Seeing Rama being sad Seetha wants to know the reason Rama then lets her know his father's wish and his decision to go to forest. He then asks her to stay in Ayodhya.
Chapter [Sarga] 26 in Detail
abhivaadya tu kausalyaam raamah samprasthitah vanam |
krita svastyayano maatraa dharmisthe vartmani sthitah || 2-26-1
viraajayan raaja sutah raaja maargam naraih vritam |
hridayaani aamamantha iva janasya gunavattayaa || 2-26-2
The prince Rama, having been invoked blessings by his mother, after having salutation to Kausalya and remaining firmly in his virtuous path, set out journey to the forest. Entering to the road filled with people, he made it shine with his splendor and stirred the hearts of the people because of his excellent qualities.
vaidehii ca api tat sarvam na shushraava tapasvinii |
tat eva hridi tasyaah ca yauvaraajya abhisecanam || 2-26-3
Sita, practicing for the coronation ceremony, did not hear anything on that matter. She was thinking of installation of Rama alone as prince Regent in her heart
deva kaaryam sma saa kritvaa kritajnaa hrista cetanaa |
abhijnaa raaja dharmaanaam raaja putram pratiiksate || 2-26-4
As she knows what is to be done and is aware of rules relating to kings Sita herself being rejoiced in heart, performed the worship of the gods and was waiting for the prince.
pravivesha atha raamah tu sva veshma suvibhuusitam |
prahrista jana sampuurnam hriyaa kimcit avaan mukhah || 2-26-5
Thereafter Rama, slightly turning his face down, entered his own house which is well decorated and is filled with rejoicing people all around
atha siitaa samutpatya vepamaanaa ca tam patim |
apashyat shoka samtaptam cintaa vyaakulila indriyam || 2-26-6
Sita sprang up from her seat and trembled by seeing her husband stricken with sorrow, his mind perturbed with anxiety.
taam drishhtvaa sa hi dharmaatmaa na shashaaka manogatam |
tam shokam raaghavah sodhum tato vivritataam gatah || 2-26-7
By seeing her, Rama the virtuous man could not contain that grief existing in his mind and hence got unveiled.
vivarna vadanam dristvaa tam prasvinnam amarsanam |
aaha duhkha abhisamtaptaa kim idaaniim idam prabho || 2-26-8
Seeing him pale-faced, perspired and without endurance, Sita (stricken with grief) spoke thus what is this now, my Lord!
adya baarhaspatah shriimaan yuktah pusyo na raaghava |
procyate braahmanaih praajnaih kena tvam asi durmanaah || 2-26-9
Oh, Rama! It is indeed told by learned Brahmanas that today's constellation Pushya (which is presided by sage Brihaspati) which is propitious, is suitable (for coronation). Why you are sadly disposed?
na te shata shalaakena jala phena nibhena ca |
aavritam vadanam valgu chatrena abhiviraajate || 2-26-10
Your handsome face does not shine splendidly as it should when covered by an umbrella white as water-froth and provided with a hundred ribs.
vyajanaabhyaam ca mukhyaabhyaam shata patra nibha iiksanam |
candra hamsa prakaashaabhyaam viijyate na tava aananam || 2-26-11
Nor your lotus -eyed face is not being fanned (as it should) by superior chowries shining like a moon and a swan
vaagmino bandinah ca api prahristaah tvam nara risabha |
stuvantah na adya drishyante mangalaih suuta maagadhaah || 2-26-12
Nor the overjoyed and eloquent bards Sutas and Maagadhas (who sing portions of epic poems and ancient ballads) are seen here, praising you with auspicious words.
na te ksaudram ca dadhi ca braahmanaa veda paaragaah |
muurdhni muurdha avasiktasya dadhati sma vidhaanatah || 2-26-13
Nor Brahmanas who are well-versed in Vedas, have not placed , as per prescribed Rites , honey and curds on your head after you had taken the head -bath
na tvaam prakritayah sarvaa shrenii mukhyaah ca bhuusitaah |
anuvrajitum icchanti paura jaapapadaah tathaa || 2-26-14
All ministers, chiefs of Associations, citizens and country-folk, duly decked with ornaments, are not inclined to go along with you.
caturbhir vega sampannaih hayaih kaancana bhuusanaih |
mukhyah pusya ratho yuktah kim na gacchati te agratah || 2-26-15
Why the main carriage used for traveling and pleasure, tied with four horses decked with gold ornaments and with excellent speed does not go ahead of you?
na hastii ca agratah shriimaams tava laksana puujitah |
prayaane laksyate viira krisna megha giri prabhah || 2-26-16
Oh, valiant prince! A glorious elephant which is worshipped for its good characteristics, resembling a mountain crowned with a dark cloud is not seen ahead in your journey.
na ca kaancana citram te pashyaami priya darshana |
bhadra aasanam purah kritya yaantam viira purahsaram || 2-26-17
Oh, brave man pleasant with the sight! I do not see marching before you an elephant having been placed in front with an excellent seat embroidered in gold meant for you
abhiseko yadaa sajjah kim idaaniim idam tava |
apuurvo mukha varnah ca na praharsah ca laksyate || 2-26-18
While coronation is getting ready now, the color of your face is appearing strange. Even happiness is not being seen (in you). Why is it?
iti iva vilapantiim taam provaaca raghu nandanah |
siite tatrabhavaams taata pravraajayati maam vanam || 2-26-19
Rama spoke thus to Sita, who is lamenting: Oh, Sita! My venerable father is sending me to a forest in exile.
kule mahati sambhuute dharmajne dharma caarini |
shrinu jaanaki yena idam kramena abhyaagatam mama || 2-26-20
Oh, Sita ! You are born in a great family. You know what is Right and practice virtue . hear me in what sequence it happened to me
raajnaa satya pratijnena pitraa dasharathena me |
kaikeyyai priita manasaa puraa dattau mahaa varau || 2-26-21
Two great boons were given to my mother Kaikeyi long ago, by my father Dasaratha who is true to a promise.
tayaa adya mama sajje asminn abhiseke nripa udyate |
pracoditah sa samayo dharmena pratinirjitah || 2-26-22
Now that the arrangements initiated by the king for my coronation are getting ready , Kaikeyi came out with that promise of boons, turning the situation to her own advantage by grounds of morality
caturdasha hi varsaani vastavyam dandake mayaa |
pitraa me bharatah ca api yauvaraajye niyojitah || 2-26-23
I have to dwell in Dandaka forest for fourteen years .Bharata is being appointed as prince by my father
so aham tvaam aagatah drastum prasthitah vijanam vanam |
bharatasya samiipe te na aham kathyah kadaacana || 2-26-24
riddhi yuktaa hi purusaa na sahante para stavam |
tasmaan na te gunaah kathyaa bharatasya agratah mama || 2-26-25
Before setting forth to the lonely forest, I came to see you. I should not be praised at any time in the presence of Bharata. Men endowed with power and fortune indeed do not tolerate praise of others. Therefore, my virtues should not be extolled by you in front of Bharata.
na api tvam tena bhartavyaa vishesena kadaacana
anukuulatayaa shakyam samiipe tasya vartitum || 2-26-26
You need not be attended in a special manner at any time by him. You can stay familiar to him, by behaving with him conformably.
tasmai dattam nrivatinaa yauvaraajyam sanaatanam |
sa prasaadyastvayaa siite nripatishcha visheshhatah || 2-26-27
The princely kingdom is given to him by the king permanently. Oh, Sita! He is fit to be rendered gracious by you, more so the king Dasaratha
aham ca api pratijnaam taam guroh samanupaalayan |
vanam adya eva yaasyaami sthiraa bhava manasvini || 2-26-28
Keeping up the pledge of my father, today itself. Oh, Sita of magnanimous mind! Remain firm.
yaate ca mayi kalyaani vanam muni nisevitam |
vrata upavaasa ratayaa bhavitavyam tvayaa anaghe || 2-26-29
Oh, Sita the good and faultless lady! After I leave for the forest frequented by the sages, you can become interested in religious vows and fasting.
kaalyam utthaaya devaanaam kritvaa puujaam yathaa vidhi |
vanditavyo dasharathah pitaa mama nara iishvarah || 2-26-30
You can rise up in dawn; perform worship of the deities as per precept and do salutation to my father, king Dasaratha.
maataa ca mama kausalyaa vriddhaa samtaapa karshitaa |
dharmam eva agratah kritvaa tvattah sammaanam arhati || 2-26-31
Keeping in front of righteousness alone, you have to respect the aged Kausalya, my mother who is getting emaciated by grief.
vanditavyaah ca te nityam yaah shesaa mama maatarah |
sneha pranaya sambhogaih samaa hi mama maatarah || 2-26-32
For me all my mothers are equal in my eyes in point if fondness, love and the way in which they have looked after me (in my childhood). Hence the rest of mothers also deserve to be saluted always by you
bhraatri putra samau ca api drastavyau ca vishesatah |
tvayaa laksmana shatrughnau praanaih priyatarau mama || 2-26-33
You, in particular, should regard Bharata and Satrughna, as your brothers or sons.
vipriyam na ca kartavyam bharatasya kadaacana |
sa hi raajaa prabhuh caiva deshasya ca kulasya ca || 2-26-34
Bharata is indeed king and the master both for the kingdom and for our family. Hence, you should not do what is displeasing to him at any time.
aaraadhitaa hi shiilena prayatnaih ca upasevitaah |
raajaanah samprasiidanti prakupyanti viparyaye || 2-26-35
Kings being pleased by good character and served by exerting one's self become happy. They get angry if it is to the contrary
aurasaan api putraan hi tyajanti ahita kaarinah |
samarthaan sampragrihnanti janaan api nara adhipaah || 2-26-36
Kings abandon even their own sons, if they are antagonistic and accept even other people if they are fitting
saa tvam vaseha kalyaani raajjnah samanuvartinii |
bharatasya rataa dharme satyavrataparaayanaa || 2-26-37
Oh good lady! You such dwell here; doing conformably to the will of Bharata the king, remaining devoted to righteousness and with a vow of truth as you end.
aham gamisyaami mahaa vanam priye |
tvayaa hi vastavyam iha eva bhaamini |
yathaa vyaliikam kuruse na kasyacit |
tathaa tvayaa kaaryam idam vaco mama || 2-26-38
Oh, my dear Sita! I can go to the great forest. You can stay here only, without doing harm to any one as it is .Listen to my words
|| iti shri madraamayane ayodhyakaande sadvimshah sargah ||
Thus completes twenty-sixth chapter of ayodhya kanda in Srimad Ramayana
Sriman Moola Rama Vijayate