Bhagavad Gita

ವಿಷಯಾ ವಿನಿವರ್ತಂತೇ ನಿರಾಹಾರಸ್ಯ ದೇಹಿನಃ ।
ರಸವರ್ಜಂ ರಸೋSಪ್ಯಸ್ಯ ಪರಂ ದೃಷ್ಟ್ವಾ ನಿವರ್ತತೇ ॥೫೯॥
viṣayā vinivartaṃte nirāhārasya dehinaḥ |
rasavarjaṃ rasoSpyasya paraṃ dṛṣṭvā nivartate ||59||

Gist of the sloka:
Reducing food, the person attraction, towards sense objects reduces. Even so, it does not reduce the sense for taste and sensual comfort. Even these two will be eliminated when he sees the Lord.
We saw earlier, that in case we need to progress on the path towards Lord, we need to control and make our senses look inward. Making it happen is not easy. While a seeker makes determined efforts and controls the senses, they might weaken but not disappear completely. The sense of taste and sensual remains.
It is therefore recommended that one experience the sensual aspect once in life, before moving away from it forever. That way, the regret that one has not experienced sensual aspects does not remain; preventing progress. One should adopt Brahmacharya system and gain control over it.
Even though the food controls give control over senses, the sense of taste and sensual requires greater efforts. These two are eliminated, once we realize the Lord.
Limited and controlled [Satvic] food helps the seeker in spiritual path. Too much food encourages Tamasic qualities. Food like [Tur dal, onion, garlic, drum stick, beet root, extensive masala, spicy, pungent, non-veg food etc.,] encourages Rajasic qualities. Tamasic and Rajasic food drag a person away from spiritual path.
One should also should not force guests to have excess food for it affects their path of progress. If one consumes food which is left over then, not only would it disturb the body but also disturbs the mind.