Consumed poison and digested it!

Kayadu is engrossed in worry within the palace, believing the welfare of the demon clan to be of utmost importance. On one hand, her husband is subjecting their son, born to her, to various tortures out of hatred, believing in the welfare of the demon clan. On the other hand, her son, Prahlada, defies his father and elders, steadfast in his belief that Lord Hari is supreme and that salvation and welfare for everyone comes through Him alone, immersing himself in the service, remembrance, and devotion to Hari. Caught between these opposing forces of her husband and son, Kayadu is tormented by her own sorrowful ordeal, worried and anxious about how this conflict between father and son will end.

"Oh, cruel fate! Will there ever be an end to my suffering? What karmic debt from a past life am I paying off? In the eyes of the world, I am an empress! To whom can I share my woes? There is no peace in my mind! The harrowing thoughts of a grim future cling to me like a ghoul, tormenting me. I can't foresee how this animosity and conflict between father and son will resolve. My lord is depleting his rightful strength in his hatred towards Hari, detesting my dear son Prahlada, who considers Narayana as everything and ignores my well-meaning words, immersed in the worship of Hari. Caught between them, I, a helpless woman, am struggling with distress. To whom shall I turn for solace?" she lamented.

Angered by the words of the guru's sons, Hiranyakashipu became enraged like a madman and dragged his son Prahlada, exclaiming, "Devi, your son has crossed all limits. There is a limit to my patience too. Kayadhu! If you don't correct your son... I might have to punish him myself!" he bellowed.

Kayadhu: (Embracing Prahlada) My child! Prahlada, why do you do this, dear? Shouldn't you act in a way that pleases your father's heart?

Prahlada: Mother, I am never against father! I am trying for his welfare.

Hiranyakashipu: (In anger) Did you hear that, Devi! Your son wishes for my welfare! This villain, who sides with my lifelong enemies, should not live!" As he was saying this, Durmukha brought poison as deadly as kala-kuta and presented it to the emperor before leaving.

Kayadhu, filled with fear, asked, "Swami, what is this?" to which Hiranyakashipu replied, "I have brought this poison to kill your son! Yes, queen, you must feed this poison to your son, the bane of our clan, with your own hands," and he attempted to give the bottle of poison to Kayadhu. Stepping back in fear, Kayadhu exclaimed, "What? What did you say, swami? I should poison my own dear child? Impossible! That can never happen."

Hiranyakashipu, infuriated, insisted, "This is your husband's command! Yes, administer the poison to Prahlada," as he forced Kayadhu, who then embraced Prahlada, saying, "My child! Prahlada, why do you do this, my dear! Shouldn't you behave in a way that pleases your father?"

Kayadhu, grasped her husband's feet, tears streaming, pleading, "Please, lord, do not make me poison my son with my own hands, I beg of you," as she implored.

Prahlada, taking the poison bottle from his father's hand, reassured, "Mother, do not worry. With the grace of the all-powerful Lord, this poison will not harm me. When father tried various ways to kill me before, the great Lord Sri Hari protected me and will protect me now too," he stated, meditating on Sri Hari and chanting 'Om Namo Narayanaya,' and drank the poison as if it were milk.

Witnessing this, Kayadhu screamed and fainted.

Hiranyakashipu, believing "Today marks the end of Prahlada, who sides with my enemy," gleefully awaited Prahlada's demise. However, seeing Prahlada still immersed in meditation on Sri Hari, Hiranyakashipu approached in astonishment, shook Prahlada by the shoulder, awakening him. Prahlada, opening his eyes and seeing his father, said, "Father, I offer this to you," leaving Hiranyakashipu recoiling in fear and amazement.

Prahlada, with a gentle smile, praised, "Ah, Lord! Jagannatha, Narayana, Guru of all worlds! How compassionate you are, O Lover of Your Devotees! How can one ever adequately describe Your affection for Your own?"

He extolled, "The bearer of Govardhan, the destroyer of Mura, the remover of poison fear, the granter of boons, Hari, worshipped by Pushara, the beloved of Sri, and the support of the virtuous."

Hiranyakashipu, in a frenzy, exclaimed, "Wretch! You still live? Did the deadly poison become nectar to you?"

Prahlada responded, "Father, to those who constantly meditate on the name of the Supreme, who can grant immortality even to mere mortals, what harm could this poison do? Recognize that this is all the glory of Sri Hari. Despite such clear signs, have you not yet realized His magnificence? Now, at least, abandon your hatred for that merciful Lord and seek refuge in Sri Hari, that you too may find happiness!"

Disturbed and enraged, Hiranyakashipu muttered, "Hari! Hari! I can't stand hearing the name of my enemy!" and blurted out, "Gurudeva! Acharya Shukra! You are my only recourse now," as he rushed out of the inner chambers.