The Coronation of King Prahlada

In an auspicious moment determined by Brihaspatyacharya, the guru of the gods, it was decided to perform the coronation of King Prahlada in the demon kingdom, as commanded by Lord Brahma. This joyous news brought sages, hermits, citizens, virtuous souls, and devotees of Lord from various regions to the capital. Deities like Indra, who had arrived during the time of the demon king's destruction, along with Gandharvas, Apsaras, Yakshas, Kinnaras, Kimnaras, demons, and Danavas, eagerly awaited King Prahlada's coronation. The demon capital was in a festive uproar, beautifully adorned with green decorations, flags, and pillars.

With the sounds of auspicious music and Vedic chants filling the air, and Gandharvas singing, Apsara women danced gracefully, depicting the various avataras and pastimes of Lord Hari.

Then, adorned with all ornaments, King Prahlada, along with his dear brothers Sahlad, Anuhlada, and Hlad, offered worship to the distinguished presence of divine figures such as Sri Vani (Saraswati) seated on the lotus, Lord Brahma, Lord Garuda, Sesha, Uma Maheshwara, and other deities including Indra, performing poojas and receiving their blessings.

At the chosen auspicious moment, amidst Vedic chants and the sound of celestial music, all the deities, sages, and everyone present witnessed Lord Brahma, guided by Brihaspatyacharya and demon guru Shukracharya, placing the gem-studded crown on King Prahlada's head. With the sacred waters from all pilgrimages, they performed the anointment, and amidst the assembly including demons and other celestial beings, Brahma declared King Prahlada as the sovereign ruler of the demon and asura races.

The ladies performed aarti with camphor, pearls, gems, and lamps. The coronation of King Prahlada, a foremost devotee of Lord Hari, was celebrated with great joy, and the heavens resonated with the sound of divine drums. The gods showered flowers. The gathered virtuous souls joyously exclaimed, "Victory to King Prahlada, the supreme ruler of the demon race, the foremost devotee of Lord Hari, the propounder of righteousness, victory!"

Then, gods and demons alike presented unparalleled gifts to King Prahlada. Acknowledging everything as the grace of Lord Hari, King Prahlada paid his respects to all the elders and revered ones, received their blessings, accorded honors according to their statuses, and distributed gifts. Thus, the coronation ceremony of King Prahlada concluded magnificently. Afterwards, all deities including Brahma, as well as sages and hermits, congratulated Prahlada, blessed him, and returned to their respective abodes and hermitages.