When Rama incinerates Kabandha he resurrects as a celestial being and detailing about Sugreeva he urges Rama to befriend him. He informs Rama that Sugreeva is also in a similar condition and he needs some one to rely upon, in order to overcome his problems, and thus Kabandha asks Rama to help Sugreeva, and get help as requital [something given in return] from Sugreeva.
Chapter [Sarga] 72 in Detail
evam uktau tu tau viirau kabandhena nara iishvarau |
giri pradaram aasaadya paavakam visasarjatuh || 3-72-1
When Kabandha said that way, both those brave men and lords of people, on throwing the body of Kabandha into a mountain cleft and then embedded it with firewood. [3-72-1]
laksmanah tu mahaa ulkaabhih jvalitaabhih samantatah |
citaam aadiipayaamaasa saa prajajvaala sarvatah || 3-72-2
On his part Lakshmana started to torch that pyre with highly sparkling torches from all over, and even that pyre too suddenly blazed with blazes from all over. [3-72-2]
tat shariiram kabandhasya ghrita pinda upamam mahat |
medasaa pacyamaanasya mandam dahati paavakah || 3-72-3
That massy body of Kabandha is full with fat and while it is being cooked, it is in simile with a massy gob of ghee. But the Fire had to stew that body tardily, though that stewed meat is Fire's favorite dish, because of that body's massiveness. [3-72-3]
sa vidhuuya citaam aashu vidhuumo agnir iva utthitah |
araje vaasasii bibhrat maalaam divyaam mahaabalah || 3-72-4
In a trice that highly dynamic Kabandha zoomed up shoving off that pyre, and he is now attired in lily-white vestments and angelic garlands, and appeared like a fumeless fire. [3-72-4]
tatah citaayaa vegena bhaasvaro viraja a.mbarah |
utpapaata aashu sa.mhristah sarva pratya.nga bhuusanah || 3-72-5
Then highly gladdened Kabandha jumped up onto sky from the pyre [a combustible heap for burning a dead body as a funeral rite], and there he is irradiant with unsullied clothing, and fineries decorated on every limb. [3-72-5]
vimaane bhaasvare tisthan ha.msa yukte yashas kare |
prabhayaa ca mahaatejaa disho dasha viraajayan || 3-72-6
so antariksa gato vaakyam kabandho raamam abraviit |
On going to firmament Kabandha is now seated in a dazzling celestial aircraft yoked with swans, which endows renown because it takes the occupants to the realms of Brahma, and sitting in that celestial aircraft he said this sentence to Rama, while his own great glimmer and glitter beamed forth in all ten quarters. [3-72-6, 7]
shrinu raaghava tattvena yathaa siimaam avaapsyasi || 3-72-7
raama sad yuktayo loke yaabhih sarvam vimrishyate |
parimristo dasha antena dasha aabhaagena sevyate || 3-72-8
"Oh, Raghava, how you will regain Seetha, that you listen from me in its essence... oh, Rama, by which and which analyses everything will be analyzed, six of such ideations are available in this world... and when a person is touched down by a spell of nemeses, he shall adore one who is equally in such spell of nemesis... [3-72-7b, 8]
dasha aabhaaga gato hiinah tvam raama saha laksmanah |
yat krite vyasanam praaptam tvayaa daara pradharsanam || 3-72-9
"Oh, Rama, you along with Lakshmana went into a spell of nemesis, and thus you have become an underprivileged one, and that spell alone has obtained you this dire straits, in the form of abducting your wife... [3-72-9]
tat avashyam tvayaa kaaryah sa suhrit suhridaam vara |
akritvaa na hi te siddhim aham pashyaami cintayan || 3-72-10
"Oh, best among kind-hearted ones, thereby you have to certainly befriend such a soul in similar dire straits... however deeply I may think, I am not able to perceive your accomplishment if you do not befriended with such a soul... [3-72-10]
shruuyataam raama vaksyaami sugriivo naama vaanarah |
bhraatraa nirastah kruddhena vaalinaa shakra suununaa || 3-72-11
"Oh, Rama, listen what I tell... a Vanara is there by name Sugreeva, who is vengefully reneged by his brother Vali, the son of Indra... [3-72-11]
risyamuuke giri vare pa.mpaa paryanta shobhite |
nivasati aatmavaan viirah caturbhih saha vaanaraih || 3-72-12
"That self-respectful valiant Sugreeva is living on the Mt. Rishyamuka, a best mountain available in the lambent fringes of Pampa Lake, along with four other vanara-s. [3-72-12]
vaanarendro mahaaviiryah tejovaan amita prabhah |
satya sa.ndho viniitah ca dhritimaan matimaan mahaan || 3-72-13
"He that Sugreeva is a masterful one among Vanara-s, highly mettlesome, self-resplendent, and illimitable is his self-radiance... and he is also truth-bound and culture-bound... a mastermind, master-hand and a taskmaster... [3-72-13]
dakshah pragalbho dyutimaan mahaa bala paraakramah |
bhraataa vivaasito viira raajya heto mahaatmanaa || 3-72-14
"He is a capable adventurer, a courageous exploiter and incomparable one in intrepidity and a brave one in incursions, and his personality will be coruscating ever and anon, for he is the son of Sun-god... but he is banished by his self-conceited brother owing to the reasons of kingdom... [3-72-14]
sa te sahaayo mitram ca siitaayaah parimaargane |
bhavisyati hi te raama maa ca shoke manah kridhaah || 3-72-15
"Oh, Rama, he will be your associate and an aid in searching for Seetha, and he conducts himself in your wellbeing, hence let not your heart yield to agony... [3-72-15]
bhavitavyam hi yat ca api na tat shakyam iha anyathaa |
kartum ikshvaaku shaarduula kaalo hi durrakramah ||3-72-16
"Oh, tigerly Ikshvaku, further nothing can be countermanded in this world which is indeed ineluctable, and it is impossible to countervail against Time, isn't it... [3-72-16]
gaccha shiighram ito viira sugriivam tam mahaabalam |
vayasyam tam kuru ksipram ito gatvaa adya raaghava || 3-72-17
adrohaaya samaagamya diipyamaane vibhaavasau |
"Oh, bold one, you go straight from here to that great mighty Sugreeva, and oh, Raghava, on going from here now and promptly you fraternize [to be friendly] with Sugreeva... and to not to bode any ill of unfriendliness among you two, you make him a friend before blazing Fire, making that Fire as an Attester of your friendship... [3-72-17, 18a]
na ca te so avamantavyah sugriivo vaanara adhipah || 3-72-18
kritajnah kaama ruupii ca sahaaya arthii ca viiryavaan |
"You shall not look down on that lord of monkeys taking him as a lowly simian, why because that Sugreeva is a valiant one, a guise changing wizard and presently he is in the need of a bolsterer, and if you render help he will be obligated to you for ever... [3-72-18b, 19]
shaktau hi adya yuvaam kartum kaaryam tasya cikiirsitam || 3-72-19
kritaartho vaa akritaartho vaa tava krityam karisyati |
"Now you two are capable enough to effectuate the desired task of Sugreeva, isn't it... whether his own purpose is achieved through you or not, he will effectuate your task... [3-72-19b, 20a]
sa riksarajasah putrah pa.mpaam atati shankitah || 3-72-20
bhaaskarasya aurasah putro vaalinaa krita kilbisah |
"Sugreeva is the son of Riksharaja, and the direct son of the Sun, but Vali trespassed against him. Wary of Vali's onslaughts Sugreeva is wandering around Pampa... [3-72-20b, 21a]
sa.mnidhaaya aayudham ksipram risyamuuka aalayam kapim || 3-72-21
kuru raaghava satyena vayasyam vana caarinam |
"Oh, Raghava, right away and candidly you make that monkey Sugreeva, a wanderer in the forest, sheltering himself on Mt. Rishyamuka, as a friend of yours taking an oath on your weapon besides the Fire-witness... [3-72-21b, 22a]
sa hi sthaanaani sar.hvaani kaar.htsnyena kapi ku.njarah || 3-72-22
nara maa.msa ashinaam loke naipunyaat adhigacchati |
"With his expertise that straightforward monkey Sugreeva is indeed conversant with all of the strongholds of anthropophagite demons in the world in their entirety... [3-72-22b, 23a]
na tasya aviditam loke ki.ncit asti hi raaghava || 3-72-23
yaavat suuryah pratapati sahasraa.mshuh arindama |
"Oh, enemy-subjugator Rama, as far as the thousand rayed sun manifestly irradiates the world, oh, Raghava, thus far, nothing in the least is unfamiliar to him, isn't it... [3-72-23b, 24a]
sa nadiih vipulaan shailaan giri dur.hgaani ka.ndaraan || 3-72-24
anvisya vaanaraih saardham patniim te adhigamisyati |
"He makes the monkeys to purposefully rake over the expansive rivers, extensive mountains and their impassable cliffs and caves in locating your wife... [3-72-24b, 25a]
vaanaraan ca mahaakaayaan presayisyati raaghava || 3-72-25
disho vicetum taam siitaam tvat viyogena shocayatiim |
anvesyati varaarohaam maithiliim raavana aalaye || 3-72-26
"Oh, Raghava, he expedites giant bodied monkeys in all directions to search for her, who is agonized by your parting, and he quests after the residence of Ravana for that comely lady Maithili... [3-72-25b, 26]
sa meru shri.nga agra gataam ani.nditaam
pravishya paataala tale api vaa aashritaam |
plava.ngamaanaam risabhah tava priyaam
nihatya raksaamsi punah pradaasyati || 3-72-27
"Whether that unreprovable ladylove of yours, Seetha, is located on the tops of Mt. Meru's peaks, or abiding on the planes of nadir of the earth, he that defiant one among fly-jumpers, Sugreeva, on entering there and annihilating the demons, he again bestows Seetha to you..." So Kabandha continued his advise to Rama regarding Sugreeva. [3-72-27]
iti vaalmiiki raamaayane aadi kaavye aranya kaande dvi saptatitamah sargah
Thus, this is the 72nd chapter in Aranya Kanda of Valmiki Ramayana, the First Epic poem of India.
Sriman Moola Rama Vijayate