The Panchatantra How the Crow-Hen Killed the Black Snake

In a certain place, there was a huge banyan tree where a crow couple had made their home. However, they had a big problem: a black snake lived in the same tree and kept eating their baby chicks.

The crow couple was very sad and didn’t know what to do. They didn’t want to leave their home in the banyan tree because it was special to them. They thought about how hard it is to leave a place you love, even if there are problems.

One day, the crow-hen, really upset about losing her babies, told her husband that they should move to a different tree. She said that nothing hurts more than losing your children and living with a dangerous snake.

The crow husband felt really sad but didn’t want to leave their home. He decided that he would find a way to deal with the snake. He told his wife that even though they weren’t strong enough to fight the snake, they had smart friends who could help them with a plan.

So, the crow went to see his friend, a jackal, who lived under another tree nearby. The crow told the jackal everything about the snake and how it was eating their chicks. He asked the jackal for advice on what to do.

The jackal told the crow not to worry too much because mean creatures like the snake often end up in trouble because of their bad actions. He said that the snake would probably get what it deserved without them having to do anything.

To explain his point, the jackal told the crow a story about a heron who ate too many fish and ended up in trouble because of his greed.

The moral of "The Panchatantra: How the Crow-Hen Killed the Black Snake" is about the power of intelligence and strategic thinking over brute force. In this story, the crow couple, despite being physically weaker than the black snake, manages to outsmart and eliminate the snake that was preying on their young ones.

This tale teaches that wit and clever planning can often overcome stronger adversaries. It underscores the importance of thinking creatively to solve problems, especially when facing a more powerful opponent. The story highlights that strength is not just physical, but also mental, and intelligence can be a potent tool in overcoming difficult and dangerous situations.