Shiva on his marriage with Uma is in the conjugal [of or relating to the married state] bliss for a long period due to his yogic powers. Fearing the result of that prolonged activity all Gods prey for the cessation [stopping] of it because none in any world can carry that offspring. Shiva accepting that request asks them where to discharge the sperm that has already stirred up. Gods indicate the earth as the taker. Shiva accordingly inundates the earth with his fluid. Then the Fire-God is dispatched to consolidate that into a reed [tall grasses] forest called Sharavana. Goddess Uma ireful at the prevention of begetting a son curse Gods and earth to be childless.
Chapter [Sarga] 36 in Detail
ukta vaakye munau tasmin ubhau raaghava laksmanau |
pratinandya kathaam viirau uucatuh muni pungavam || 1-36-1
When that sage Vishvamitra has finished narration of the legend of the daughters of Himavanta, both the brave ones, namely Raghava and Lakshmana in their turn have extolled [to praise highly] that legend and spoke to that eminent-sage. [1-36-1]
dharma yuktam idam brahman kathitam paramam tvayaa |
duhituh shaila raajasya jyesthaaya vaktum ar.hhasi |
vistaram vistarajno asi divya maanusa sa.mbhavam || 1-36-2
"This admirable discourse given by you about Ganga is exhaustive in righteousness, oh, Brahman, and it will be apt [suitable] of you to tell emphatically [attracting special attention] about the divine and earthly legend of the elder daughter of Himavanta, namely Ganga, for you are aware to expatiate [to speak or write at length or in detail] upon it. [1-36-2]
triin patho hetunaa kena paavayet loka paavanii |
katham gangaa tripathagaa vishrutaa sarit uttamaa || 1-36-3
trisu lokesu dharmajna karmabhih kaih samanvitaa |
"By which reason that world purifier Ganga influxes [come] into three paths? Oh, virtue-knower, and connected with which deeds of merit this triple-courser Ganga is renowned as the best one among all the rivers in three worlds?" Thus Rama and Lakshmana have asked the sage Vishvamitra. [1-36-3, 4a]
tathaa bruvati kaakutsthe vishvaamitrah tapodhanah || 1-36-4
nikhilena kathaam sarvaam risi madhye nyavedayat |
When Kakutstha-s have enquired that way, the ascetically-wealthy sage Vishvamitra has narrated all the legend of Ganga in its entirety, staying among the sages. [1-36-4b, 5a]
puraa raama krita udvaahah shiti kantho mahaa tapaah || 1-36-5
dristvaa ca bhagavaan deviim maithunaaya upacakrame |
"On his getting married to Uma, oh, Rama, the sublime-ascetic and bluish throated God Shiva, as his throat became blue when he consumed poison during the churning of Milky Ocean, at one time with a predilection [preference] towards her, he has started lovemaking with her. [1-36-5b, 6a]
tasya samkriidamaanasya mahaadevasya dhiimatah |
shitikanthasya devasya divyam varsa shatam gatam || 1-36-6
na ca api tanayo raama tasyaam aasiit para.ntapa |
"While that sublime, sagacious and blue-throated God Shiva is in lovemaking, oh, enemy-scorcher Rama, a hundred divine years have elapsed, even then he had no son in her, namely Goddess Uma. [1-36-6b, c, 7]
sarve devaah samudyuktaah pitaamaha purogamaah || 1-36-7
yat iha utpadyate bhuutam kah tat pratisahisyati |
"All the Gods headed by Brahma have then started to ponder, 'is there anybody who can inevitably sustain that being which emerges from this Goddess Uma after this prolonged yogic act of copulation [to engage in sexual intercourse] with Shiva?' This being the worry of all Gods they have prepared for action. [1-36-7b, 8a]
abhigamya suraah sarve pranipatya idam abruvan || 1-36-8
deva deva mahaadeva lokasya asya hite rata |
suraanaam pranipaatena prasaadam kartum arhasi || 1-36-9
"All of the Gods on approaching and paying their deference to Shiva spoke this to him, 'oh, God of Gods, oh, one who is interested in the welfare of these worlds, oh, Great-God, considering the supplication [humble request] of all Gods it will be apt [suitable] of you to bestow [provide] grace.' [1-36-8b, 9]
na lokaa dhaarayisyanti tava tejah surottama |
braahmena tapasaa yukto devyaa saha tapah cara || 1-36-10
trailokya hita kaama artham tejah tejasi dhaaraya |
raksa sarvaan imaan lokaan na alokam kartum arhasi || 1-36-11
"Worlds cannot capably bear your offspring born out of your effulgence [brilliance], oh, Supreme-God, hence you may practice yogic asceticism along with your consort Goddess Uma in unison [union] with Vedic postulates of Yoga, rather than progenitor [an ancestor in the direct line], and desiring the welfare of the three worlds you may please retain your refulgent seed within your own radiance, thus protect this universe, since it will not be apt of you to render it devoid of worlds with the efflux [something given off in or as if in a stream] of the unmanageable potency [power] of yours .' So said Gods to Shiva. [1-36-10, 11]
devataanaam vacah shrutvaa sarva loka maheshvarah |
baadham iti abraviit sarvaan punah ca idam uvaaca ha || 1-36-12
"On listening the words of Gods that Rarefied-God of Universe, namely Shiva said, 'so be it,' and further spoke this to all of the Gods, indeed. [1-36-12]
dhaarayisyaami aham tejah tejasi eva saha umayaa |
tridashaah prithivii caiva nirvaanam adhigacchatu || 1-36-13
“‘I wish to bear my sperm in my virility and Uma in hers, let the immortals and mortals as well, derive a perfect bliss. [1-36-13]
yad idam ksubhitam sthaanaat mama tejo hi anuttamam |
dhaarayisyati kah tat me bruvantu sura sattamaah || 1-36-14
“‘But that part which has already stirred up from its place is irrestrainable [cannot be prevented], as such, oh Gods of eminence, you tell me who can contain that part of the unexcelled [that cannot be surpassed] potency.' So said Shiva to Gods. [1-36-14]
evam uktaah tato devaah pratyuucur vrisabha dhvajam |
yat tejah ksubhitam hi adya tad dharaa dhaarayisyati || 1-36-15
"Thus spoken by Shiva, then the Gods in reply spoke to him whose banner is Divine-Bull, namely Shiva, 'that part of the potency which has already stirred up, the earth indeed endures [to regard with acceptance or tolerance] that now. [1-3-15]
evam uktah sura patih pramumoca mahaabalah |
tejasaa prithivii yena vyaaptaa sa giri kaananaa || 1-36-16
"Thus said by the Gods that Yogi of par excellence and the God of Gods, Shiva, discharged his refulgent [brilliant] semen with which the earth together with its mountains and forests is overspread. [1-36-16]
tato devaah punar idam uucuh ca api hutaashanam |
aavisha tvam mahaatejo raudram vaayu samanvitah || 1-36-17
"Thereby the Gods in their turn said even to Fire-God, 'you enter the great-potency of Rudra along with Wind-God, lest that potency may annihilate [to destroy] the earth and earthlings, because you can consume anything that comes in touch with you. [1-36-17]
tad agninaa punar vyaaptam sa.mjaatam shveta parvatam |
divyam sharavanam caiva paavaka aaditya sa.mnibham || 1-36-18
yatra jaato mahaatejaah kaartikeyo agni sa.mbhavah |
"And when Fire-God invaded that great-potency of Shiva it has emerged as White-mountain, also thus it has become as a divine forest of reeds equaling the Sun and Fire in its resplendence, wherefrom the highly brilliant Kumara has emerged. [1-36-18, 19a]
atha umaam ca shivam caiva devaah sa risi ganaah tadaa || 1-36-19
puujayaamaasuh atyartham supriita manasah tatah |
"Later on, the Gods together with the assemblages of sages are well pleased at heart as it has happened according to their prayer; thereby they fulsomely [abundantly] adored Shiva and even Uma. [1-36-19b, 20a]
atha shaila sutaa raama tridashaan idam abraviit || 20
samanyuh ashapat sarvaan krodha samrakta locanaa |
"Oh, Rama, but the daughter of Himalayan Mountain, namely Uma, while irefully [with anger] saying this to the divinities she cursed them all with her eyes reddened in anger. [1-36-20b, 21a]
yasmaat nivaaritaa ca aham sa.mgataa putra kaamyayaa || 1-36-21
apatyam svesu daaresu na utpadayitum arhatha |
“‘Wherefore, I who am desirous of a son had been prevented from the intimacy with my husband, therefore you shall be in-fecund [not fruitful in offspring] to beget progeny through your own wives. [1-36-21b, 22a]
adya prabhriti yusmaakam aprajaah santu patnayah || 1-36-22
evam uktvaa suraan sarvaan shashaapa prithiviim api |
“‘And from now onwards you wives shall remain infertile...' and on saying this way to all of the Gods she also gave a curse to the earth. [1-36-22, 23a]
avane na eka ruupaa tvam bahu bhaaryaa bhavisyasi || 1-36-23
na ca putra kritaam priitim mat krodha kalusiikritaa |
praapsyasi tvam sudur.hmedhe mama putram anicchatii || 1-36-24
“‘Oh, Earth, your appearance shall be bizarre and you will be a wife to many. And oh, verily base-minded earth, rendered sully by my anger you shall have no gratification caused by the children as you are bigoted [racial] against my son. [1-36-23b, 24]
taan sarvaan piiditaan dristvaa suraan surapatih tadaa |
gamanaaya upacakraama disham varuna paalitaam || 1-36-25
"That God of Gods Shiva becoming ill at ease to look at all of the distressed Gods, equally feeling small to convince his consort Uma, he has started to journey towards the western quarter which is ruled by Rain-God. [1-36-25]
sa gatvaa tapa aatisthat paarshve tasya uttare gireh |
himavat prabhave shri.nge saha devyaa maheshvarah || 1-36-26
"On going to the northern side of Himalayan Mountains, that God of Gods, Shiva settled down in asceticism along with his consort Uma on the peak of a mountain emerged from Himalayas. [1-36-26]
esa te vistaro raama shaila putryaa niveditah |
gangaayaah prabhavam caiva shrinu me saha laksmana || 1-36-27
"This is the legend of mountain's daughter, namely Goddess Uma vividly [quickly] narrated to you, oh, Rama, and now listen from me along with Lakshmana about the emergence of Ganga. [1-36-27]
iti vaalmiiki raamaayane aadi kaavye baala kaande sat tri.mshah sargah
Thus, this is the 36th chapter in Bala Kanda of Valmiki Ramayana, the First Epic poem of India.
Sriman Moola Rama Vijayate