Vasishta Receives King Vishvamitra


Vashishta offers hospitality to Vishvamitra and his armies. Even though the King Vishvamitra is disinclined to pressurize a hermit with such a burdensome affair of hospitality to hosts, Vashishta entreats [to make an earnest request] the king to accept. Vishvamitra had to oblige the same. Vashishta summons his do-all Divine Sacred Cow, Shabala, also known as Kaamadhenu, requests her to generate heaps of tasteful foodstuffs for a royal banquet as well as for military rations.

Chapter [Sarga] 52 – in Detail

On seeing at that best sage among best mediators Sage Vashishta, the great-mighty and valorous Vishvamitra is highly rejoiced and obediently made an obeisance [homage] to the sage. [1-52-1]

The great-souled Vashishta spoke, you are welcome, and that Godly sage has indeed shown a high seat to Vishvamitra. [1-52-2]

The eminent saint Vashishta then customarily offered fruits and tuber to the courageous Vishvamitra who by now has assumed a seat. [1-52-3]

On receiving that deference [honor] from Vashishta, then that unsurpassed king Vishvamitra asked after the well-being of the asceticism [practicing strict self-denial], Fire-rituals and disciples and their progress in that hermitage, and that great-resplendent Vishvamitra has also asked after the well being of flora and fauna of the hermitage, and Vashishta reported to the matchless king about the all round well-being of every activity. [1-52-4, 5]

Vashishta the supreme one among mediators, a great-ascetic, and the brainchild of Brahma has then asked Vishvamitra who is sitting at ease. [1-52-6]

I hope that you are fine! And oh, righteous king, hope that you are ruling people righteously with kingly righteousness to their contentment. [1-52-7]

I hope your servants are looked after well, hope all of them are abiding by the ruler-ship, oh, vanquisher [conqueror] of adversaries [enemies], I hope that you have surely vanquished all of your adversaries [enemies]. [1-52-8]

‘For you are an impeccable [flawless] one and an emery-inflamer, oh, tigerly-man, I hope that your forces, exchequer [treasury] and confederates [associates or friends] are fine, and all is well with your sons and grandsons. Thus Vashishta asked the well-being of Vishvamitra. [1-52-9]

The great-resplendent king Vishvamitra respectfully replied Sage Vashishta saying, 'everything is fine.' [1-52-10]

Both of those celebrities of conscientious [upright] then exchanged pleasantries for a long time with their rejoice heightening and gladdening one another. [1-52-11]

Then at the end of discussions, oh, Rama the legatee of Raghu, that Godly Sage Vashishta smilingly spoke this sentence to Vishvamitra. [1-52-12]

I wish to offer guest-ship befitting to your status, oh, great-forceful king Vishvamitra, to a matchless one like you and to this military force of yours, kindly accept it from me. [1-52-13]

You may kindly accept all these hospitalities offered by me, oh king, for you are an important guest you ought to be reverenced effort-fully. So said Vashishta to Vishvamitra. [1-52-14]

When sage Vashishta said in this way, that highly-intellectual king Vishvamitra said to him, 'hospitality is deemed to have been offered to me with your reverential words, it is enough and nothing more is necessary.' [1-52-15]

I am entertained with whatever item that obtains in your hermitage, say fruits, tubers and water for feet-wash and to wet mouth. Why those petty items, I regaled [feast with delicacies] just by seeing you, a Godly sage like. Oh, highly noetic [based on the intellect] sage, by yourself you are a sage worthy to be reverenced by one and all, such as you are you alone have reverenced me. Now I wish to take leave, please accept my obeisance [homage] to you, and please look upon us with a friendlily regard. [1-52-16, 17]

Even if the king was speaking in this way obliquely [indirect or obscure] to him, that virtue-souled and magnanimous sage Vashishta entreated [treated] the king repeatedly. [1-52-18]

Gaadhi's son Vishvamitra then replied the eminent saint Vashishta, Agreed! As it pleases the Godly sage. So be it!' [1-52-19]

When Vishvamitra said that way then Vashishta, the best one among mediators, and one whose blemishes are laved [washed] is gladdened, and started calling his speckled cow, namely Shabala, yclept [namely] Kaamadhenu. [1-52-20]

‘Come on, oh, Shabala! Come quickly and listen to my words. I prepared to accord hospitality with a highly delectable [delightful] royal banquet to this kingly sage together with all his forces. You arrange it for me. [1-52-21]

Oh, Kaamadhenu, the Divine Cow, the Milk-er of All-Desires, for my sake you shower whatsoever foodstuff is savored [to have experience of] by whosoever according to one's own piquancy [taste] from each of the six savor [specified smell or quality], that too plentifully. [1-52-22]

Oh, Shabala, you create heaps of savor foodstuffs comprised of masticable [exquisite aroma that is exuded from the bark of the mastic tree] items like crunchy foods, drinkable items like soft-drinks, taste-able items like honey-like viscous dishes, squeezable items like pulpy fruits, and be quick.' So said Sage Vashishta to that Sacred Cow, Kaamadhenu, and Vishvamitra continued his narration. [1-52-23]

Thus, this is the 52nd chapter in Bala Kanda of Valmiki Ramayana, the First Epic poem of India.

Sriman Moola Rama Vijayate