Dasaratha is shocked by the strange wishes of Kaikeyi and tries to convince Kaikeyi of her wishes as being harmful. Kaikeyi would not heed to the emperor's words.
Chapter [Sarga] 12 in Detail
tatah shrutvaa mahaaraajah kaikeyyaa daarunam vachah |
chintaamabhisamaapede muhuurtam pratataapa cha || 2-12-1
After hearing the cruel words of Kaikeyi, King Dasaratha got disturbed and suffered great agony for a while.
kim nu me yadi vaa svapnashchittamohoo.api vaamama |
anubhuutopasargo vaa manaso vaapyupadravah || 2-12-2
"As it a day-dream or confusion of my mind? Or could it be an eclipse of my experience or a disease of the mind?"
iti samchintya tadraajaa naadhyagachchha ttadaa sukham |
pratilabhya chiraatsamjjnaam kaikeyiivaakyataaditah || 2-12-3
vyathito viklabashachaiva vyaaghriim drishhtvaa yathaa mrigah |
asamvritaayaamaasiino jagatyaam diirghamuchchhvasan || 2-12-4
mandle pannago ruddho mantrairiva mahaavishhah |
ahodhigiti saamarshho vaachamuktvaa naraadhipah || 2-12-5
mohamaapedivaanbhuuyah shokopahatachetanah |
Thinking over thus, the king could not make out on the spur of the moment what it was. Then, regaining consciousness, he felt tormented by Kaikeyi's words. Distressed and disgusted as a deer at the sight of a lioness and seated on the bare floor, he gave forth a long sigh like a highly venomous serpent fixed to a charmed spot through magic spells. Uttering words "what a pity!" the angry king fell into a swoon once more, his mind infatuated with grief.
chirena tu nripah samjjnaam pratilabhya suduhkhitah || 2-12-6
kaikeyiimabraviitkruddhah pradahanniva chakshushhaa |
Regaining consciousness after a long time and feeling much distressed and angry, the King spoke thus to Kaikeyi, as though consuming her with fire in his eyes
nrishamse dushhtachaaritre kulasyaasya vinaashini || 2-12-7
kim kritam tava raamena paapam paape mayaapi vaa |
"Oh cruel woman of wicked conduct inclined to exterminate this race! what wrong has been done to you by Rama or by me?"
tvam mamaatmavinaashaartham bhavanam svam praveshitaa || 2-12-8
avijjnaanaannripasutaa vyaalii tiikshnavishhaa yathaa |
"When Rama is treating you in the same way as his mother, why are you bent upon harming only him?"
jiivaloko yadaa sarvo raamasyaaha gunastavam || 2-12-9
aparaadham kamuddishya tyakshyaamiishhtamaham sutam |
"by not knowing you as a female snake with fiery poison, you were admitted by me as princess in my house for my own self destruction".
jiivaloko yadaa sarvo raamasyaaha gunastavam || 2-12-10
aparaadham kamuddishya tyakshyaamiishhtamaham sutam |
"when all living beings extol the virtues of Rama, for what offence shall I forego my be- loved son?"
kausalyaam vaa sumitraam vaa tyajeyamapi vaa shriyam || 2-12-11
jiivitam vaatmano raamam na tveva pitrivatsalam |
"For what offence shall I forsake my beloved son, when the entire world of living beings extols [to praise highly] the virtues of Rama?"
paraa bhavati me priitirdhrishhtvaa tanayamagrajam || 2-12-12
apashyatastu me raamam nashhtaa bhavati chetanaa |
"Supreme delight comes to me on seeing my eldest son. My very consciousness is lost, if I fail to see Rama."
tishhthelloko vinaa suuryam sasyam vaa salilam vinaa || 2-12-13
na tu raamam vinaa dehe tishhthettu mama jiivitam |
"The world can exist without the sun, a crop without water. But life cannot continue in my body, without Rama."
tadalam tyajyataameshha nishchayah paapanishchaye || 2-12-14
apite charanau muurdhnaa sprishaamyeshha prasiida me |
"Oh, sinful woman! enough of it. Let this resolution be given up. I even touch your feet with my head. Be gracious to me."
kimidam chintitam paape tvayaa paramadaarunam || 2-12-15
atha jiijjnaasase maam tvam bharatasya priyaapriye |
astuyattattvayaaapuurvam vyaahritamraaghavamprati || 2-12-16
sa me jyeshhthah sutah shriimaan dharmajyeshhtha itiiva me |
tattvayaa priyavaadinyaa sevaartham kathitam bhavet || 2-12-17
"Oh, sinful woman! Why this most design has been conceived by you? If you wish to ascertain my kindly or unkindly feeling towards Bharata, let it be so. But the observation made by you earlier that glorious Rama, who is senior in the practice of virtue is my eldest son as it were, must have been uttered in order to coax me or to get service from him."
tachchhrutvaa shokasamtaptaa samtaapayasi maam bhrisham |
aavishhtaasi griham shuunyam saa tvam paravasham gataa || 2-12-18
"Afflicted with grief by hearing Rama's proposed installation, you are tormenting me too much. Possessed by an evil spirit in a lonely house, you are subject to control of another"
ikshvaakuunaam kule devi sampraaptah sumahaanayam |
anayo nayasampanne yatra te vikritaa matih || 2-12-19
"Oh, queen! In this Ikshhvaaku race, which is rich in good conduct, this very great misfortune has appeared, due to which your mind has been perverted
na hi kimchidayuktam vaa vipriyam vaa puraa mama |
akarostvam vishaalaakshi tena na shraddadhaamyaham || 2-12-20
"Oh, large eyed one! Earlier you have not done anything unreasonable or repugnant to me. That is why, I do not believe what has been done by you."
nanu te raaghavastulyo bharatena mahaatmanaa |
bahusho hi sma baale tvam kathayase mama || 2-12-21
"Indeed, Rama is an par with the great souled Bharata to you, for many times you were telling me stories illustrating this, Oh, young lady!"
tasya dharmaatmano devi vanavaasam yashasvinah |
katham rochayase bhiiru nava varshhaani pajncha cha || 2-12-22
"Oh, timid lady! How do you take delight in banishment for fourteen years of that pious- minded and illustrious Rama?"
atyantasukumaarasya tasya dharme dhritaatmanah |
katham rochayase vaasamaranye bhrishadaarune || 2-12-23
"How do you take delight in the sojourn, in a most dreadful forest, of Rama with very delicate body and having his self held in piety?"
rochayasyabhiraamasya raamasya shubhalochane |
tavashushruushhamaanasya kimmartham vipravaasanam || 2-12-24
"Oh, the fair-eyed one! why do you take delight in banishment of Rama, who is so pleasing to look at and who is so obediently doing service to you ?"
raamo hi bharataadbhuuyastava shushruushhte sadaa |
visheshham tvayi tasmaattu bharatasya na lakshaye || 2-12-25
"Rama always is doing service to you more than Bharata does. For that reason also, in your case, I do not see any specialty in Bharata."
shushruushhaam gauravam chaiva pramaanam vachanakriyaam |
kaste bhuuyastaram kuryaadanyatra manujarshhabhaat || 2-12-26
bahuunaam striisahasraanaam bahuunaam chopajiivinaam |
In fact, who else other than Rama the best of men could do much more service to you with respect, with correct notion and in obedience?"
parivaado.apavaado vaa raaghave nopapadyate || 2-12-27
saantvayan sarvabhuutaani raamah shuddhena chetasaa |
grihnaati manujavyaagrah priyairvishhayavaasinah || 2-12-28
"No censure or calumny against Rama can come from the mouth of many of thousands of women or from numerous dependents maintained by me. Addressing gently all created beings with clear mind, Rama a tiger among men, captivates the people of his kingdom by his kind actions."
satyena lokaan jayati diinaan daanena raaghavah |
guruun shushruushhayaa viiro dhanushaa yudhi shaatravaan || 2-12-29
"Rama the valiant, conquers men by virtue, the poor through charity, the elders by service, the enemies in battle by his bow."
satyam daanam tapastyago vitrataa shauchamaarjavam |
vidyaa cha gurushushruushhaa dhruvaanyetaani raaghave || 2-12-30
"Truthfulness, charity, austerity, sacrifice, purity, straightforwardness, learning, service to elders-these firmly established in Rama."
tasminnaarjavasampanne devi devopame katham |
paapamaashamsase raame maharshhisamatejasi || 2-12-31
"Oh, Queen! How do you wish harm to that Rama who is richly endowed with honesty, who is equal to god and who is having splendour as of a great sage?"
na smaraamyapriyam vaakyam lokasya priyavaadinah |
sa katham tvatkrite raamam vakshyaami priyamapriyam || 2-12-32
"I do not remember an unkind word spoken by Rama, who always speaks kindly words to all. As such, how can I for your sake, break unpalatable news to Rama the beloved."
kshamaa yasmin damastyaagah satyam dharmah kritajjnataa |
apyahimsaa cha bhuutaanaam tamrite kaa gatirmama || 2-12-33
"What recourse is there for me other than Rama, in whom forgiveness, asceticism, self-denial, truthfulness, piety, gratitude and harmlessness towards living beings exist."
mama vriddhasya kaikeyi gataantasya tapasvinah |
diinam laalapyamaanasya kaarunyam kartumarhasi || 2-12-34
"Oh, Kaikeyi! You ought to bestow mercy to me, and old and miserable man who reached his end and is coaxing painfully to you"
prithivyaam saagaraantaayaam yatkijnchaidadhigamyate |
tatsarvam tava daasyaami maa cha tvaam manyuraavishet || 2-12-35
"Whatever can be attained on earth, which has the sea an end, all that I can give you. Let not anger take possession of you
ajnjalim kurmi kaikeyi paadau chaapi sprishaami te |
sharanam bhava raamasya maa.adharmo maamiha sprishet || 2-12-36
"Oh, Kaikeyi ! I fold my hands in salutation to you. I am even touching your feet. Be a protector of Rama. Let not unrighteousness lay hold on me in this matter."
iti duhkhaabhisantaptam vilapantamachetanam |
ghuurnamaanam mahaaraajam shokena samabhiplutam || 2-12-37
paaram shokaarnavasyaashu praarthayantam punah punah |
pratyuvaachaatha kaikeyii raudraa raudraataram vachah || 2-12-38
The fierce Kaikeyi again spoke these fiercer words to Dasaratha, who was burning with sorrow and was wailing as aforesaid, who had fallen unconscious and was tossing about as he was filled with grief, and was praying again and again for being speedily borne across the sea of grief.
yadi datvaa varau raajan punah pratyanutapyase |
dhaarmikatvam katham viira prithivyaam kathayishhyasi || 2-12-39
"Oh, Valiant king! Having again boons, if you repent again and again how can you proclaim piety on this earth?"
yadaa sametaa bahavastvayaa raajarshhayassaha |
kathayishhyanti dharmajjna tatra kim prativakshyasi || 2-12-40
"Oh, knower of what is right! When many royal saints assemble and converse with you , what will be your reply?"
yasyaah prasaade jiivaami yaa cha maamabhyapaalayat |
tasyaah kritam mayaa mithyaa kaikeyyaa iti vakshyasi || 2-12-41
"Can you say" a wrong was done to Kaikeyi, on whose grace I am living now and who protected me earlier?"
kilbishham narendhraanaam karishhyasi naraadhipa |
yo dattvaa varamadyaiva punaranyaani bhaashhase || 2-12-42
"Oh, King! You having granted boons indeed today, now talk in another way, creating blemish on other kings"
shaibyah shyenakapotiiye svamaamsam pakshite dadau |
alarkashchakshushhii datvaa jagaama gatimuttamaam || 2-12-43
When there was a dispute between a hawk and a pigeon (who were no other than Indra the ruler of gods ,and the god of fire respectively), the ruler of Sibis gave away his own flesh to the bird and king Alarka by parting with his eyes, attained to the highest destiny.
saagarah samayam kritvaana velaamativartate |
samayam maa.anritam kaarshhiih purvavrittamanusmaran || 2-12-44
"The ocean, having given a promise, never crosses its limits. Therefore, bearing in mind the previous occurrences do not violate the pledge given by you to me".
sa tvam dharmam parityajya raamam raajye.abhishhichyacha |
saha kaulasyayaa nityam rantumichchhasi durmate || 2-12-45
"Oh, the evil-minded! By giving up righteousness and by installing Rama in the kingdom, you want to enjoy life with Kausalya forever".
bhavatvadharmo dharmo vaa satyam vaa yadi vaanritam |
yattvayaa samshrutam mahyam tasya naasti vyatikramah || 2-12-46
"Let it be unrighteous or righteous, real or hoax. There should be no change in whatever is promised by you for me".
aham hi vishhamadyaiva piitvaa bahu tavaagratah |
pashyataste marishhyaami raamo yadyabhishhichyate || 2-12-47
"If Rama is coronated, I shall indeed die before your eyes by drinking abundant poison now itself in front of you."
ekaahamapi pashyeyam yadyaham raamamaataram |
ajnjalim pratigrihnantiim shreyo nanu mritirmama || 2-12-48
"If I have to see Kausalya, the mother of Rama receiving salutations even for day, death is indeed better for me."
bharatenaatmanaa chaaham shape te manujaadhipa |
yathaa naanyena tushhyeyamrite raamavivaasanaat || 2-12-49
"Oh, King! I swear to you an oath by Bharata and by myself that I will not be pleased with anything else other than sending Rama to exile."
etaavaduktvaa vachanam kaikeyii viraraama ha |
vilapantam cha raajaanam na prativyaajahaara saa || 2-12-50
Kaikeyi spoke words of such extent and stopped. She did not further reply to the wailing
shrutvaa tu raajaa kaikeyyaa vritam paramashobhanam |
raamasya cha vane vaasamaishvaryam bharatasya cha || 2-12-51
naabhyabhaashhata kaikeyyim muhuurtam vyaakulendriyah |
Hearing Kaikeyi's boons, asking for Rama's exile and Bharata's sovereignty which are very much unwelcome, king Dasaratha nevertheless was perturbed for a while and did not move his lips towards Kaikeyi
praikshataanimishho deviim priyaamapriyavaadiniim || 2-12-52
taam hi vajrasamaam vaachamaakarnya hridayaa priyaam |
duhkhashokamayiim ghoraam raajaa na sukhito.abhavat || 2-12-53
He kept gazing with un-winking eyes towards his beloved queen Kaikeyi, who spoke such disagreeable words. The king could not become comfortable on hearing that utterance, which was unkindly to his heart filling with pain and sorrow and was as terrible as a thunderbolt.
sa devyaa vyavasaayam cha ghoram cha shapatham kritam |
dhyaatvaa raameti nishshvasya chhinnastarurivaapatat || 2-12-54
Reflecting over Kaikeyi's resolve and her terrible swearing, Dasaratha heaved a sigh, uttering "Rama" and fell like tree which was cut off.
nashhtachitto yathonmatto vipariito yathaaturah |
hritatejaa yathaa sarpo babhuuva jagatiipatih || 2-12-55
Then the king become like mental a mad man who lost his equilibrium like an ailing man getting upset and like a serpent losing it's fierceness.
diinayaa tu giraa raajaa iti hovaacha kaikayim |
anarthamimamarthaabham kena tvamupadarshitaa || 2-12-56
bhuutopahatachitteva bruvantii maam na lajjase |
The king spoke to Kaikeyi in a distressed tone as follows "By whom have you been taught this worthless thing which appears to be worthwhile? Like a woman whose mind has been perverted by an evil spirit, you are not ashamed to speak to me".
shiilavyasanametatte naabhijaanaamyaham puraa |
laayaastattvidaaniim te lakshaye vipariitavat || 2-12-57
"In the beginning, I was not knowing your wavery conduct in this way. But now, I am seeing it in you. It is perverted."
kuto vaa te bhayam jaatam yaa tvamevamvidam varam |
raashhtre bharatamaasiinam vriniishhe raaghavam vane || 2-12-58
"from whom has such fear cropped up in you, so as to seek Bharata to be seated on the throne and Rama to stay in the forest?"
viramaitena bhaavena tvametenaanritena vaa || 2-12-59
yadi bhartuh priyam kaaryam lokasya bharatasya cha |
"If you want to do favor to your husband, to the world at large and to Bharata, you give up this sinful intention of sending Rama to exile".
vrishamse paapasamkalpe kshudre dushhkritakaarini || 2-12-60
kim nu kuhkhamaliikam vaa mayi raame cha pashyasi |
"Oh, cruel! Petty minded woman of sinful resolve and wicked deed! which grievance or offence are you finding in me or in Rama?"
na kathamchi drite raamaadbharato raajyamaavaset || 2-12-61
raamaadapi hi tam manye dharmato balavattaram |
"with out Rama, Bharata will not in any case take possession of the kingdom of Ayodhya as I think him to be stronger in virtue than even Rama."
katham drakshyaami raamasya vanam gachchheti bhaashhite || 2-12-62
mukhavarnam vivarnam tam yathaivendumupaplutam |
"Having uttered the words 'proceed to the forest!’How can I be hold the pale face of Rama resembling an eclipsed moon?"
taam hi me sukritaam buddhim suhridbhih saha nishchitaam || 2-12-63
katham drakshyaamyapaavrittaam parairiva hataam chamuum |
kim maam vakshyanti raajaano naanaadigbhyah samaagataah || 2-12-64
baalo bataaya maikshvaakashchiram raajyamakaarayat |
"How can I see that reasonable view of mine, which was well made in consultation with friends and decided, being foiled like an army destroyed by enemies? What the kings who came from many directions, will speak about me? 'Alas', this king Dasaratha, a fool was ruling this kingdom for such a long time!"
yadaa tu bahavo vriddhaa gunavanto bahushrutaah || 2-12-65
pariprakshyanti kaakutthsam vakshyaami kimmahaam tadaa |
"When many virtuous and learned elders enquire me about Rama, what then shall I tell them?"
kaikeyyaa klishyamaanena raamah pravraajito mayaa || 2-12-66
yadi satyam braviimyetattadasatyam bhavishhyati |
"Even if I tell the truth that Rama was sent to forest by me, hard-pressed as I was by Kaikeyi, nobody will believe it and think as untruth".
kim maam vakshyati kausalyaa raaghave vanamaasthite || 2-12-67
kim chainaam prativakshyaami kritvaa chaapriyamiidrisham |
"what will Kausalya say to me if Rama proceeds to forest? What can I, having done an unkind act, reply to her?"
yadaa yadaa hii kausalyaa daasiivachcha sakhiiva cha || 2-12-68
bhaaryaavadbhaginiivachcha maatrivachchopatishhthati |
satatam priyakaamaa me priyaputraa priyamvadaa || 2-12-69
na mayaa satkritaa devi satkaaraarhaa krite tava |
"Oh, Kaikeyi! Whatever Kausalya, who was always desirous of showing kindness to me, who was blessed with a pet son, who speaks kind words and who deserves to be kindly treated, was waiting on me like a maid-servant, like a friend, like a wife, like a sister and like a mother. But, for your sake, she was never treated kindly by me".
idaaniim tattapati maam yanmayaa sukritam tvayi || 2-12-70
avathyavyajnjanonopetam bhuktamannamivaaturam |
"That which was done good be me for you, is hurting me now even as a meal taken with forbidden sauces fills an ailing person with repentance"
viprakaaram cha raamasya samprayaanam vanasya cha || 2-12-71
sumitraa prekshyavai bhiitaa katham me vishvasishhyati |
Being apprehensive of seeing Rama being treated with contempt and his exile to the forest, how will Sumitra put faith in me?"
kripanam bata vaidehii shroshhyati dvayamapriyam || 2-12-72
maam cha pajnchatvamaapannam raamam cha vanamaashritam |
"Sita, alas, will hear woefully two unpleasant, of me having befallen to death and of Rama seeking refuge in the forest."
vaidehii bata me praanaan shochantii kshapayishhyati || 2-12-73
hiinaa himavatah paarshvae kinnarenena kinnaraa |
"Alas! Like a Kinnara girl bereft of her partner at the side of Himalayan hill, Sita with her grief will make me lose my life."
na hi raamamaham drishhtva pravasantam mahaavane || 2-12-74
chiram jiivitumaashamse rudatiim chaapi maithiliim |
"Seeing Rama dwelling in a great forest and Sita lamenting, I cannot indeed desire to line."
saa nuunam vidhavaa raajyam saputraa kaarayishhyasi ||2-12-75
na hi pravaajite raame devi jiivitumutsahe |
"Oh, Kaikeyi! Deprived of your husband, you can as such rule the kingdom along with your son. It is indeed impossible for me to survive, after Rama's exile"
satiim tvaamahamatyantam vyavasyaamyasatiim satiim || 2-12-76
ruupiniim vishhasamyuktaam piitveva madiraam narah |
"I considered you, a good and virtuous wife as you are, proving to be perpetually bad wife, as one, having drunk wine with poison, though possessing an attractive appearance, concludes it to be obnoxious"
anritairbahu maam saanvaihsaa ntvayantii sma smabhaashhase || 2-12-77
giitashabdena samrudhya lubdho mrigamivaavadhiih |
"You used to speak to me very consolingly with untruthful gentle words like a deer being killed by a hunter after enticing it with melodious sounds."
anaarya iti maamaaryaah putravikraayikam dhruvam || 2-12-78
dhikkarishhyanti rathyaasu suraapam braahmanam yathaa |
"Venerable people gathered in the streets will reproach me who has sold away my son, saying that I am as bad as a Brahmana who drinks wine .It is certain."
aho duhkhamaho krichchhram yatra vaachah kshame tava || 2-12-79
duhkhamevamvidham praaptam puraakritamivaashubham |
"Alas! How was distressing and how painful it is that I have to forbear your words! I got this type of trouble as an evil consequence earned in a previous life."
chiram khalu mayaa paape tvam paapenaabhirakshitaa || 2-12-80
ajjnaanaadupasampannaa rajjurudbamdhinii yathaa |
"Like a rope used for hanging up one's neck through ignorance, Oh sinful woman, you have been lovingly maintained by me, sinful as I am"
ramamaanastvayaa saardham mrityum tvaa naabhilakshaye || 2-12-81
baalo rahasi hastena krishhnasarpamivaasprisham |
"Enjoying life with you, I could not recognize you as death. I touched you, like cobra touched with hand by a child in a deserted place".
mayaa hyapitrikah putrahsa mahaatmaa duraatmanaa || 2-12-82
yah striikrite priyam putram vanam prasthaapayishhyati |
"This world of living beings is certainly fit to curse me, such as I am, saying that Rama the great souled is deprived of fatherly protection by me, the evil-minded"
vrataishcha brahmacharyaishcha gurubhishchapakarshitah || 2-12-83
bhogakaale mahatkrichchhram punareva prapatsyate |
Alas! Extremely foolish is king Dasaratha, whose mind is lustful for a woman and sent his son to the forest"
naalam dvitiiyam vachanam putro maam prati bhaashhitum || 2-12-84
sa vanam pravrajetyukto baadhamityeva vakshyati |
"Emaciated by vow's, by study of Vedas and by service to his preceptors, Rama will indeed during the period of enjoyment, again undergo a great hardship"
yadi me raaghavah kuryaadvanam gachcheti choditah || 2-12-85
pratikuulam priyam me syaanna tu vatsah karishhyati |
"My son Rama is incapable of saying a second word to me to go to forest, he will say "Be it so."
shuddhibhaavo hi bhaavam me na tu jjnaasyati raaghavah || 2-12-86
sa vanam pravraje tyuktobaadha vityeva vakshyati |
"If Rama does contrary to my command to go to forest, it will be most welcome to me. But, Rama the darling would never do so."
raaghave hi vanam praapte sarvalokasya dhikkritam || 2-12-87
mrityurakshamaniiyam maam nayishhyati yamakshayam |
"Rama, who is pure minded, cannot indeed conjecture my way of thinking. Having been told to go to the forest, he will say "Be it so".
raaghave hi vanam praapte sarvalokasya dhikkritam || 2-12-88
mrityurakshamaniiyam maam nayishhyati yamakshayam |
"On Rama reaching the forest, Death will take me, who is condemned by all men and unpardonable, to the abode of Yama the god of punishment."
mrite mayi gate raame vanam manujapugave || 2-12-89
ishhte mama jane sheshhe kim paapam prativatsyase |
"Rama the foremost among men-having left for the forest and I having been dead, what sinful act can you think of the remaining people beloved of me"
kausalyaa maam cha raamam cha putrau cha yadi haasyati || 2-12-90
duhkhaanyasahatii devii maamevaanumarishhyati |
"The queen Kausalya, after losing me, Rama and sons Lakshmana and satrughna, will be enable to endure the woes and will follow me to the abode of Yama"
kausalyaam cha sumitraam cha maam cha putraistribhih saha ||2-12-91
prakshivya narake saa tvam kaikeyi sukhitaa bhava |
"Having thrown Kausalya, Sumitra along with three sons and myself into tortures of hell, you be happy!"
mayaa raamena cha tyaktam shaashvatam satkritam gunaih || 2-12-92
ikshvaakukulamakshobhyamaakulam paalayishhyasi |
"Being abandoned by me and Rama, the Ikshvaku dynasty which was eternal, which was adorned with qualities, which could not be disturbed, will now be protected by you by bringing disorder."
priyam chedbharatasyaitadraamapravraajanam bhavet || 2-12-93
maa sma me bharatah kaarshhiit pretakrityam gataayushhah |
"If it becomes agreeable to Bharata to send Rama to exile, let not Bharata do funeral rite to me, when life has departed".
hantaanaarye mamaamitre sakaamaa bhava kaikayi || 2-12-94
mrite mayi gate raame vanam purushhapugave |
sedaaniim vidhavaa raajyam saputraa kaarayishhyasi || 2-12-95
"Alas! my adversary! Oh, vulgar lady, Kaikeyi! Become satisfied with your desires! When I am dead consequent on Rama, the foremost of men, having proceeded to forest, you a widow along with your son will then rule over the kingdom"
tvam raajaputriivaadena nyavaso mama veshmani |
akiirtishchaatulaa loke dhruvah paribhavashcha me || 2-12-96
sarvabhuuteshhu chaavajjnaa yathaa paapakritastathaa |
"You are residing in my house with the designation of a princess. All fame, which is unequalled in this world and lasting insult as well as disrespect of men will fall to my share as to a perpetrator of sins
katham rathairvibhurgatvaa gajaashvaieshcha muhuurmahuh || 2-12-97
padbhyaam raamo mahaaranye vatso me vicharishhyati |
"How can my beloved son Rama, who was hitherto traveling as a Lord time again in chariots elephants and horses, will move on foot in a great forest?"
yasya tvaahaarasamaye suudaah kundaladhaarinah || 2-12-98
ahampurvaah pachanti sma prashastam paanabhojanam |
sa kathannu kashhaayaani tiktaani katukaani cha || 2-12-99
bhakshayanvanyamaahaaram suto me vartayishhyati |
How will my sin, in whose dining time, cooks wearing ear-rings used to prepare excellent food and drinks trying to finish their work before others actually survive by eating astringent bitter and pungent wild foods?"
mahaarhavastrasamviito bhuutvaa chirasukhoshhitah || 2-12-100
kaashaayaparidhaanastu katham bhuumau nivatsyati |
"How having worn costly robes, will Rama who is deserving of lasting comforts, be in brown -red clothing on this earth?"
kasyaitaddhaarunam vaakyamevam vidhamachintitam || 2-12-101
raamasyaaranyagavanam bharatasyaiva maataram |
"Whose terrific and thoughtless words are these of one demanding Rama's exile to forest and the other of Bharata's consecration as king?"
dhigastu yoshhito naama shathaah svaarthaparaassadaa || 2-12-102
na braviimi striyah sarvaa bharatasyaiva maataram |
"Woman of course are deceivers, even occupied with selfishness. Let them be condemned! Here, I am not mentioning of all women but of Bharata's mother only."
anarthabhaave.a rthapare nrishamse |
mamaanutaapaaya nivishhtabhaave |
kimapriyam pashyasi mannimittam |
hitaanukaarinyathavaapi raame || 2-12-103
"Oh, cruel woman of evil intent, given to pursuit of your selfish ends , you have a settled disposition to bring grief to me. What a mischief do you expect through me or through Rama, who is always doing benefit to you?"
parityajeyuh pitaro hi putraan |
bhaaryaah vatiimshchaapi kritaanuraagaah |
kritsnam hi sarvam kupitam jagatsyaa |
ddrishhtve raanan vtasabe bunagban || 2-12-104
"On seeing Rama plunged in adversity fathers leave of their sons and wives too their husbands .Not, even the entire world gets exasperated"
aham punardevakumaararuupa |
malakritam tam sutamaavrajantam |
nandaami pashyannapi darshanena |
bhavaami drishhtvaa cha punaryuveva || 2-12-105
"I, for one, rejoice by seeing that son Rama in the form of a divine boy, adorned with ornaments coming in proximity to me. By seeing him again and again, I get rejuvenated"
vinaapi suuryena bhavetpravritti |
ravarshhtaa vajradharena vaapi |
raamam tu gachchhantamitah samiikshya |
jiivenna kashchittviti chetanaa me || 2-12-106
"Active life may not be possible even without sun or even Indra (the wielder of thunder bolt)not pouring rain. But, my opinion is that not even one will survive, by seeing Rama departing from here."
vinaashakaamaamahitaamamitraa |
maavaasayam mrityumivaatmanastvam |
chiram bataakena dhritaasi sarpii |
mahaavishha tena hato.asmi mohaat || 2-12-107
"I lodged in my house, as one would one's own mortal enemy, you, who seek my destruction and are unfriendly. Alas, due to ignorance, a highly venomous female serpent has been held on my lap so long and therefore I am undone.”
mayaa cha raamena salakshmanena |
prashaastu hiino bharatastvayaa saha |
puram cha raashhtram cha nihatya baandhavaan |
mamaahitaanaam cha bhavaabhiharshhinii || 2-12-108
"Bereft of me as also Rama and Lakshmana, let Bharata along with you, rule over the city and the state. After killing your relatives, bring delight to my enemies."
nrishamsavritte vyasanaprahaarini |
prasahya vaakyam yadihaadya bhaashhase |
na naama te kena mukhaatpatantyadho |
vishiiryamaanaa dashanaa ssahasradhaa || 2-12-109
"Oh, cruel natured! One who has struck a blow in adversity! When you violently utter such words now, why the teeth from you r mouth have not fallen down, breaking into thousands of pieces?"
na kimchidaahaahitamapriyam vacho |
na vetti raamah parushaani bhaashhitum |
kathannu raame hyabhiraamavaadini |
braviishhi doshhaan gunanityasammate || 2-12-110
"Rama does not speak a word which is even a little malevolent or unkindly. He does not know how to utter harsh words. How indeed are you recounting the faults of Rama, who talks beautifully and who is always admired for his virtues"
prataamya vaa prajvala vaa pranashya vaa |
sahasrasho vaa sphutitaa mahiim vraja |
na te karishhyami vachah sudaarunam |
mamaahitam kekayaraajapaamsani || 2-12-111
"Oh, Kaikeyi, the black guard of Keka dynasty! You may faint away or flare up or perish or enter the earth split up into thousands of cracks! I will not act on your word which is very cruel and inimical to me."
kshuropamaam nityamasatpriyamvadaam |
pradushhtabhaavaam svakulopaghaatiniim |
na jiivitum tvaam vishhahe.amanoramaam |
didhakshamaanaam hridayam sabandhanam || 2-12-112
"I do not wish the survival of you, who are destructive like a razor, always speaking falsely pleasing words, are of evil natured, disastrous to the family, intent upon burning my heart along with vitals and repellent to my mind"
na jiivitam me.asti punah kutah sukham |
vinaatmajenaatmavatah kuto ratih |
mamaahitam devi na k kartumarhasi |
sprishaami paadaavapi te prasiida me || 2-12-113
"There is no life to me without my son. How can there be happiness moreover? From whom else can there be joy , while I survive? Oh, queen! You ought not to do an un friendly act to me. I even touch your feet. Be gracious to me."
sa bhuumipalo vilapannanaathavat |
striiyaa grihiito hridaye.atimaatrayaa |
papaata devyaashcharanau prasaaritaa |
pubhaavasampraapya yathaaturastathaa || 2-12-114
That king, who has been gripped in the heart his by his wife, who transgressed all bounds of decorum , he wailing like a forlorn child and not reaching Kaikeyi's both the feet which were spread along , sank down like an ailing man.
|| iti ayodhyakande dvadasah sargah ||
Thus completes 12th sarga in Ayodhya Kanda.
Sriman Moola Rama Vijayate