Bhagavad Gita

ಧೃಷ್ಟಕೇತುಶ್ಚೇಕಿತಾನಃ ಕಾಶಿರಾಜಶ್ಚ ವೀರ್ಯವಾನ್ ।
ಪುರುಜಿತ್ ಕುಂತಿಭೋಜಶ್ಚ ಶೈಬ್ಯಶ್ಚ ನರಪುಂಗವಃ ॥೫॥
dhṛṣṭaketuścekitānaḥ kāśirājaśca vīryavān |
purujit kuṃtibhojaśca śaibyaśca narapuṃgavaḥ ||5||

Sloka 1:05
Gist of the sloka:
Other great warriors are Dhristaketu, Chetitana, King of Kashi apart from Purujit, Kunti bhoja and Shybya.
Duryodhana continues to mention out the warrior names of Pandavas; showing his increasing mental distress about the situation. We should not just think these are just additional 6 names but rather look beyond them to their historical context as to why they were felt to be important to Duryodhana.
Let’s us therefore analyze each of the names.
Dhristaketu: He was the son of Shishupala. Shishupala was killed by Lord Krishna during the great sacrifice. Dhristaketu was therefore naturally expected to side with Kauravas but he did the opposite – joining the forces where Lord Krishna was already present.
Chetitana: Was a Yadava warrior like Saatyaki. He too was expected to be neutral or join Kauravas given Balarama’s relationship as teacher to Duryodhana. Rather he too joined Pandavas like Saatyaki.
King of Kashi: There were two kings ruling the different areas around Kashi separated by the rivers Varana and Asi. Both of them were called King of Kashi.
One of them [who had given his daughter to Duryodhana] had been killed by Lord Krishna and another had given his daughter Kaali to Bheema. It was with this father-in-law of Bheema that Duryodhana was referring to. Duryodhana’s regret was that his own father-in-law no longer existed and could not support him.
He called all the above 3 as great warriors.
Purujit and Kuntibhoja were both belonging to Kingdom of Kunti. Kunti who was the mother of Pandavas was originally sister of Vasudeva the father of Lord Krishna. She was known as “pruthu”. She was adopted by King of Kunti as he had no issues. She was then known as “Kunthi” – d/o Kuntibhoja. Both of these warriors sided with Pandavas due to this connection. Duryodhana was regretful that it was this connection which made them side with Pandavas who would otherwise would have been assets to his army.
Shybya was King of Shibhi. His son helped Jayadratha [Brother in law of Duryodhana] during one his travels in “attempt” to kidnap Draupadi. Due to which Bheema killed Shibhi’s son and punished Jayadratha. Duryodhana was mystified as how King of Shibhi was still siding with Pandavas who had killed his son.
All these greatly affected the mental state of Duryodhana giving raise to his increasing anxiety and shaking his confidence.
The above clearly indicates how a person, once he loses his confidence starts going back to the past incidences and episodes while not recognizing his current strengths and need for stable mental equilibrium in order to win.