The Praise by Brahma and Other Deities

The celestial dancers, sages, Yakshas, Kimpurushas, Vetalas, Kinnaras, and Vishnu’s attendants like Sunanda and Kumuda, along with deities like Brahma, Rudra, Indra, along with Rishis, ancestors, Siddhas, Vidhyadharas, great serpents, Manus, progenitors, and Gandharvas, individually praised Sri Narasimha Deva.

Brahma said: "I bow to the infinite one, endowed with the power to end calamities, with marvelous valor and sanctifying deeds, effortlessly managing creation, preservation, and destruction, embodying the eternal soul. I remain ever devoted to you."

Rudra spoke: "It's fitting for you to become furious at the end of a millennium. Was it so necessary to show such wrath to kill a mere insignificant demon? Now that he has been slain by you, O Lord, who cherishes your devotees, please pacify your anger and protect Prahlada, who has sought refuge in you."

Following this, all the deities including Indra praised Sri Narasimha in various ways. Yet, the Lord’s wrath did not subside. Then, the gods sought Goddess Lakshmi's intervention to calm his fury.

Goddess Lakshmi, acting as though frightened by Hari's new form, wished that Prahlada be credited with pacifying the Lord's anger. Understanding this desire shared by Sri Hari and Goddess Lakshmi, Brahma led Prahlada forward, instructing him to pray to Sri Hari to calm his wrath for having slain his father.

Obeying Brahma's command, Prahlada approached Sri Narasimha and offered his obeisance.

Sri Narasimha, moved by Prahlada's devotion lying at his lotus feet, lovingly lifted him onto his lap, caressed him like a mother, embraced him, inhaled the scent of his head, then placed his divine, fear-dispelling hand upon Prahlada's head, offering him protection and blessings.