The Prayer of Prahlada

Blessed by the divine touch of the Supreme Being, the embodiment of utmost auspiciousness, all the sins of Prahlada were washed away. Enlightened instantly by the grace of Hari, tears of joy streamed from the eyes of Prahlada, whose body was thrilled with ecstatic shivers. Then, filled with devotion and with a voice choked by love, he began to praise Lord Narasimha, meditating on his lotus feet and experiencing the bliss of his divine essence.

Prahlada said, "O Supreme God, even the gods, sages, and perfected beings, despite their continuous flow of eloquent praises, have not been able to fathom the end of your glory, what to speak of pleasing you. When such is the state, how can I, born in a demon clan and known for my hostility, be capable of praising you, O Hari, the destroyer of foes and grantor of wishes?

Mere worldly possessions, lineage, knowledge, might, valor, and intellect do not suffice to worship you. It is only through devotion that you are pleased. As you rescued Gajendra with his devotion, is there any need for strength, concentration, or meditation to earn your grace? Therefore, O Lord Hari, there's no way but to seek your favor through devotion, offering you all worldly treasures in service.

Even if a Brahmin is endowed with the twelve virtues but lacks devotion to you, he is inferior to a Chandala who possesses faith and devotion. Such a person sanctifies his lineage. You, being the protector of your devotees, accept their service not for your own sake but solely for their upliftment. Now, having eradicated my father, who was a torment to the world, out of self-interest, how do I pacify your anger?

Lord, though the deadly creatures like scorpions and snakes are killed, it brings joy to those who love non-violence when a tormentor like that demon is slain. May all the righteous return home rejoicing, and everyone meditate on your form for redemption and prosperity.

O Unconquered One, I do not fear your terrifying form. Your fiery eyes, frowning brows, fierce teeth, necklace of intestines, and the terrifying roar that frightened the eight cardinal guardians do not scare me. However, O Savior of the downtrodden, I have been defeated by the hardships of the vicious cycle of life and death, ensnared in the whirlpool of worldly existence. How shall I, bound by my own actions, find refuge at your lotus feet?

Lord, the agony caused by the separation from loved ones and the union with the undesired burns all beings in the fire of sorrow. Trapped in this cycle of births and deaths without knowing the way out, I wander from one body to another. O Lord Narasimha, the epitome of all virtues, grant me the way to become your servant.

You are the essence of unconditional love, an indiscriminate companion, the supreme deity. The wondrous avatars and divine play of yours are sung by Brahma himself. Imbibing those teachings through listening and contemplation, I do not fear the perilous river of existence. Yet, Lord, I ponder over the fate of those misled by sensory pleasures, burdened by the cares of worldly life, how will they transcend this cycle of existence?

Deities and sages seek their own liberation, practicing silence in solitude, not committed to the welfare of others. Unlike them, I wish to attain your grace, for there is no refuge but you. Grant your grace, O Lord! As the protector of the distressed, you do not need to save only me; all your devotee's children, including myself, seek liberation through you.

You are the essence of everything - the air, fire, earth, space, water, senses, heart, and grace itself. You are all, with and without qualities, O Vast One. Nothing exists beyond you; everything is under your dominion.

Lord, the deities representing the modes of nature, the great entities like Brahma and Rudra, and all beings are part of this transient world. Only through the realization of your true nature, as revealed in the Vedantic scriptures, can one attain liberation.

Thus, Prahlada Maharaja, with utmost devotion and faith, praised Sri Narasimha Deva and prostrated at the divine lotus feet of the Supreme Soul. Following his heartfelt prayers, the attributeless (beyond material qualities) Lord Narasimha, moved by the devotion of his young devotee, relinquished his anger and became serene.