Beginning of the Father-Son Conflict!

Having conquered the three worlds, Hiranyakashipu is celebrating a 'Victory Festival' in his capital. Every day, court dancers and musicians, surpassing even celestial beauties in their charm and elegance, praise Hiranyakashipu and his courtiers. The demon emperor, basking in the adulation and flattery of the courtiers, is lost in ecstasy. Everyone, intoxicated by various delicacies and drinks, is in a state of blissful inebriation.

At that moment, young Prahlada, remembering the name of Sri Hari, enters the assembly.

ರಾಗ : ಷಣ್ಮುಖಪ್ರಿಯ

ತಾಳ : ಝಂಪೆ

ಸ್ಥಿರವಲ್ಲ ವೈಭವವು ಜಗದೊಳಗೆ ಮರುಳೇ |

ನೀರಮೇಲಣಗುಳ್ಳೆಯಂತಿದನು ತಿಳಿಯೋ || ಪ ||

ಪರವಶದಿ ತಿಂದುಂಡು ಮಧುಪಾನದಿಂ ಮದಿಸಿ |

ಮೆರೆಯದಿರು ಕ್ಷಣಿಕವಿದು ವಿಷಯಸುಖ ಬಂಧಕವು || ಅ.ಪ. ||

ಹರಿಯ ಭಜಿಸದ ಜಿಜ್ಜೆ ಚರಿತೆ ಕೇಳದ ಕರ್ಣ |

ವರರೂಪ ವೀಕ್ಷಿಸದ ಕಣ್ಣಳಿದ್ದೇನು ಫಲ ? ||

ಪರಮಸುಖವೀವ ವರ ಸಿರಿರಮಣನಂಫ್ರಿಗಳ |

ಸ್ಮರಿಸು ಮೂಢನೆ ಜನುಮ ವ್ಯರ್ಥ ಮಾಡಲಿಬೇಡ || cha ||

Raga: Shanmukhapriya

Tala: Jhampa

Understand, O deluded one, that the splendors of this world are not stable, They are as transient as a bubble on water. Do not indulge in momentary pleasures derived from food and intoxicating drinks, These material joys are temporary and binding.

What is the use of a tongue that does not praise Hari, Ears that do not listen to His stories, Eyes that do not behold His divine form? Reflect, O fool, do not waste your life without remembering the Lord of Fortune, The supreme bliss lies in remembering and venerating Sri Hari.

Despite feeling displeased, Hiranyakashipu masked his emotions and feigned a smile as he heard Prahlada's words. Prahlada approached and respectfully greeted his father, saying, 'Father, I salute you.'

Hiranyakashipu, suppressing his dissatisfaction and anger, invited Prahlada to sit on his lap, saying, 'Come, my long-lived son, grace my lap.' After seating Prahlada, he turned to his priests and said, 'Respected Shanda and Amarka! After the completion of our triumphant festival, enroll my son Prahlada in your school of scriptures and weaponry.'

Shanda and Amarka agreed with delight, responding, 'Certainly, great lord.'

Hiranyakashipu, patting Prahlada on the back, instructed, 'My son, you must earn fame as an ornament of our demon lineage. You should follow the teachings of the teachers and make me proud.'

Prahlada, humble, replied, 'As you wish, father. I will now go to my mother,' and respectfully left to return to the inner chambers.