The Reign of King Prahlada

Following the command of Lord Narasimha, after being crowned in the demon kingdom, King Prahlada, enjoying the auspicious and devotional stories of Lord Hari's various incarnations narrated by the wise, and guided by the teachings of enlightened souls, treated his subjects with paternal care. He engaged in activities for the welfare and upliftment of everyone, spreading the knowledge of Lord Hari, righteousness, good conduct, charity, non-violence, modesty, and other virtues among the people, working solely for their well-being while ruling the kingdom righteously.

King Prahlada, convinced of Lord Hari's supreme authority over the entire universe, offered everything to Lord Hari with a selfless heart, worshiped, and meditated on Sri Rama Raman with devotion, promoting the essence of Bhagavata Dharma as a preacher. Through meditation and yogic practices, he subdued obstructive karmas, recognizing Lord Hari as the supreme, independent entity worthy of worship in all beings. He transcended the merits not conducive to liberation through enjoyment (as mentioned in Bhagavata Purana) and mitigated sins through skillful actions such as penance (as mentioned in Bhagavata Purana), thereby becoming an exemplary emperor, celebrated as the foremost devotee of Lord Hari. His fame was sung across the three worlds by the righteous.

Following the advice of his well-wishers, King Prahlada embraced household duties as a means to worship the divine, leading a family life that also served as worship to Lord Bhagavat. By the grace of the Almighty, he was blessed with four sons: Ayushkama, Shibi, Baskala, and Virochana.