Ravana Takes Sita to Lanka


Seetha drops her ornaments at Sugreeva and other monkeys available on a mountaintop during the course of her abduction. Ravana does not take notice of this as he is hurrying as though haunted by Rama. On crossing the southerly ocean, his jitteriness in stealing Seetha ceases and he hypocritically feels elated in gaining both Seetha and an animosity with Rama.

Chapter [Sarga] 54 in Detail

Vaidehi has not seen any rescuer while she is abducted, but she has seen five prominent Vanara-s staying on a mountaintop. [3-54-1]

That broad-eyed and curvaceous lady with resentment Seetha, enwrapping [covering] her auspicious ornaments in the upper-fringe of her sari, dropped in the midmost of those five Vanara-s with a thinking that 'these creatures may perhaps indicate them to Rama.' [3-54-2, 3a]

On his part that Decahedron Ravana has not noticed her action in whipping up her silky upper-cloth and ornaments, their bundling and stowing away at five Vanara-s, owing to his own hurry. [3-54-3]

Those ocherish-eyed [red or yellow color eyed] best Vanara-s with their un-winking eyes have observed the broad-eyed Seetha, who at that time is verily wailing. [3-54-4b, 5a]

The chief of demons Ravana captivating Maithili, who is still wailing, has crossed the Pampa region down underneath and advanced facing the City of Lanka. [3-54-5b, 6a]

Ravana is jubilantly happy in stealing his own death alias Seetha, as one would carry a stingingly fanged and lethally venomous she-snake in his own lap. [3-54-6b, 7a]

He bolted out in skyway up above the woodlands, waterways, pools, and mountains at the double, as with an arrow bolting from a bow. [3-4-7b, 8a]

On reaching the ocean, a housing for sharks, alligators, a home of Rain-god, a never-draining deep and an ultimate course of the rivers, he hastily crossed it over. [3-54-8b, 9a]

That ocean being the abode of Rain-god is highly flustered when Vaidehi is being abducted over it, and its waves became topsy-turvy and its fishes and great marine-reptiles remained shilly-shally. [3-54-9b, 10a]

Then the Siddha-s and Caarana-s available in airspace averred saying, "this alone is the end of Decahedron Ravana." [3-54-10b, 11a]

Ravana entered the city of Lanka transporting Seetha, while she wriggling in his flank, who appeared like the personified death of Ravana wriggling its way into his Lanka. [3-54-11b, 12a]

On going towards the city Lanka that has well-symmetrized roadways, he then entered his own palace chambers in which royal servants are thronging at many doorways as that palace has very many chambers. [3-54-12b, 13a]

Ravana placed down Seetha whose eyelashes are blackish and who is deep in bewilderment caused by whimpering, therein his palace chambers, as demon Maya had once kept al his demonic scriptures duly usurping them from his own mentor, namely Shukracaarya, at an unknown illusory place. [3-54-13b, 14a]

That Decahedron Ravana also instructed the bogey-sight bogeywomen, "your watch and ward shall be in such a way that neither a female nor a male can see Seetha impermissibly." [3-54-14b, 15a]

"Whatever she wishes to have, gold, jewels, pearls, apparels or adornments, they all be given to her as you would give me according to my whimsies. [3-54-15b, 16a]

"Whosoever speaks unpleasant words to Vaidehi in the least, either unknowingly or knowingly, her life becomes unpleasant for herself." Thus Ravana ordered the chamber-demoness. [3-54-16b, 17a]

On speaking to those demoness thus that chief of demons exited from that palace chamber, and giving a thought to what is to be done in sequel, then he gave audience to eight highly vigorous demons, the feasters on raw-flesh. [3-54-17b, 18]

He who is egocentric by the boon awarded by Brahma for his invincibleness, that Ravana on giving an audience to those eight demons spoke this sentence to them praiseful of their might and valor. [3-54-19]

"You immediately take up multiple assaultive weaponry and begone from here to Janasthaana speedily; a place now deadpanned for demons, which earlier was the placement of Khara. [3-54-20]

"Throwaway your fright faraway and you stay in that Janasthaana which fell void as the demons are voided by someone called Rama, and there you shall stay self-assuredly and self-confidently. [3-54-21]

"Though highly forceful forces are deployed in Janasthaana, Rama's arrows have utterly destroyed them, together with Khara and Duushana. [3-54-22]

"Thereby an unprecedented fury is escalating over and above my courage, and an unhindered and unforgivable animosity towards that Rama is evoked in me. [3-54-23]

"I wish to cast out my begrudging against my enemy who bears a grudge against me, and indeed, to me 'sleep' is not the word for it, until my enemy is undone in a war. [3-54-24]

"I for myself will be comfortable only on eliminating him who has eliminated Khara and Duushana as with a pauper acquiring riches. [3-54-25]

"While you remain in Janasthaana you have to accurately bring me the information about Rama's activities and deportment. [3-54-26]

"Do not go heedlessly, you all night-walkers, for that Rama appears to be too dangerous, and on your going there heedfully, you have to continually try for the elimination of that Raghava. [3-54-27]

"I am aware of your might in battle fronts for a number of times, as such I have commissioned you all in that Janasthaana." Thus Ravana spoke to those eight demons. [3-54-28]

Then on picking up those words amiable to all intents and purposes of Ravana, those eight demons departed from Lanka on hailing Ravana, and they collectively journeyed in the direction of Janasthaana with their unperceivable appearances. [3-54-29]

Ravana is then highly gladdened well and truly on gaining over Seetha, and even for holding sway over that Maithili, and equally for the well-wrought and archly animosity with Rama, whereby that demon Ravana is hypocritically amused. [3-54-30]

Thus, this is the 54th chapter in Aranya Kanda of Valmiki Ramayana, the First Epic poem of India.

Sriman Moola Rama Vijayate