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Technology Case Studies

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Find Technology Case Studies for Competative Positioning.

AFC Enterprises Business Intelligence System
American Cancer Society Customer Relationship Management System
Airline Companies use of SCM, CRM, BI, and ICE
Ben & Jerry's Business Intelligence System
Con-Way's Expert System Provides a Routing Plan
Decision Support System Identifies Common Street Names/Slangs
Deere's Use of Genetic Algorithm Software
Different Soft Drinks and Different Tastes, But Consolidated Information
E-Learning : Not Just for School
E-Mail : Electronic Mail or Expensive Mail
Einstein/Noah Bagel Business Intelligence
Facilitating Collaboration with Off-Shore
GRTC Transit's Use of GIS System
Harraha's Entertainment Business Intelligence System
How Continental Airlines Creates Fanatically Loyal Customers
Internal Branding with Knowledge Management
Intelligent Agents do Background Checks
IT Bridges the Language Gap
Kappa Packaging Business Intelligence System
Lando' Lakes Business Intelligence System
Lufthansa's Business Intelligence System
Neural Network Based Software Used by the Tucson Police
"No - Swipe" Credit Cards Offer Customer Convenience and Operational Excellence
Overcoming Language Barriers on the Internet
Partners Health Care Knowledge Management System
Perdue Talks Turkey
Pizzeria Uno Business Intelligence
Red Robin International Business Intelligence System
Singapore Gains a Competative Advantage with IT
Staples Business Intelligence System
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Case Studies
Technologies Rock The Record Industry
Taggertrap Catches Graffiti Vandals
Using Genetic Algorithm
Uses of Neural Networks
Wells Fargo Bank’s customer relationship management system
Copyright and Disclaimer Iridium rentals
"Technology Case Studies";