
‘For you are an impeccable [flawless] one and an emery-inflamer, oh, tigerly-man, I hope that your forces, exchequer [treasury] and confederates [associates or friends] are fine, and all is well with your sons and grandsons. Thus Vashishta asked the well-being of Vishvamitra. [1-52-9]
sarvatra kushalam raajaa vasistham pratyudaaharat |
vishvaamitro mahaatejaa vasistham vinaya anvitam || 1-52-10
The great-resplendent king Vishvamitra respectfully replied Sage Vashishta saying, 'everything is fine.' [1-52-10]
kritvaa tau suciram kaalam dharmisthau taah kathaah tadaa |
mudaa paramayaa yuktau priiyetaam tau parasparam || 1-52-11
Both of those celebrities of conscientious [upright] then exchanged pleasantries for a long time with their rejoice heightening and gladdening one another. [1-52-11]
tato vasistho bhagavaan kathaa ante raghuna.ndana |
vishvaamitram idam vaakyam uvaaca prahasan iva || 1-52-12
Then at the end of discussions, oh, Rama the legatee of Raghu, that Godly Sage Vashishta smilingly spoke this sentence to Vishvamitra. [1-52-12]
aatithyam kartum icchaami balasya asya mahaabala |
tava ca eva aprameyasya yathaa arham sa.mpratiiccha me || 1-52-13
I wish to offer guest-ship befitting to your status, oh, great-forceful king Vishvamitra, to a matchless one like you and to this military force of yours, kindly accept it from me. [1-52-13]
sathkriyaam tu bhavaan etaam pratiicchatu mayaa kritaam |
raajan tvam atithi shresthah puujaniiyah prayatnatah || 1-52-14
You may kindly accept all these hospitalities offered by me, oh king, for you are an important guest you ought to be reverenced effort-fully. So said Vashishta to Vishvamitra. [1-52-14]
evam ukto vasisthena vishvaamitro mahaamatih |
kritam iti abraviit raajaa puujaa vaakyena me tvayaa || 1-52-15
When sage Vashishta said in this way, that highly-intellectual king Vishvamitra said to him, 'hospitality is deemed to have been offered to me with your reverential words, it is enough and nothing more is necessary.' [1-52-15]
phala muulena bhagavan vidyate yat tava aashrame |
paadyena aacamaniiyena bhagavad dar.hshanena ca || 1-52-16
sarvathaa ca mahaapraajna puujaa arhena supuujitah |
namaste astu gamisyaami maitrena iiksasva caksusaa || 1-52-17
I am entertained with whatever item that obtains in your hermitage, say fruits, tubers and water for feet-wash and to wet mouth. Why those petty items, I regaled [feast with delicacies] just by seeing you, a Godly sage like. Oh, highly noetic [based on the intellect] sage, by yourself you are a sage worthy to be reverenced by one and all, such as you are you alone have reverenced me. Now I wish to take leave, please accept my obeisance [homage] to you, and please look upon us with a friendlily regard. [1-52-16, 17]
evam bruvantam raajaanam vasisthah punah eva hi |
nyama.ntrayata dharmaatmaa punah punah udaara dhiih || 1-52-18
Even if the king was speaking in this way obliquely [indirect or obscure] to him, that virtue-souled and magnanimous sage Vashishta entreated [treated] the king repeatedly. [1-52-18]
baadham iti eva gaadheyo vasistham pratyuvaaca ha |
yathaa priyam bhagavatah tathaa astu muni sattama || 1-52-19
Gaadhi's son Vishvamitra then replied the eminent saint Vashishta, Agreed! As it pleases the Godly sage. So be it!' [1-52-19]
evam uktah tathaa tena vasistho japataam varah |
aajuhaava tatah priitah kalmaasiim dhuuta kalmasah || 1-52-20
When Vishvamitra said that way then Vashishta, the best one among mediators, and one whose blemishes are laved [washed] is gladdened, and started calling his speckled cow, namely Shabala, yclept [namely] Kaamadhenu. [1-52-20]
ehi ehi shabale ksipram shrinu ca api vaco mama |
sabalasya asya raajarseh kartum vyavasito asmi aham |
bhojanena mahaa arhena satkaaram samvidhat.hsva me || 1-52-21
‘Come on, oh, Shabala! Come quickly and listen to my words. I prepared to accord hospitality with a highly delectable [delightful] royal banquet to this kingly sage together with all his forces. You arrange it for me. [1-52-21]
yasya yasya yathaa kaamam sad rasesu abhipuujitam |
tat sarvam kaama dhuk divye abhivarsa krite mama || 1-52-22
Oh, Kaamadhenu, the Divine Cow, the Milk-er of All-Desires, for my sake you shower whatsoever foodstuff is savored [to have experience of] by whosoever according to one's own piquancy [taste] from each of the six savor [specified smell or quality], that too plentifully. [1-52-22]
rasena annena paanena lehya cosyena sa.myutam |
annaanaam nicayam sarvam srijasva shabale tvara || 1-52-23
Oh, Shabala, you create heaps of savor foodstuffs comprised of masticable [exquisite aroma that is exuded from the bark of the mastic tree] items like crunchy foods, drinkable items like soft-drinks, taste-able items like honey-like viscous dishes, squeezable items like pulpy fruits, and be quick.' So said Sage Vashishta to that Sacred Cow, Kaamadhenu, and Vishvamitra continued his narration. [1-52-23]
iti vaalmiiki raamaayane aadi kaavye baala kaande dvi pa.ncaashah sargah
Thus, this is the 52nd chapter in Bala Kanda of Valmiki Ramayana, the First Epic poem of India.
Sriman Moola Rama Vijayate