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What is Gem Therapy

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The healing power of gems is not entirely an irrational belief. If it were, oral administration of gems as oxides and powder would never be so extensively practiced and so effective. Ayurvedic medicines and the Greek system, known as the Unani system in India, both utilize gems. Practitioners of these systems have studied gems and their typical effects on human organs, because gems are mineral in pure crystalline form and human body is composed of the same materials.

Gems can render everlasting and absolute cure. It has also been evidenced that gems have brought back many from deathbed. But it is always sensible to seek advice from a doctor. Gems should be used as a secondary line of defense against any disease, after referring a Gem Astrologer.

Human body is composed of seven basic colors of the solar spectrum- violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. These are called primary colors and other hues and shades are made by blending one or two primary colors. When there is dearth or absence of any one of these primary colors is the body, one is attacked with the disease caused by that insufficiency. For example, if red rays are absent, diseases like anemia, fever, inflammation, physical exhaustion, weakness, loss of strength, etc. plagues the body. These diseases can be healed by injecting red rays into the body, by wearing gems of red planets.

The red planets comprise Sun and Mars. Their chosen gems are ruby and coral. When these gems come in contact with human body, they infuse red rays in contact with the body, through which insufficiency is rejuvenated and a person becomes free from such diseases.

This above phenomenon has been known since prehistoric times. But the hustle and bustle of the emotionless world has kept one in the dark from its awareness. The ancestors knew the remedial power of gems, which is now being acknowledged by scientists and medical men all over the world.

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"What is Gem Therapy";