Bhagavad Gita

ಅಸ್ಮಾಕಂ ತು ವಿಶಿಷ್ಟಾ ಯೇ ತಾನ್ ನಿಬೋಧ ದ್ವಿಜೋತ್ತಮ ।
ನಾಯಕಾ ಮಮ ಸೈನ್ಯಸ್ಯ ಸಂಜ್ಞಾರ್ಥಂ ತಾನ್ ಬ್ರವೀಮಿ ತೇ ॥೭॥
asmākaṃ tu viśiṣṭā ye tān nibodha dvijottama |
nāyakā mama sainyasya saṃjñārthaṃ tān bravīmi te ||7||

Sloka 1:07
Gist of the sloka:
O twice born [Dwija], please listen while I list our warriors and leaders. I will recite their names for you.
He addresses Dronacharya instead of his Commander Bheeshmacharya. Indicating a lack of confidence and also to show disrespect to his Commander.
It is expected that the King would first address his army, highlight its strengths, glorify the capabilities of their leaders all to motivate them just before heading into the battle. He does it, as a last resort after praising his enemy first.
Somewhere along Duryodhana demonstrates his lack of confidence/insecurity in his own army and their leaders.