Bhagavad Gita

ಅನಂತವಿಜಯಂ ರಾಜಾ ಕುಂತೀಪುತ್ರೋ ಯುಧಿಷ್ಠಿರಃ ।
ನಕುಲಃ ಸಹದೇವಶ್ಚ ಸುಘೋಷಮಣಿಪುಷ್ಪಕೌ ॥೧೬॥
anaṃtavijayaṃ rājā kuṃtīputro yudhiṣṭhiraḥ |
nakulaḥ sahadevaśca sughoṣamaṇipuṣpakau ||16||

Sloka 1:16
Gist of the sloka:
Kunti’s son Yudhishthira then blew his conch Ananthavijaya, followed by Nakula & Sahadeva blowing their conch’s Sughosha and Manipushpa respectively.
After Bheema, his elder brother, son of Kunti and the King Yudhishthira blew his conch. His conch was named after Dharma [righteousness] and Vijaya [Victory]. Nakula & Sahadeva the sons of Pandu’s 2nd wife Madari then blew their conch’s called Sughosha and Manipushpa.
There is no further mention of any other King’s conch names which was sounded in this verse. Maybe, there could be a reason that we only remember these conch names/qualities every day in our lives.