Bhagavad Gita

ಅನ್ನಾದ್ ಭವಂತಿ ಭೂತಾನಿ ಪರ್ಜನ್ಯಾದನ್ನಸಂಭವಃ ।
ಯಜ್ಞಾದ್ ಭವತಿ ಪರ್ಜನ್ಯೋ ಯಜ್ಞಃ ಕರ್ಮಸಮುದ್ಭವಃ॥೧೪॥
annād bhavaṃti bhūtāni parjanyādannasaṃbhavaḥ |
yajñād bhavati parjanyo yajñaḥ karmasamudbhavaḥ||14||

Gist of the sloka:
Human survival is due to food, food is grown due to sunlight, sustained sunlight along with clouds is due to yagna; and yagna is due to karma.
Karma here meaning action with right knowledge. Sun attracts the water into the cloud. The cloud then delivers the water at the appropriate time to the fields. The fields then produce the food, which sustains humankind.