Vishvamitra effectuates [fulfills] Trishanku's travel to heaven, but Indra throws him down as Trishanku has not acquired any merit to reach heaven. Vishvamitra enraged at this starts to replicate universe with constellation of stars and galaxies, and he proceeds to clone even Gods. On seeing this chaotic [confused] situation, Indra with Gods yield to the pertinence [desire] of Vishvamitra and allow that which Vishvamitra replicated to survive and also allow Trishanku to inhibit that pseudo Creation, but with an upside down posture.
Chapter [Sarga] 60 – in Detail
tapo bala hataan jnaatvaa vaasisthaan sa mahodayaan |
risi madhye mahaatejaa vihvaamitro abhyabhaasata || 1-60-1
The great-resplendent Vishvamitra on knowing through his ascetic power about the ruination [ruin] of the sons of Vashishta, along with Mahodaya, proclaimed this amidst the observance of sages. Sage Shataananda continued his narration of Trishanku's legend. [1-60-1]
ayam iksvaaku daayaadah trisha.nkuh iti vishrutah |
dharmisthah ca vadaanyah ca maam caiva sharanam gatah || 1-60-2
svena anena shariirena deva loka jigiisayaa |
This legatee of Ikshvaku dynasty is well-know as Trishanku, a righteous and benevolent one. He came under my shelter as he wishes to win over the heaven of Gods with his own mortal body. So Vishvamitra started to speak to sages. [1-60-2, 3b]
yathaa ayam sva shariirena deva lokam gamisyati || 1-60-3
tathaa pravarhtyataam yajno bhavadbhih ca mayaa saha |
You all scholars have to conduct Vedic-ritual along with in such a way as to how Trishanku reaches the heaven of Gods.' Thus Vishvamitra advised the conductors of the ritual. [1-60-3b, 4a]
vishvaamitra vacah shrutvaa sarva eva maharsayah || 1-60-4
uucuh sametaah sahasaa dharmajnaa dharma sa.mhitam |
On listening the words of Vishvamitra all those great-sages have come together and quickly discussed among themselves about what is agreeable to righteousness, as they are the knower of scruples of conducting Vedic-rituals, but such a ritual is desultory [marked by lack of purpose]. [1-60-4b, 5a]
ayam kushika daayaado munih parama kopanah || 1-60-5
yat aaha vacanam samyak etat kaaryam na sa.mshayah |
agni kalpo hi bhagavaan shaapam daasyati rositah || 1-60-6
Whatever Vishvamitra says let it be translated entirely and exhaustively into deeds called ritual. This Vishvamitra is the legatee [one to whom a legacy is bequeathed] of Sage Kushi, and indeed he is a saint similar to Ritual-fire besides being an extremely furious person. Otherwise this awesome sage gives curse, rancorously [bitterly]. [1-60-5b, 6]
tasmaat pravartyataam yajnah sa shariiro yathaa divam |
gacchet iksvaaku daayaado vishvaamitrasya tejasaa || 1-60-7
tatah pravartyataam yajnah sarve samadhitisthata |
'As such, let the Vedic-ritual be conducted intending and enabling Trishanku, the legatee of Ikshvaku, to go to heaven by the ritualistic prowess of Vishvamitra, therefore you conduct yourselves and you all preside over it.' Thus, the officiators conceded among themselves. [1-60-7, 8a]
evam uktvaa maharsayah samjahruh taah kriyaah tadaa || 1-60-8
yaajakah ca mahaatejaa vishvaamitro abhavat kratau |
Concluding thus those great-sages undertook concerned works of that Vedic-ritual and the great-resplendent Vishvamitra himself became its principal officiator. [1-60-8b, 9a]
ritvijah ca aanupuurvyena mantravat mantra kovidaah || 1-60-9
cakruh sarvaani karmaani yathaa kalpam yathaa vidhi |
Those hymnodists [one who sings a song of praise to God] who are the experts in hymnodies [singing] have scripturally carried out all ceremonies in a methodical way with inviolable [secure from assault] hymnal methods, and as per Kalpa treatise [to treat or handle], that lays down the rules for conducting such rituals. [1-60-9b, 10a]
tatah kaalena mahataa vishvaamitro mahaatapaah || 1-60-10
cakaara aavaahanam tatra bhaaga artham sarva devataah |
After a long time that highly ascetical Vishvamitra welcomed all the Gods to receive their allotted oblations in that ritual. [1-60-10b, 11a]
na abhyaagaman tadaa bhaaga artham sarva devataah || 1-60-11
tatah kopa samaavisto vishvamitro mahaamunih |
sruvam udyamya sa krodhah trisha.nkum idam abraviit || 1-60-12
Then all of the Gods who are invited to partake of the oblation have not come forward to receive their allotments, and then the great-saint Vishvamitra, obsessive with fury, furiously lifted up a wooden-oblational-scoop [the act of offering the eucharistic elements to God], and said this to Trishanku. [1-60-11b, 12]
pashya me tapaso viiryam sva aarjitasya nara iishvara |
esa tvaam sva shariirena nayaami svargam ojasaa || 1-60-13
dus.hpraapam sva shariirena divam gaccha nara adhipa |
Oh, ruler of people, now you shall see the potency of my asceticism which I personally achieved. Such as I am I shall lead you forth to haven with your own body just by my personal capability. Oh, king of people, now you will go to heaven with your own mortal body, which is otherwise unattainable. [1-60-13, 14a]
svaarjitam ki.mcit api asti mayaa hi tapasah phalam || 1-60-14
raajan tvam tejasaa tasya sa shariiro divam vraja |
May it be a little, but there is some fruit of my asceticism, isn't it! Oh, king, you will journey to heaven with your own body owing to that prowess [extraordinary ability] of my asceticism. Vishvamitra said so to Trishanku. [1-60-14b, 15a]
ukta vaakye munau tasmin sa shariiro nara iishvarah || 1-60-15
divam jagaama kaakutstha muniinaam pashyataam tadaa |
Once the sage Vishvamitra said those words, oh, Rama of Kakutstha, that king Trishanku soared to heaven with his mortal body, before the very eyes of other sages. Sage Shataananda continued. [1-60-15b, 16a]
svarga lokam gatam dristvaa trisha.nkum paaka shaasanah || 1-60-16
saha sarvaih sura ganaih idam vacanam abraviit |
On seeing Trishanku's entry into the realm of heaven, Indra, the subjugator of demon Paaka, spoke this sentence together with all the multitudes of Gods. [1-60-16b, 17a]
trisha.nko gaccha bhuuyah tvam na asi svarga krita aalayah || 1-60-17
guru shaapa hato muudha pata bhuumim avaag shiraah |
Oh, Trishanku, you have not yet made heaven as your haunt [to remain existent, i.e. still have a body], hence retrace your steps. As you are thrashed by the damning of your mentor Vashishta, you inane [silly] human, again fall down on earth, but with your head inversed. [1-60-17b, 18a]
evam ukto mahendrena trisha.nkuh apatat punah || 1-60-18
vikroshamaanah traahi iti vishvaamitram tapo dhanam |
When Mahendra said so, Trishanku loudly exclaiming at the ascetically wealthy Vishvamitra saying, 'save me, save me,' and fell down from heaven. [1-60-18b, 19a]
tat shrutvaa vacanam tasya kroshamaanasya kaushikah || 1-60-19
rosam aahaarayat tiivram tistha tistha iti ca abraviit |
On hearing the exclamatory sentence of Trishanku who is shouting it loudly, Vishvamitra assumed an abnormal anger and also said, 'wait... wait...' [1-60-19b, 20a]
risi madhye sa tejasvii prajaapatih iva aparah || 1-60-20
srijan daksina maargasthaan sapta risiin aparaan punah |
naksatra vamsha para.mparam asrijat krodha muurchitah || 1-60-21
daksinaam disham aasthaaya muni madhye mahaayashaah |
Like the other Creator that resplendent Vishvamitra, himself staying among sages, has replicated Southerly Ursa Major in southerly direction. And still remaining amidst of sages that highly reputed sage Vishvamitra further started to replicate the stereotyped stocks of stars sequentially, resorting to the southern hemisphere, as he is convulsed in anger at Indra. [1-60-20b, 21, 22a]
sristvaa naksatra va.msham ca krodhena kalusii kritah || 1-60-22
anyam i.ndram karisyaami loko vaa syaat ani.ndrakah |
daivataani api sa krodhaat srastum samupacakrame || 1-60-23
On replicating the stereotyped stocks of other galaxies and stars, and while fury continued to blemish him Vishvamitra said, 'I will now clone an alternative Indra, or let that realm created by me remain without any Indra,' and when he is about to proceed to clone even Gods in his wrath, the Gods are startled. [1-60-22b, 23]
tatah parama sa.mbhraantaah sa risi sa.nghaah sura asuraah |
vishvaamitram mahaatmaanam uucuh sa anunayam vacah || 1-60-24
The Gods are highly startled at Vishvamitra's creation, and they along with demons and with observances of hermits addressed the great-souled Vishvamitra with placatory [pacifying] words. [1-60-24]
ayam raajaa mahaabhaaga guru shaapa pariksatah |
sa shariiro divam yaatum na ar.hhati eva tapo dhana || 1-60-25
Oh great-fortunate Vishvamitra, this king Trishanku is damned [cursed] by his mentor, hence oh, ascetically wealthy sage, he is not at all eligible to go to heaven with his mortal body.' So said Gods to Vishvamitra. [1-60-25]
tesaam tat vacanam shrutvaa devaanaam muni pu.ngavah |
abraviit su mahat vaakyam kaushikah sarva devataah || 1-60-26
On hearing that sentence of those Gods, the eminent saint Kaushika spoke this highly laudable [worthy of praise] sentence to all of the Gods. [1-60-26]
sa shariirasya bhadram vah trihankoh asya bhuupateh |
aarohanam pratijnaatam na anritam kartum utsahe || 1-60-27
Let safety betide you all. I have promised to this king Trishanku that he will ascend to heaven with his mortal body, and I am not interested to make it untrue. [1-60-27]
svargo astu sa shariirasya trishankoh asya shaashvatah |
naksatraani ca sarhvaani maamakaani dhruvaani atha || 1-60-28
yaavat lokaa dharisyanti tisthanti etaani sarvashah |
yat kritaani suraah sarve tat anujnaatum arhatha || 1-60-29
Let there be eternal heaven to Trishanku with his mortal body. Next, as along as the worlds remain, let all of these stars and galaxies I have created also remain eternally in their places as my creation. It will be apt [appropriate] of you all Gods to accede [agree or approve] to this. So said Vishvamitra to Gods. [1-60-28, 29]
evam uktaah suraah sarve prati uucuh muni pungavam |
evam bhavatu bhadram te tisthantu etaani sarvashah || 1-60-30
gagane taani anekaani vaishvaanara pathaat bahih |
naksatraani muni shrestha tesu jyotihsu jaajvalan || 1-60-31
avaag shiraah trisha.nkuh ca tisthatu amara sa.nnibhah |
When all the Gods are addressed thus they replied the eminent saint Vishvamitra saying, 'so be it! Safe you be! Let all the created objects prevail in their respective places. Those amazing and numerous stars you have created will remain in firmament [heavens], but outside the path of stelliform [orbit] of Cosmic Person. Trishanku will also remain in the circle of stars you created, but upside-down, for Indra's indict [curse] cannot be annulled [neutralize], and he will be gleaming like a star and similar to any celestial. [1-60-30, 31, 32a]
anuyaasyanti ca etaani jyotiin.hsi nripa sattamam || 1-60-32
kritaartham kiirtimantam ca svarga loka gatam yathaa |
According to their wont [custom] to circumambulate someone who has gone to heavenly worlds, all the stars will suppliantly circumambulate this best king Trishanku, who has achieved his ends and who has become an acclaimed one with your tour de force [a feat or display of strength, skill, or ingenuity]. So said Gods to Vishvamitra in deterring his further cloning of a simulative [same] Universe. [1-60-32b, 33a]
vishvaamitrah tu dharmaatmaa sarva devaih abhistutah || 1-60-33
risi madhye mahaatejaa baadham iti aaha devataah |
Even the benign-souled Vishvamitra, when reverenced by all Gods, that great-resplendent sage without stirring himself from among the sages said to all Gods, 'Agreed!' [1-60-33]
tato devaa mahaatmaano risayah ca tapo dhanaah |
jagmuh yathaa aagatam sarve yajnasya ante narottama || 1-60-34
Oh, best one among men Rama, later at the end of that ritual great-souled Gods and ascetically wealthy sages went away as they have come. Thus Sage Shataananda continued the narration of the legend. [1-60-34]
iti vaalmiiki raamaayane aadi kaavye baala kaande sastitamah sargah
Thus, this is the 60th chapter in Bala Kanda of Valmiki Ramayana, the First Epic poem of India.
Sriman Moola Rama Vijayate