Sri Prahlada Rajaru

Vaikuntha, renowned in all fourteen worlds as the blissful abode of the supremely auspicious Lord Sri Manna Narayana, is divided into Mukta (liberated) and Amukta (non-liberated) realms. The gatekeepers of Amukta Vaikuntha, Jaya and Vijaya, always close to Sri Hari, became arrogant, believing themselves unparalleled in the world. Driven by pride and thinking themselves superior, they incurred the wrath of the wise Sanaka and other sons of Brahma when they prevented them from seeing the Lord.

Cursed by Sanaka and others, under Sri Hari's design, Jaya and Vijaya became demons and were born as Hiranyakashipu and Hiranyaksha, ruling the demon empire as emperor and crown prince, respectively. As demons, naturally they despised Sri Hari and the devas, causing trouble and harm to the righteous.

Hiranyakashipu and Hiranyaksha, swollen with the pride of their invincible prowess, persecuted the devotees of Sri Hari and obstructed activities dear to the Lord and the devas. Considering the yajnas performed by the rishis as the source of strength for the devas, they began to disrupt these rituals. Despite the demons' disturbances, the rishis continued their sacred duties.

Disturbed by this, Hiranyaksha thought, "If the Earth exists, these ascetics can perform their yajnas. Let's see them do their rituals without the Earth!" With this thought, he lifted the Earth with his mighty arms and submerged it in the cosmic ocean.

The Earth cried out, and Sri Manna Narayana, the ocean of compassion, took the form of Varaha (the boar) to rescue her. He dived into the ocean, confronted the demon king Hiranyaksha, and ultimately killed him, lifting the Earth back to its rightful place. The gods showered flowers on Sri Hari in his Varaha form, and the rishis praised him with devotion.

Hearing of his brother's death by Sri Hari, Hiranyakashipu was deeply troubled and performed the last rites for Hiranyaksha. Stricken by grief, he vowed to avenge his brother's death. As a first step, he summoned his mighty demon warriors and ordered them to eradicate all traces of Hari's existence in his kingdom.

Following Hiranyakashipu's command, the demons destroyed ashrams, yagna venues, cities, towns, and other sacred places, spreading terror and misery among the people. Delighted by the destruction and chaos, Hiranyakashipu reveled in cruelty, violence, and arrogance, becoming a scourge to the world, obstructing good deeds and devotion to the gods.

Thus, Hiranyakashipu, transformed into the embodiment of cruelty and violence, brought more and more misery to the rishis, continuously hindering righteous activities and worship of the devas, making himself a terror in the world.