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Chapter 66: Rama Asks Hanuman to Repeat Sita’s Message

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Rama Asks Hanuman to Repeat Sita’s Message


Rama presses the jewel for the head, dispatched by Seetha on his bosom and speaks to Sugreeva, telling him that by seeing that excellent jewel he obtains the sight of Seetha, her father and father-in-law. Rama urges Hanuma, to repeat the words spoken by Seetha.

Chapter [Sarga] 66 in Detail

evam ukto hanumataa raamo dasharatha aatmajah |

tam manim hridaye kritvaa praruroda salakshmanah || 5-66-1

Hearing the words of Hanuma, Rama the son of Dasaratha, having Lakshmana by his side, pressing that jewel on his bosom, began to weep.

tam tu drishtvaa mani shreshtham raaghavah shoka karshitah |

netraabhyaam ashru puurnaabhyaam sugriivam idam abraviit || 5-66-2

Seeing that excellent jewel, Rama emaciated with grief, having his eyes filled with tears, spoke to Sugreeva as follows:

yathaiva dhenuh sravati snehaat vatsasya vatsalaa |

tathaa mama api hridayam mani ratnasya darshanaat || 5-66-3

"Even as a cow, who is affectionate towards her offspring, gushes forth the milk (from her teats) due to her love at the very sight of her calf, so does my heart too melt through the sight of this excellent jewel."

mani ratnam idam dattam vaidehyaah shvashurena me |

vadhuu kaale yathaa baddham adhikam muurdhni shobhate || 5-66-4

"This excellent jewel was presented by my father-in-law to Seetha when she had become a bride and was tied to her head in such a way that it looked additionally beautifying."

ayam hi jala sambhuuto manih pravara puujitah |

yajne parama tushtena dattah shakrena dhiimataa || 5-66-5

"The jewel, which was found in the waters and recommended by the good, had been presented to him earlier by the intelligent Indra the lord of celestials, who was highly pleased in Yajna, a sacrificial rite (intended to propitiate him)."

imam drishtvaa mani shreshtham tathaa taatasya darshanam |

adya asmi avagatah saumya vaidehasya tathaa vibhoh || 5-66-6

"O gentle Sugreeva! Seeing now this excellent jewel, I am considering it as surely as obtaining the sight of my father as well as Janaka, the king of Videha."

ayam hi shobhate tasyaah priyaayaa muurdhni me manih |

asya darshanena aham praaptaam taam iva cintaye || 5-66-7

"This jewel indeed looks splendid on the head of my beloved Seetha. By seeing this now, I am considering as though I obtained the sight of Seetha herself."

kim aaha siitaa vaidehii bruuhi saumya punah punah |

pipaasum iva toyena sincantii vaakya vaarinaa || 5-66-8

"O gentle one! Repeat again and again, what Seetha the daughter of Videha's king said to you, sprinkling me with your stream of words, like offering water to a thirsty person."

itah tu kim duhkhataram yat imam vaari sambhavam |

manim pashyaami saumitre vaidehiim aagatam vinaa || 5-66-9

"O Lakshmana! What could be more painful than the fact that I am seeing this jewel found in waters, without the arrival of Seetha?"

ciram jiivati vaidehii yadi maasam dharishyati |

kshanam saumya na jiiveyam vinaa taam asita iikshanaam || 5-66-10

"O gentle one! If Seetha can survive for a month, it means that she is surviving for long. O gentle one! Without that black-eyed Seetha, I cannot survive for even a moment."

naya maam api tam desham yatra drishtaa mama priyaa |

na tishtheyam kshanam api pravrittim upalabhya ca || 5-66-11

"Take me too to that place where my beloved Seetha has been seen. I cannot halt even for a moment, after receiving the news of her location."

katham saa mama sushroni bhiiru bhiiruh satii tadaa |

bhaya aavahaanaam ghoraanaam madhye tishthati rakshasaam || 5-66-12

"How does Seetha, my virtuous wife with her charming limbs, who is very shy, stay all the time with demons who are terrific and cruel?"

shaaradah timira unmukho nuunam candra iva ambudaih |

aavritam vadanam tasyaa na viraajati raakshasaih || 5-66-13

"Her countenance, surely like autumnal moon, though liberated of darkness, but screened by clouds, does not shine at present."

kim aaha siitaa hanuman tattvatah kathayasva me |

etena khalu jiivishye bheshajena aaturo yathaa || 5-66-14

"O Hanuma! Tell me now, correctly what Seetha told you. I shall surely survive, by hearing her words, even as a sick man would with the help of a medicine."

madhuraa madhura aalaapaa kim aaha mama bhaaminii |

mat vihiinaa varaaarohaa hanuman kathayasva me || 5-66-15

"Tell me, what my beautiful consort, who is sweet-natured, and who utters sweet words, having fine hips and has been separated from me, said to you."

tyaarse shriimadraamaayane aadikaavye sundarakaande satsastitamah sargah

Thus completes 66th Chapter of Sundara Kanda of the glorious Ramayana of Valmiki, the work of a sage and the oldest epic.

Sriman Moola Rama Vijayate


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