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Management Tools
10 Critical Considerations for Your BPO Contract
12 Month Cash Flow Statement (Excel Template)
3-D Geometry (Visio Template)
401K Calculator
Adjustable Meeting Agenda (Excel Template)
Algebra (Visio Template)
America and The Software Outsourcing Pyramid
Amortization Table (Excel Template)
Analytical Geometry (Visio Template)
Angles (Visio Template)
Annuity Investment Calculator (Excel Template)
Archimate Diagram (Visio Template)
Automated Resume and Application Processing (Excel Template)
Babysitter Checklist (Excel Template)
Balance Sheet (Excel Template)
Balanced Scorecard (BSC)
Balloon Loan Calculator (Excel Template)
Bathroom Remodel Cost Calculator (Excel Template)
Billing Statement (Excel Template)
Biweekly Mortgage Payment Amortization (Excel Template)
Bi-Weekly Payroll (Excel Template)
Biweekly Time Sheet (Excel Template)
Business Customs in Japan
Business Plan Checklist (Excel Template)
Business Structure Selector (Excel Template)
Business Trip Budget (Excel Template)
Buy vs Lease Car (Excel Template)
Buy vs Rent a Home (Excel Template)
Calculate Your Federal Tax Brackets (USA)
Calculating Employee Turnover Costs Template
Calculating FICA - SSN, Medicare (USA)
Calculating Present Value of Your Investment (Excel Template)
Calculating Ratios (Excel Template)
Capital Gains and Loss (Excel Template)
Circles and Ellipses (Visio Template)
Circuit Diagram (Visio Template)
Clarifying CIO and CTO Roles
College Costs Calculator (Excel Template)
Commercial Export Invoice (Excel Template)
Common Functions (Visio Template)
Community Sports Emergency Contact List (Excel Template)
Compound Interest Calculator
Consumer Debt Manager (Excel Template)
Corporate Officers Roles and Responsibilities
Credit Card Payment Calculator (Excel Template)
Customer Contact List (Excel Template)
Customer Lifetime Value Calculator (Excel Template)
Differences in Middle Eastern and Western Management
District Manager Baseline Capability Assessment (Excel Template)
Dun and Bradstreet Ratio’s
Economic Indicators and Market Reaction
Electrical Sampler (Visio Template)
Electro Magnetism (Visio Template)
Employee Expense Report (Excel Template)
Employee Job Inventory Template
Employee Satisfaction Survey
Establishing Company’s Mission
Establishing Company’s Vision
Establishing Company’s Values
Event Budget (Excel Template)
Event Expenses (Excel Template)
EVLN Model
Expense Budget Excel Template)
Exponential, Logarithmic and Power Functions (Visio Template)
Family Monthly Budget Planner (Excel Template)
Federal Reserve Interest Rate decision dates
Fixed Asset Record with Depreciation (Excel Template)
Forces (Visio Template)
Generation Specific Motivators
Geometry (Visio Template)
Goal Setting (SMART Goals)
Grand or Business Strategies
Home Contents Inventory List (Excel Template)
How IT Employers View MBAs
How Your Tax Dollars Are Spent
Identity and Access Management Proforma (Excel Template)
Income Statement (Excel Template)
Integrating Culture and Management
Inventory/Cost of Goods Sold Analysis (Excel Template)
Investing in Bonds
Invoice that Calculates Total/Simple Invoice (Excel Template)
ISO 9004
Japanese vs. U.S. Leadership Styles
Know Yourself: Applying the Johari Window
Lenses, Mirrors and Prisms (Visio Stencil)
Light Sources and Waves (Visio Stencil)
Loan Amortization Schedule (Excel Template)
Loan Calculator (Excel Template)
Loan Calculator with Extra Payments (Excel Template)
Marketing Budget Plan Estimates (Excel Template)
MARS Model of Individual Behavior and Results
Membership List (Excel Template)
Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Icons (Visio Stencil)
Mission Statement of Fortune 500
Molecules (Visio Stencil)
Mortgage Amortization Schedule (Excel Template)
Mortgage Payment Calculator
Non Profit Accounting Rules
Non Profit Organization (NPO) Board Composition and Responsibilities
Operating Expense Budget Planning (Excel Template)
Organic Compounds (Visio Stencil)
Overview of Executive Compensation
Personal Budget Worksheet (Excel Template)
Personal Monthly Budget Planning (Excel Template)
Phases of the Business Cycle (Recession and Recovery)
Plane Geometry (Visio Stencil)
Prioritization Matrix
Product Price List (Excel Template)
Project Cost Summary, TCO, and ROI (Excel Template)
Pulleys and Levers (Visio Stencil)
RACI (Responsibility Charting)
RAEW Matrix
Rankings of the Most Important Leadership Attributes by Region and Country Cluster
Ratio Analysis (Excel Template)
Regulatory Reporting and Compliance Process
Retirement Budget (Excel Template)
Risk Matrix
Rolling Budget and Forecast (Excel Template)
Sales District Manager Appraisal Form Template
Sales Invoice with Tax and Shipping and Handling Calculations (Excel Template)
Service Invoice with Tax Calculation (Excel Template)
Set (Visio Stencil)
Savings Calculator - How Much You Need to Save Today
Seven Rules for Networking Success
Simple Interest Calculator
Sine, Cosine and Tan (Visio Stencil)
Six-Sigma Approach to Continuous Improvement
SmartSourcing Decision Framework
SOA Stencil (Visio Stencil)
Strategic Management Process
Strategies in Action
Summaries of key Laws and Regulations Affecting Banking Industry
Supplier List (Excel Template)
SWOT Matrix
Tailoring the Compensation System to the Strategy
Talent Ranking (Excel Template)
TCO for Technology Deployments (Excel Template)
Teacher's Weekly Lesson Plans (Excel Template)
Team Roster (Excel Template)
Text Messaging Keywords
To Do List For Projects (Excel Template)
Track Financial Trends in You Business - Business Ratios (Excel Template)
Training Budget (Excel Template)
Travel Service Invoice (Excel Template)
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Value Analysis
VAT invoice - Price excluding Tax (Excel Template)
Vehicles (Visio Stencil)
Vendor Profile List (Excel Template)
Wedding Budget Planner (Excel Template)
Weekly Contractor Expense Report (Excel Template)
Weekly Employee Timesheet (Excel Template)
Weekly Timesheet for Contractors/1099 (Excel Template)
What Is Subprime Lending
Youth Sports Emergency Contact List (Excel Template)
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