Ravana Boasts About Himself to Sita


Ravana vaingloriously extols himself and tempts Seetha with all impossible comforts and luxuries, if she obliges him and comes to Lanka with him, leaving Rama. She curtly dismisses all his baiting and luring.

Chapter [Sarga] 48

When Seetha spoke thus Ravana is embittered [to excite bitter feelings in], and knitting his eyebrows he indeed spoke these rude words to Seetha. [3-48-1]

"I am known as Ravana, oh, lady with superb complexion, let safety betide you, the highly valorous and ten-headed stepbrother of Kubera. [3-48-2]

"I am that Ravana at whose sight all the gods together with Gandharva-s, evil-spirits, birds and snakes will always be frightened and fleeing, as with the people frightened and fleeing from death. [3-48-3]

"I am that Ravana who when infuriated for some other reason took up a duel with Kubera, his brother from stepparent, wherein that Kubera is set up against and completely trounced in a combat. [3-48-4]

"I am that Ravana by whom Kubera, the god for Wealth-Management whose vehicular transport is handled by humans, is tormented fearfully and made to completely abandon his wealthiest place which is presided over by him till then, and I am the one who made that Kubera to flee to the excellent Mt. Kailash where he is somehow living, because I will not cause any harm on Mt. Kailash as I hold it sacred. [3-48-5]

"I am that Ravana, oh, auspicious lady, who just by his valour acquired Kubera's auspicious aircraft known as Pushpaka, whose pilotage is just by the wish of its aviator, with which I will be traveling in skies. [3-48-6]

"Just by seeing rancor-shot face of mine, oh, Maithili, all the gods will quickly shoot off, even if Indra is leading them, then where is the question of their confronting me. [3-48-7]

"Where I will be staying there the Air-god wafts doubtfully, lest his gusts and blasts may hurt me, and the Sun also effectuates his singeing sunbeams as cooling moonbeams, lest I may abduct his wife Prabha, the Sunshine. [3-48-8]

"At places where I will be staying or freely moving there the leaves of trees will be less of rustle, lest I may wilt them up, and there the gush of water of rivers too will quieten, lest I may dry them up. [3-48-9]

"My magnificent city known as Lanka is there on the other shore of the ocean, plethoric with all kinds of amenities, as well as with ghastly demons, which city will be on par with Indra's Amaravati, but for meekly gods and meaningless souls. [3-48-10]

"That gorgeous city is completely walled in with compound walls that are adorned with whitish silver, and its palace-chambers are golden, and its archways are fully jewelled with lapis jewels. [3-48-11]

"It is encumbered with elephants, horses and chariots, well sounded by the sounds of trumpets, and with trees which yield fruits that fulfill all the savors, and it is bedecked with chirrupy pleasure-gardens. [3-48-12]

"Oh, princess, oh, self-respectful lady, if you reside there together with me, Seetha, then you will not think of yourself as one from among human females. [3-48-13]

"Reveling in humanly luxuries, over and beyond in heavenly luxuries also, you will not recollect humanly Rama, whose longevity is lessened. [3-48-14]

"Though Rama is the eldest son, king Dasharatha established his dear son Bharata as king, and because Rama is spineless he is put to flight to forests, and now, what is he and what am I, in matter of sovereignty. [3-48-15]

"Rama is subverted from kingdom, thus dwindled is valor, thus winded down is his anima, thus he has become a pitiable one, thus he became an ascetic as nothing else is there for him to undertake, oh, broad-eyed lady, what do you aspire to do with such a Rama? [3-48-16]

"Although I am the king of all the demons, on seeing you I am hit by the arrows of Love-god and came to you, thus you love me... but rejecting me this way is unapt of you, as you alone will be loosing heavenly comforts, if you reject me. [3-48-17]

"Oh, modest lady, on refusing me you surely become remorseful like Uurvashi who once kicked Puruurava with her feet. [3-48-18]

"He that Rama is merely a human, and in war he equals me not by my finger, oh, richly colorful lady, and I chanced here merely by your serendipity, thus you honor me and my desire to possess you..." Thus Ravana spoke to Seetha. [3-48-19]

Vaidehi who is spoken thus is infuriated on her part and with her eyes bloodshot spoke these bitter words to the king of demons in that lonely lace. [3-48-20]

"How you wish to commit sins although saying that Kubera, a god reverenced by all of the gods, is your brother? [3-48-21]

"All the demons will perforce get completely destroyed, oh, Ravana, for whom you the cruel and culpable one with uncontrolled senses is the king, and you will be blameworthy for the elimination of righteous demons like Vibheeshana, et al. [3-48-22]

"It may be possible to live after abducting Shaci Devi, the wife of Indra, somehow and anyhow there will be no life after abducting me, the wife of Rama. [3-48-23]

"Oh, demon, un-mirrored is the prettiness of pretty Shaci Devi, and one may live long on forcibly snatching her away from the hands of the wielder of Thunderbolt, Indra, but to him who intimidates or abuses me or women like me, there will be no Moksha, release from the cycle of rebirth, even if he has consumed Amrita ambrosia." Thus Seetha spoke to Ravana. [3-48-24]

Thus, this is the 48th chapter in Aranya Kanda of Valmiki Ramayana, the First Epic poem of India.

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