In this chapter Seetha asks Rama to take her to the forest.
Chapter [Sarga] 27 in Detail
evam uktaa tu vaidehii priya arhaa priya vaadinii |
pranayaat eva samkruddhaa bhartaaram idam abraviit || 2-27-1
Sita, who speaks kindly and deserves kind utterances, after hearing Rama's words, became angry out of love alone and spoke thus to her husband.
kimidam bhaashhase raama vaakyam laghutayaa dhruvam |
tvayaa yadapahaasyam me shrutvaa naravaraatmaja || 2-27-2
Oh, Rama the prince! What words these are you speaking? These light words certainly are to be laughed at by you and to me after hearing.
aarya putra pitaa maataa bhraataa putrah tathaa snusaa |
svaani punyaani bhunjaanaah svam svam bhaagyam upaasate || 2-27-3
"Oh, noble prince! Father, mother, brother, son and daughter-in-law accomplish their own good fortune, as benefited by their own pious deeds."
bhartur bhaagyam tu bhaaryaa ekaa praapnoti purusa risabha |
atah caiva aham aadistaa vane vastavyam iti api || 2-27-4
"Oh, Rama the best of men! Wife for one gets fortune of the husband. For that reason, I am also destined to dwell in the forest."
na pitaa na aatmajo na aatmaa na maataa na sakhii janah |
iha pretya ca naariinaam patir eko gatih sadaa || 2-27-5
“To a woman, father or son or self or mother or female companion are not the recourse. Husband alone is forever the best recourse either in this world or after her death".
yadi tvam prasthitah durgam vanam adya eva raaghava |
agratah te gamisyaami mridnantii kusha kantakaan || 2-27-6
"Oh, Rama! If you set forth now itself to the forest, which is difficult to be travelled, I shall come before you, by trampling down thorns and grass with long pointed stalks."
iirsyaa rosau bahis kritya bhukta shesam iva udakam |
naya maam viira vishrabdhah paapam mayi na vidyate || 2-27-7
"Oh, brave man! By abandoning, as water left over after drinking, the impatience and anger and having faith, take me. There is no sin in me."
praasaada agraih vimaanaih vaa vaihaayasa gatena vaa |
sarva avasthaa gataa bhartuh paadac chaayaa vishisyate || 2-27-8
"Protection under the feet of the husband is better than being on top of a lofty building or in aerial cars or in moving through the sky or in attaining all types of positions."
anushistaa asmi maatraa ca pitraa ca vividha aashrayam |
na asmi samprati vaktavyaa vartitavyam yathaa mayaa || 2-27-9
"My mother and father taught me of different matters long ago. I need not be told now, how to deal in any way with anyone."
aham durgam gamishhyaami vanam purushhavarjitam |
naanaamrigaganaakiirnam shaarduulavrikasevitam || 2-27-10
“I can come to forest which is inaccessible, which is devoid of people, filled with various types of animals and inhabited by tigers and jackals."
sukham vane nivatsyaami yathaa eva bhavane pituh |
acintayantii triiml lokaamh cintayantii pati vratam || 2-27-11
"Not thinking of three world, thinking of loyalty to husband, I shall dwell in the forest happily as though staying in our father's house".
shushruusamaanaa te nityam niyataa brahma caarinii |
saha ramsye tvayaa viira vanesu madhu gandhisu || 2-27-12
"Oh, brave man! performing service to you regularly, having the necessary discipline, observing chastity, I would like to stay with you in the forests which smell like honey."
tvam hi kartum vane shaktah raama samparipaalanam |
anyasya pai janasya iha kim punar mama maanada || 2-27-13
"Oh, Rama, the bestower of honor! Here in the forest, you are indeed capable of protecting other people also. Why to tell about my protection?"
saha tvayaa gamishyaami vasamadya na samshayah |
naaham shakyaa mahaabhaaga nivartayitu mudyataa || 2-2714
"Today no doubt, I will come to forest along with you. Oh, the illustrious! I, with this intention, cannot be prevented to do so."
phala muula ashanaa nityam bhavisyaami na samshayah |
na te duhkham karisyaami nivasantii saha tvayaa || 2-27-15
I shall live only on roots and fruits always, no doubt. Living along with you, I shall not create any unpleasantness to you.
icchaami saritah shailaan palvalaani vanaani ca |
drastum sarvatra nirbhiitaa tvayaa naathena dhiimataa || 2-27-16
“With you the learned and the lord, I shall not have fear anywhere. I wish to see rivers, mountains, small lakes and grooves."
hamsa kaarandava aakiirnaah padminiih saadhu puspitaah |
iccheyam sukhinii drastum tvayaa viirena samgataa || 2-27-17
I shall be comfortable, by coming together with you, the courageous man. I desire to see lotus- ponds filled with swans, water-fowls and excellently flowered.
abhishhekam karishhyaami taasu nityam yatavrataa |
saha tvayaa vishaala aksa ramsye parama nandinii || 2-27-18
"Oh, the large eyed lord! Remaining dedicated to you, I shall take bath regularly in those lakes and with full of joy, I shall sport with you."
evam varsa sahasraanaam shatam vaa aham tvayaa saha |
vyatikramam na vetsyaami svargo.api hi na me matah || 2-27-19
Thus spending even a hundred thousand years in your company I shall never find any deviation/ Heaven also will not be acceptable to me otherwise.
svarge api ca vinaa vaaso bhavitaa yadi raaghava |
tvayaa mama nara vyaaghra na aham tam api rocaye || 2-27-20
Oh, Lion among men and scion [descendant] of Raghu! Even if in heaven there is residence for me without you, I do not like it.
aham gamisyaami vanam sudurgamam |
mriga aayutam vaanara vaaranaih yutam |
vane nivatsyaami yathaa pitur grihe |
tava eva paadaav upagrihya sammataa || 2-27-21
I shall proceed to the forest, which is very much inaccessible and occupied by monkeys, elephants as well as other animals. Clinging to your feet alone, I shall dwell in the forest as though in father's home.
ananya bhaavaam anurakta cetasam |
tvayaa viyuktaam maranaaya nishcitaam |
nayasva maam saadhu kurusva yaacanaam |
na te mayaa atah gurutaa bhavisyati || 2-27-22
"Therefore, grant well my prayer and usher me- me without any other thought, whose mind is fondly attached to you and who am determined to die if separated from you. Due to this, there will be no burden to you from me."
tathaa bruvaanaam api dharma vatsalo |
na ca sma siitaam nri varah niniisati |
uvaaca ca enaam bahu samnivartane |
vane nivaasasya ca duhkhitaam prati || 2-27-23
Sita along with him even thought she was speaking as a foresaid. To hold her back from coming to forest, he also started talking highly of the various afflictions she might have to face in a forest.
|| iti shrimad raamayane ayodhya kaande shhatvimsah sargah ||
Thus complets the twenty sevent chapter of Ayodhya Kaanda in Srimad Ramayana.
Sriman Moola Rama Vijayate