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Chapter 21: Hanuman Consoles Tara

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Hanuman Consoles Tara


Hanuma tries to console Tara. He asserts that Angada will not be looked down. Though Vali is put to his plight, Hanuma says, that Tara alone is the empress to lead Kishkindha kingdom. But Tara prefers self-immolation along with her husband Vali.

Chapter [Sarga] 21 in Detail

tato nipatitaam taaraam cyutaam taaraam iva a.mbaraat |

shanaih aashvaasayaamaasa hanuumaan hari yuuthapah || 4-21-1

Hanuma, the leader of monkeys, then neared and slowly consoled Tara who has fallen to ground like a star from sky. [4-21-1]

guna dosa kritam ja.ntuh svakarma phala hetukam |

avyagrah tad avaapnoti sarvam pretya shubha ashubham || 4-21-2

"Living beings on doing the deeds of merit or demerit, or knowingly or unknowingly, will derive the resultant fruits of those deeds according to one's own destiny even after demise, and they shall bear them unrepentantly, may they be provident or improvident... [4-21-2]

shocyaa shocasi kam shocyam diinam diinaa anuka.mpase |

kah ca kasya anushocyo asti dehe asmin budbuda upame || 4-21-3

"Of which lamentable one you lament while you yourself are in a lamentable state? Of which pitiable one you take pity while you yourself are in a pitiable condition? Who is pitiable by whom in these bubbles like bodies? [4-21-3]

angadah tu kumaaro ayam drastavyo jiiva putrayaa |

aayatyaa ca vidheyaani samarthaani asya cintaya || 4-21-4

"You are the one with a living son, and you have to look after this young one Angada, and you have to think of the forthcoming activities for his well-being and for his performance of duty towards his father. [4-21-4]

jaanaasi aniyataam evam bhuutaanaam aagatim gatim |

tasmaat shubham hi kartavyam panditena iha laukikam || 4-21-5

"You are aware that the coming and going of beings, in their subtle forms of earth, water, fire, air and space into this mortal life and back is uncertain, thereby the prudent ones have to perform auspicious worldly deeds here in this world, say, the funeral of Vali. [4-21-5]

yasmin hari sahasraani shataani niyutaani ca |

vartayanti krita aashaani so ayam distaa.ntam aagatah || 4-21-6

"In whom hundreds and thousands of monkeys are harbored and astir [up], for they have reposed their confidence in him alone, that Vali has arrived at his end. [4-21-6]

yad ayam nyaaya drista arthah saama daana ksamaa parah |

gato dharma jitaam bhuumim na enam shocitum arhasi || 4-21-7

"By which reason this Vali conducted himself judiciously, observing friendliness, courteousness and forgivingness, by that reason alone Vali is going to a domain in heavens which he righteously conquered for himself, and it is unapt of your sorrowing for him. [4-21-7]

sarve ca hari shaarduulaah putrah ca ayam tava a.ngadah |

hari riksa pati raajyam ca tvat sanaatham anindite || 4-21-8

"All the tigerly-monkeys, oh, impeccable Tara, including this son of yours Angada, and all the lords of monkeys and bears have their guardian angel in you. [4-21-8]

tau imau shoka sa.mtaptau shanaih preraya bhaamini |

tvayaa parigrihiito ayam a.ngadah shaastu mediniim || 4-21-9

"Oh, lady, inspirit these two, Sugreeva and Angada, that are searing in grief, and if you acquiesce then this Angada will rule over the earth. [4-21-9]

sa.mtatih ca yathaa dristaa krityam yat ca api saa.mpratam |

raajnah tat kriyataam sarvam esa kaalasya nishcayah || 4-21-10

"Whatever duty anticipated from a male descendent towards his father, and whatever activity that is to be done presently in respect of the dying king, let them be done, and that would be a timely decision. [4-21-10]

samskaaryo hari raajah tu a.ngadah ca abhisicyataam |

si.mhaasana gatam putram pashyantii shaantim esyasi || 4-21-11

"Cremation of the king of monkeys and anointment of Angada are the present time affairs, and seeing your son invested on the throne you can obtain peace." Thus spoke Hanuma to Tara. [4-21-11]

saa tasya vacanam shrutvaa bhartri vyasana piiditaa |

abraviit uttaram taaraa hanuumantam avasthitam || 4-21-12

On hearing Hanuma's words she who is tormented by the plight of her husband, that Tara replied Hanuma who is standing nearby. [4-21-12]

angada pratiruupaanaam putraanaam ekatah shatam |

hatasya api asya viirasya gaatra sa.mshlesanam varam || 4-21-13

"Let there be a hundred selfsame Angada-s on one side, and this brave one the other, for me embracing him who is put to death is the best .  [4-21-13]

na ca aham hari raajyasya prabhavaami a.ngadasya vaa |

pitrivyah tasya sugriivah sarva kaaryesui ana.ntarah || 4-21-14

"Who am I either for conducting the monkeys kingdom or to anoint Angada when Angada's paternal-uncle Sugreeva is close at hand? [4-21-14]

na hi esaa buddhih aastheyaa hanuuman a.ngadam prati |

pitaa hi ba.ndhuh putrasya na maataa hari sattama || 4-21-15

"Hanuma, this thinking of yours that Angada is to be crowned is really untenable, oh, best monkey, father is the real defender of a son, but not the mother. [4-21-15]

na hi mama hari raaja sa.mshrayaat

ksamataram asti paratra ca iha vaa |

abhimukha hata viira sevitam

shayanam idam mama sevitum ksamam || 4-21-16

"Indeed there is nothing highly befitting to me, either in this world or in the other, than the auspices of the king of monkeys, and now to me the only befitting thing is to join in this brave one on this death bed, which he is adoring when put to death while he is facing away. [4-21-16]

iti vaalmiiki raamaayane aadi kaavye kiskindha kaande eka vi.mshah sargah

Thus, this is the 21st chapter in Kishkindha Kanda of Valmiki Ramayana, the First Epic poem of India.

Sriman Moola Rama Vijayate




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